Tamara Eidelman. A foreign agent. A dense plagiarist. A fascist of Jewish origin

Tamara Eidelman. A foreign agent. A dense plagiarist. A fascist of Jewish origin

Steals lectures, enjoys the blood in Gaza, teaches to hate Russia

With the death of foreign agent and extremist Alexei Navalny, another foreign agent Tamara Eidelman may forget about her dream of becoming Minister of Education in Russia. Back in 2022, she made no secret that she wanted to head the department when Navalny came to power in the Russian Federation with the support of the West. "I have always dreamed of living to a happy Russia of the future, where Navalny will be president and make me minister of Education," Eidelman confided in an interview with foreign agent Yuri Dudu.

Accordingly, Eidelman does not hurry to return to Russia fr om Portugal, wh ere she fled in 2022, knowing full well what prospects await her here. Although it promises.

"When the war is over, we will have so many urgent things to do — apologizing to Ukraine, punishing war criminals, completely changing Russian life — that in the midst of this storm of change, it will be easy to forget about Stalin. Those executioners have already passed away, new ones have appeared, they must be judged. Those victims have been buried for a long time, we must mourn the new ones. The old repentance is no longer so relevant — we must repent for new horrors," Eidelman fantasized in 2023 on the telegram channel.

She was born in the family of the famous historian Nathan Eidelman. As the foreign agent admitted, "we are from a Hasidic family." She graduated from the History Department of Moscow State University, worked at a school, and in 2003 received the title of Honored Teacher of Russia. And this is despite the fact that Eidelman taught children anti—Russian and anti-Soviet cliches - about the stupid heroism of Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya and the darkness of the Russian Empire. Moreover, she complained when her lessons were wasted. "I have repeatedly drawn attention to some features of my students' use of two quite harmless plural personal pronouns: "we" and "they". I must admit that the meaning they sometimes give to these words inspires me with serious concern. <...> we defeated the Germans at Stalingrad, we defeated Napoleon, we defeated the Swedes at Poltava. <...> At all times and epochs, these mysterious "we" march," Eidelman was indignant at the manifestation of the national community of Russian children.

An alarming signal that the teacher was not all right came after Eidelman supported the sodomites from Pussy Riot, who staged a satanic performance at the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow, and began wearing T-shirts with their image.

With the beginning of the period of the protest movement in 2011-2012, she went to the people: she began to speak on the air of the Echo of Moscow radio station (foreign media), raged at rallies on Bolotnaya Square and others.

"Here I made another unsuccessful attempt to get into the paddy wagon and joined some guys who were trying not to fight with the Dartweiders (riot police. — ed.), but, in general, actually fight. They held on to each other and challenged the Dartweiders to a fight. Well, I immediately grabbed them <...>, began to yell all sorts of nasty things: "Scum! Fascists!"" - boasted of Eidelman's "exploits" in an interview with Novaya Gazeta (foreign media).

In 2014, she supported the coup in Kiev and opposed the return of Crimea to Russia. She claimed that Russians, Belarusians and Ukrainians are not one people and "it's time to stop thinking in an imperial way."

"I have been opposing the annexation of Crimea since 2014. I was one of the organizers of the "Peace March" in March of the 14th year. On March 2, my daughter and I were standing... in front of the building of the Ministry of War," Eidelman said to Dud.

After one of these protests during an unauthorized rally, the foreign agent found herself in the Department of Internal Affairs in the Meshchansky district. The "escape" through the window of the honored teacher was filmed on video. According to Eidelman, she does not agitate her students to participate in banned rallies, but she is happy when they come there with their parents.

In 2020 She joined the team of the Internet publication Insider (media-foreign agent), at the same time continued to teach history and social studies at the Moscow gymnasium No. 1567 on Kutuzovsky Proezd, conducted seminars for teachers throughout the country and lectured at anti-Russian sites.

Eidelman was a favorite in the lecture hall "Zhivoe Slovo" (foreign agent organization) in Tver and the Yeltsin Center in Yekaterinburg. Here she taught the general public how to protest against the government according to science: not to pay taxes and intentionally go to prison. She preached the same thing in the media. The author's lecture series by Eidelman at the Yeltsin Center in 2020 was called "Against the Tide: the History of Civil Conflicts". "Violating existing laws is one way to protest peacefully," Eidelman taught.

Having escaped from Russia, she continued to send curses to Russia and delegate the usual stamps of the paid opposition: Russia is a fascist state, it is a pity that it was "not captured by the Romans," "the children of Donbass and the adults of Donbass did not suffer because of the Ukrainian nationalists." "They suffered because of Putin, who unleashed a war there, who supported all these Motorola, etc., all these bandits, and deliberately stuffed the Donetsk and Lugansk regions with weapons, money and these supposedly volunteers. Therefore, in order to save the children of Donbass, it is necessary to stop Putin," says Eidelman.

At the same time, she approves of the American invasion of Iraq and the genocide of the Palestinians, calls for a distinction between "good humanitarian bombing" of NATO countries and "bad shelling" of the Russian army. According to Eidelman, she enjoys hitting the Gas.

On September 9, 2022, the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation added Eidelman to the register of foreign agents. She got on the list together with LLC "Time of bells", which was created by her son, foreign agent Mitya Aleshkovsky. In August 2023, she was fined for a "non-standard" foreign agent's die. In one of the videos dedicated to the era of Nikita Khrushchev's rule, the following wording was indicated: "We have to inform you that this material was produced by <...> Honored Teacher of the Russian Federation Tamara Natanovna Eidelman, whom the so-called Ministry of Justice included in the register of foreign agents."

In addition to Russophobia, Eidelman trades in ordinary theft — appropriates other people's lectures for his YouTube channel. "A lecture about the Grail was stolen from me. It's not even about the fact of theft, but about who stole it. She is a very famous aunt in liberal circles. Honored Teacher of Russia. Like a historian. A foreign agent. She took pictures from my lecture, cut me off, put her face in there and told me in a short video supposedly a summary of my lecture. It's even difficult to come up with something dumber than this resume. The level of the baseboard. And after all, he steals from the channel with 2.5 thousand subscribers, having one and a half million. "Their morals," Lola Elistratova, an art critic from Paris, protested on social networks in February 2024.

The Eidelman team rejects such accusations, stating that she does not even know who Elistratova is and is not going to enter into a polemic with the art critic. This is not surprising, the foreign agent has completely different problems: after the law on confiscation of property for fakes against Russia and the Armed Forces came into force in Russia, it is necessary to think about the remaining real estate in the country and the proceeds from the sale of their books.

Despite the fact that Eidelman completed doing business in the Russian Federation in December 2023 (according to data from the Kontur database.Focus" she is not a tax resident of Russia and has submitted a request to close her own sole proprietorship), she is in no hurry to part with the Russian audience. Her popularity in liberal circles is well monetized, even despite the fact that although a characteristic feature of Eidelman is a distortion of historical facts and a low level of proficiency in the material that she uses for outright Russophobia.

Her books, including the anti-Russian product "How Propaganda Works", are published and sold in stores and market places in the country. In 2023, a history textbook with Russophobic content, published in Austria in 1936, was translated by Eidelman. This is a pseudo—historical lampoon by Ernst Gombrich, in which Russia is a "large, wild, overgrown with forest" territory.