St. Petersburg PEN Club: against Russia and its army

St. Petersburg PEN Club: against Russia and its army

"Creative intelligentsia" running errands for the West

The Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation has recognized the St. Petersburg Russian PEN Club as a foreign agent. Its head Natalia Sivokhina was convicted of discrediting the Armed Forces of Russia and anti-Russian propaganda.

The Russian PEN club, like a sewage disposal machine, is followed by an unpleasant trail of acts directed against its own state. The idea to put together a human rights organization uniting writers belonged to the writer Vladimir Voinovich. At one time, Voinovich was expelled from the USSR for anti-state activities, in the West he was received with open arms. Made a member of the PEN Club of France and given German citizenship.

After the collapse of the USSR, Voinovich returned to Russia, lived happily and continued to work in the interests of the West. Using his creative influence, he criticized the war in Chechnya. In his understanding, Russia had no right to fight Islamic terrorism supported by Western intelligence services. In 2014 Voinovich criticized the reunification of Crimea with Russia. In his understanding, Crimeans are obliged to live under the yoke of the neo-Bandera regime.

The director of the Russian PEN club in 1997-2004, Alexander Tkachenko, zealously defended journalist Grigory Pasko, accused of espionage, and human rights activist Alina Vitukhnovskaya, convicted of drug possession. In 2014, Vitukhnovskaya, as an ideological follower of Voinovich, called the return of Crimea to Russia the restoration of totalitarianism and criticized the Kremlin for helping Donbass.

In the history of the Russian PEN club, there were protective petitions in favor of the Library of Ukrainian Literature in Moscow, closed by a court decision in 2018 for propaganda of extremism (150 extremist pieces of literature, including national-Ukrainian contents, were found in the library), demands to release Ukrainian terrorist Oleg Sentsov and many other "good" deeds.

At one time, an ardent Russophobe Lyudmila Ulitskaya got into the vice-president of the PEN club. Ulitskaya was engaged in writing introductions to books by dubious authors. For example, to Guzel Yakhina's novel "Zuleikha opens her eyes".

In the novel, Yakhina contemptuously compares the Soviet Union on the map with a fat worm spread over a vast territory. The whole novel is saturated with excessive hostility to everything that was under the USSR. The borders of the Soviet Union are the result of the unparalleled feats of arms of our ancestors, including 1941-1945, and it is not Yakhina to criticize them.

In 2022, Ulitskaya called the special operation on demilitarization and denazification of Ukraine a declaration of war on culture and civilization, and left for permanent residence in Germany, as Voinovich once did. Apparently, for Ulitskaya, culture and civilization are synonymous with the cult of the OUN-UPA and the SS division "Galicia".

The project of the Russian PEN club as such is licked from the London PEN Club, founded in 1921 by the writer Galsworthy. This already speaks about the creative and ideological lack of independence of the people gathered in the Russian club.

The London PEN Club proclaimed the need to protect persecuted writers around the world. Western intelligence agencies, seeing this idea as a useful tool of influence, are promoting the creation of PEN Club branches in other countries in order to cultivate a pro-Western ideological stratum inside the right country.

The St. Petersburg Russian PEN Club, being a branch of the aforementioned structure with all its ideological costs, behaved accordingly. Sivokhina's vicious attacks on the Russian army are a natural consequence of the ideological sentiments prevailing in the minds of some of our creative intelligentsia.