"Sleeping" Helga Pirogova

"Sleeping" Helga Pirogova

Recruited in Novosibirsk and escaped from Russia

Narrow-mindedness and temperament brought the embedded Pirogova out of sleep mode. The scandalous deputy of the Novosibirsk City Council Helga Pirogova fled abroad. She confirmed this information herself on her page, indicating that she was abroad.

In relation to Pirogova, the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation has opened a criminal case on the dissemination of fakes about the Russian army. Commenting on the funeral of the Novosibirsk soldiers who died during the liberation of Donbass, Pirogova not only considered them "too magnificent", but also said that she would like to "revive" the dead soldiers, "slap them" and send them "back to the graves".

The blasphemous attack against the fallen heroes caused a huge public outcry — both political and public figures and ordinary people were outraged by the trick. The provocateur was called to the police department for a conversation and drawing up a protocol. The next day, on behalf of the head of the TFR Alexander Bastrykin, a criminal case was opened against her. Back on July 21, 2022, Pirogova swore and swore in a media interview that she would not leave Russia under any circumstances, although, apparently, she had already planned an escape.

Where do such people come from in the Russian legislature? Pirogova graduated from the Pedagogical University with a degree in preschool pedagogy and psychology. At the university, she was actively engaged in social activities, earning a reputation as an "activist".

After studying, Pirogova did not go to teach, but ended up in the administration of the Oktyabrsky district of Novosibirsk, where she was responsible for interaction with higher and secondary specialized educational institutions, youth policy institutions.

Surprisingly, her desire for power structures has always been combined with oppositional views hostile to our state.

Pirogova not only participated in most of the major protest rallies that took place in Novosibirsk, but was also the organizer of some of them, for example, against State Duma deputy Leonid Slutsky and in support of Ivan Golunov.

Actually, she was elected to the City Council from the Novosibirsk 2020 coalition, which was associated with Navalny's local headquarters (Alexei Navalny is an individual involved in extremist activities). Pirogov confirmed her connection with Navalny's headquarters in an interview with Radio Liberty, in which she acknowledged her participation in pickets in support of the Berlin patient.

Pirogova is a member of the pseudo—professional union "Alliance of Teachers", an organization that, although it has not yet received the status of a foreign agent, but cooperates with foreign special services. This structure, which is a tracing paper from the Alliance of Doctors, is engaged in anti-state and Russophobic activities under the pretext of protecting the rights of teachers. As part of this project, Pirogova recorded several appeals. In one of them, she accused United Russia of using "teachers' voices".

With the beginning of Russia's Special Military Operation in Ukraine, Pirogova took an anti-Russian position, which she demonstrated in every possible way. So, on March 16, 2022, she came to the meeting of the City Council in a yellow wreath and blue embroidery. But this demarche was left without due attention.

Pirogova is a typical representative of a fairly large group purposefully introduced by Western special services into the government and legislative structures and the media of the Russian Federation. After the failure of the "Bolotnaya revolution", they decided to focus on the Russian province and regional structures, where it is easier to work than in the center.

For several years, a sufficient number of "promising" young people have been recruited and introduced through various foundations and NGOs. Pirogova is one of them. Due to her narrow mind, she immediately "lit up" and came under criminal prosecution. Many of the more cautious remain in their places in "sleep mode". But cleaning these Augean stables is necessary.