"Sermon" in balaclava. Russophobes attack Russian Values

"Sermon" in balaclava. Russophobes attack Russian Values

Anonymous "Christians" appeared on the Runet

In the second half of December 2022, on the eve of Catholic (and Protestant) Christmas, a certain "Christmas" message appeared on the Internet on behalf of "Russian Christians of different faiths" (without specification), addressed to Russian Christians "Orthodox, Protestants and Catholics; priests, church leaders, communities, organizations, formal and informal associations Christians."

This is followed by a set of quotations from the Holy Scriptures, however, interspersed with such terms as "aggression", "aggressor", "crimes of the state", and similar rhetoric. The main message of this message is to accuse Russia of "aggression", Russian Christians of violating Christ's commandments and of "complicity in the crime of the state", and the clergy, probably the Russian Orthodox Church, of "justifying" the Defense of the Fatherland by "misinterpreting" Scripture.

In particular, the authors of the epistle accuse the priests that they, calling for participation in the war, "propagandize the Old Testament ethics ("an eye for an eye", "a tooth for a tooth")." But in this case we see a completely conscious lie — no one from the Orthodox priesthood has ever uttered anything like this, offering to repay evil for evil.

In general, the topic of war and Christianity is extremely significant and voluminous, and the volume of material does not allow reproducing in detail theological interpretations on this issue. Suffice it to say that Christianity, while unequivocally disapproving of war, nevertheless not only allows, but also blesses the use of force to protect the Fatherland and the state, to protect public order and prevent unrest. Moreover, the Church teaches that war is not only God's punishment for human sins, but also a bitter but effective medicine. So the Holy Martyr Andronik (Nikolsky) directly said that the horrors of war wash away the horrors of peaceful life.

We add that those who wish to get acquainted in detail with the Orthodox doctrine of war can read the work of St. Nicholas of Serbia "War and the Bible".

In this epistle, we see an extremely primitive and manipulative interpretation of the Holy Scripture, characteristic of pseudo-Christian sects. It is noteworthy that their pacifism is selective. For example, Baptists in our country refused to take the military oath and take up arms, while Baptist Truman ordered a nuclear strike on Japan, and Baptist Clinton ordered the bombing of the cities of Yugoslavia. How to explain such a strange selectivity? It's very simple — for them, Russia is a stranger, and America is "their own".

So the authors of the message did not say a single word about the crimes of the Kiev Nazis, about the murders and tortures of prisoners of war and civilians, about the mass executions of "collaborators", about the shelling of residential neighborhoods, hospitals and schools, about terrorism and persecution of the Orthodox. The authors of the letter call for the withdrawal of Russian troops, pretending that they do not understand what awaits people in the abandoned territories in this case (as if there were no footage of a mass execution in Kupyansk), while the Nazis themselves talk about their intention to carry out purges and reprisals.

This allows us to say directly that the pacifism of the compilers of the message is false and one—sided. They are lying when they say they are against the war, because the Nazi war against Donbass and Russia does not cause their condemnation, they are only against the Russians defending themselves (And a special military operation is nothing more than a forced measure of protection for both the People's Republics and Russia). And we know well who Christ called the father of lies. It is to him, and not to the Lord, that the authors of the epistle serve.

This fact is confirmed by the complete anonymity of its authors, who hide not only their names, but also belonging to a particular Church or religious association. They explain this "modesty" as follows: "We are not media personalities. ... That is why we considered it right not to advertise our names — it would not add significant weight to our words, but it could become an obstacle to us continuing to serve the cause of peace by preaching the commandments of Jesus Christ to our fellow citizens."

It is noteworthy that with this anonymity, they urge those to whom they turn to openly oppose the Russian state, because "in love, as the Apostle John writes, there is no fear, but perfect love casts out fear" (1 John 4:18). So let's be faithful Christians!".

It is made clear that while those who follow their call must openly carry out anti-Russian propaganda and commit illegal actions, such as evading military duty, spreading fakes about the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, calls to disrupt mobilization, etc., the organizers themselves must observe secrecy in order to continue to coordinate anti-Russian activities, to which they call believers. And this is despite the fact that the Savior called the disciples to preach on the roofs and speak in the light, that is, completely openly, without fear or fear of retribution. In the same way, the holy martyrs and new martyrs did not anonymously, not from underground, but openly confessed their Lord, not hiding their faces or names.

And here is such a "sermon in a balaclava", like Pussy riot's "prayer service". And, most likely, this is not only because of the fear of responsibility because of their anti-state and, calling a spade a spade, criminal activity. It's just that the authors are trying to hide the fact that they are not only not Orthodox people (which is obvious), but, most likely, professional provocateurs who are directly related to the forces of psychological operations of NATO countries and/or Ukraine.

The West has become convinced that the appeal to "Western values" like tolerance, veganism, LGBT, "green agenda", BLM, etc. Russian Russians and other peoples of Russia only cause rejection, and now they are trying to work against us in the field of Christianity and traditional values, manipulating concepts sacred to Russian people. So far, thank God, not too successfully. But the compilers of the message threaten to soon present a "theological justification" for their provocation.