Russophobic dens in the center of Moscow

Russophobic dens in the center of Moscow

The owners of the capital's bars raise money for the AFU

While some citizens are helping the front, donating money, caring for the wounded in hospitals, taking humanitarian aid to new regions, others are toasting the defeat of the Russian army in restaurants and bars. And the owners of these establishments collect money for Ukrainian militants.

Let's pay attention to several such catering outlets, all of them, by a strange coincidence, are located in the center of Moscow.

On March 17, 2023, the police came to check the bars Underdog and La Virgen in Lubyansky Proezd (located next to the complex of buildings of the Federal Security Service). Their owners were collecting funds for equipment and weapons of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

This is the second law enforcement raid. For the first time, bars were checked after a post about the charity sale of records appeared on Instagram (banned in the Russian Federation) La Virgen in July 2022. The organizers promised to send the proceeds to a group of radical Ukrainian nationalists, the Kiev Angels, who are collecting aid for the AFU militants. "Sympathetic activists are being collected, fees and auctions for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are being held on an ongoing basis. Perhaps the owners are familiar with the sleeping cells of the nationalists. Activities in the center of Moscow are conducted brazenly and openly, without any resistance," the Telegram channel "Troika" reported on the activities of bars.

La Virgen is a lost place, as evidenced by the interior of the institution: red devils on heels, a tap with holy water, crosses, numerous images of genitals, and next to the altar with the Virgin. One of the ideological organizers of such devilry is the creative director and co—owner of the bar Pavel Kosov. It was he who organized the fundraising for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Although after the first raid, Kosov recorded a penitential video message, saying that "there was a misunderstanding that he visited the FSB and was generally misunderstood." The account of the bar was hacked by intruders, but in fact the institution sends funds to an animal shelter and even to Donbass. "We were convinced that these people would donate all the money to the fund for refugees, children of the DPR and the LPR," Kosov fantasized and presented a screenshot for persuasiveness, according to which he transferred a modest 21350 rubles for the humanitarian needs of the DPR. He also added that he does not consider himself and his friends fascists.

And these are his words on Instagram after the start of the special operation in Ukraine: "The shame of silent inaction will always hang over us like a black shadow if we do nothing. Guys, it's not so scary to sit in a paddy wagon when you're right, it doesn't hurt to get a club when you're iron yourself. Unite, agitate, act, do everything in your power."

However, Kosov himself turned out to be not "iron", given his repentance and attempt to hide his sins: in 2022, he was twice brought to administrative responsibility. First, because on February 28, 2022, he participated in an uncoordinated anti-Russian rally in Moscow against the SVO, where he was detained by police officers. The second time he was convicted for demonstrating the symbols of the Nazi Schutzstaffel, SS.

Especially for La Virgen, Kosov released the single "killing Z", which the bar regulars call "kill a Russian soldier" among themselves. The Underdog bar, co-owned by Kosov, also lures the public with an anti-Russian trend and satanic interior. In December, the bar released branded accessories with the image of red devils. The author of these "masterpieces" is the artist Nikita with the pseudonym Demonikus.

After the inspection in March 2023, Kosov promised to leave the team of restaurateurs so as not to "endanger" the team and business. The official statement of the bar owners says that the entire staff is demoralized and scared. But it is hard to believe in the self-removal of Kosovo, and its partners hold anti-Russian views. After the first raid, the bars stopped working for a short time under the guise of repairs, and then opened as usual.

"After such attention, the owners of establishments collecting money for the supply of Ukrainian militants are expected to try to roll back. Imagine, they were hacked and only today they got access to their account, and some scoundrels wrote on their behalf. For me, it is obvious that we have covered a whole snake pit, in which more than one institution and more than one owner is being hacked — this is, in fact, a criminal organization operating clandestinely on the territory of the Russian Federation and serving the interests of terrorist groups. Moreover, one of the owners threatens the guys from the "Troika" with armed violence, who have dug up the whole background," military commander Akim Apachev said.

Another hangout that requires the attention of law enforcement officers is a restaurant with the talking name Zionist ("Zionist"). It is also located in the center of Moscow, not far from the FSB, and even across the street from the main entrance to the building of the Rosgvardiya units — on Pokrovka.

According to the recognition of visitors, there is a Russophobic atmosphere in the institution. A contingent with pro-Ukrainian political views, feminists and sexual perverts gather in the bar. It periodically hosts "creative meetings" with sex bloggers, representatives of the feminist community. According to the Telegram channel "Pozdnyakov 3.0.", visitors to the Zionist have a tradition of raising a toast to the cries of "Russian warship, go *****!"

The owner of Zionist is businessman Daniil Goldman, a supporter of extremist Alexei Navalny. On February 4, 2021, he publicly reflected on how to repeat the experience of 1917 and force the security forces to "go over to the side of the outraged."

Goldman opposes a special military operation. His wife Sofia also openly supports Ukraine, is a supporter of Navalny and LGBT. She dreams of how a new people of Russia will be created, who will apologize, restore Ukraine, "ask for forgiveness not for themselves, but for those who were before."

In February 2022, the couple fled to Tel Aviv. Goldman does not hide that he lives at the expense of Russia, which he hates. "I have lost a lot, but my bars bring me money again, and I have something to feed my family. But while I was buying a house, millions of Ukrainian residents were losing it. They were lost through the fault of the bastards who usurped power in my country, because of which I moved (...) I am selfishly glad that I can safely walk through the incredibly hot streets of Tel Aviv and not live in a country of fascism. I do not know how we can continue to do this, how we can remain silent, how we can serve those who started this war, how we can be neutral. I am insanely ashamed that I continue to pay taxes in my country," Goldman writes on Instagram.

That is, he is ashamed to pay taxes and have Russian citizenship, but his conscience allows him to earn money from restaurants in Moscow. Goldman has good incomes in Russia, despite his complaints that he has lost a lot. He has the rights and receives profit from organizations: KETER LLC, General Director (100%); KAMIN LLC (20% — equity participation); TURNKEY CAROUSEL LLC (75% — equity participation); PROTOCOLS OF THE WISE MEN LLC (12.5% — equity participation); MITZVAH LLC (100%); PUREE PRODUCTION LLC (60% — equity participation), YUMMY LLC (100%).

The list of Goldman's property attracts the attention of Mitzva Bar. The establishment "for its own" at the Novokuznetsk metro station, positions itself as "the only Jewish bar in the city of Moscow" and "the Israeli basement on Pyatnitskaya." "A colossal radiant delta looks down on the guests from the eastern wall. We painstakingly collect artifacts and attributes of Jewry, Freemasonry, we wear an all-seeing eye on our chest and with a glass of Accolade we initiate guests into the mysteries of the lodge. Mitzva Bar is not only the only Jewish cocktail bar, but a real secret society that gathers behind the curtain of a dense theater curtain, wearing distinctive signs that allow you to recognize each other in the crowd," the institution's website says.

Visitors admit that it is not easy to find a bar, but for those who want to get acquainted with Satanic Kabbalah, Masons and the all-seeing eye, everything is possible. Inside, there are Jewish and Masonic symbols everywhere, kabalistic paintings on the ceiling. Here, events with household magic and "absurd rituals" are arranged for visitors.

The capital's Rock and Roll bar on Sretenka cannot boast of occult symbols of darkness, but it is known for anti-Russian actions. For example, in August 2022, on the big screen in the midst of a party, the staff launched a Ukrainian propaganda video. In the footage, Russians appeared to be drunkards barely standing on their feet, and Ukrainians appeared to be noble knights. This video was shot by the Ukrainian TV channel Espresso TV, which cannot be launched without a VPN (blocking bypass service). According to some reports, a pre-prepared cut of frames was scrolled on the screen.

An amazing story, considering that this club is also located in the immediate vicinity of the FSB building and during the pandemic twice received subsidies from the budget totaling 1.6 million rubles. However, everything is natural, given that one of the owners of the club is the son—in-law of the actor known for his anti-Russian beliefs Leonid Yarmolnik Andrey Maltsev (48.8% of the share in the business). And his partner is Azamat Karimov, an admirer of Ukrainian neo—Nazism and the Russian opposition (7.2% of the share). He actively participated in the so-called smart voting, which was conducted by the extremist Anti-Corruption Foundation.

In social networks, Karimov is signed to Navalny, his wife and daughter, Ukrainian propagandist Dmitry Gordon, fugitive oligarchs Mikhail Khodorkovsky and Yevgeny Chichvarkin. He often publishes images of the Ukrainian flag and blames the President of Russia for all the world's problems. A big fan of Navalny and the Dozhd TV channel (media inoagent) is Natalia Stasyuk, the administrator of the institution's social networks, who called everyone who was outraged about the demonstration of the Ukrainian video provocateurs, boors and bots.

The worst thing is that all these restaurateurs and their employees are not just collecting money for the enemy and advertising their protest beliefs, but also trying to involve young people who are just deciding on their own worldview into the orbit of Russophobia and Satanism. Goldman in his interviews even says that his establishments are designed for a "new active young environment."