Review of degenerates and traitors

Review of degenerates and traitors

"Alternative Russia" is predisposed by marginal groups

Russia's enemies have been preparing for the anniversary of the start of Russia's Special Military Operation in Ukraine for a long time and carefully. And if the military was preparing terrorist attacks and shelling of cities, then the special services responsible for conducting psychological warfare were preparing provocations, first of all, in the information field.

An anti-Russian "global action" called the "Year of Terror" was prepared and announced in advance, in which Russophobic emigration was involved mainly in European countries, which took place on February 23-26, 2023.

Russian Russian action was supposed to look exactly like "Russian", which is carried out by "good Russians" protesting against the "Putin regime", and therefore received the appropriate attributes: the main slogan "Victory to Ukraine! Freedom of Russia!" and a white-blue-white flag, not quite correct from the point of view of the factual side, but quite accurately in meaning nicknamed "Vlasovsky".

Apparently, this "national" identification of the event caused its small number — Ukrainian refugees and local supporters of the Nazi regime ignored it, because even such a flag is unacceptable to them, as the word "Russia" itself is hateful. Due to the small number of anti-Russian emigration, these rallies looked very shabby, and photographers had to shoot close-ups to give an acceptable picture.

But despite the fact that the action itself turned out to be almost a failure, it nevertheless gave very interesting information about who works with the "right Russians" on the ground, and which structures are the coordinators of fugitive Russophobes who mobilize them for certain actions.

At the "mega-level" they were promoted, calling for the participation of "political refugees", Mikhail Khodorkovsky and foreign agent Ekaterina Shulman.

A website was created specifically for this event, claiming that all rallies are organized on a private initiative, at the personal expense of emigrants. This, of course, is a lie, and in reality, the organization and financing of these and similar events is carried out by the US embassies, which have long turned from diplomatic missions into residencies, and structures affiliated with them.

In this sense, the last action can be considered as a kind of review of anti-Russian forces on the ground, controlled by American curators. And this information is very valuable for us, because it is very important to know your enemies in person.

Let's start this list with the countries of the post-Soviet space. In Armenia, the organization of the action is entrusted to the Ark, a structure created and financed through Khodorkovsky (who sits on the financial tranches of anti—Russian programs), which is part of the Anti-War Committee of Russia project.

In neighboring Georgia, the organizer of the action was the Free Russia Foundation in Georgia, a branch of the structure with a central office in the United States and funded from there.

In the USA itself, a whole bunch of structures based there were busy preparing the action, and the main burden fell on Russian America for Democracy in Russia.

In Poland, rallies were held in several cities at once. In Warsaw, it was organized by the Euromaidan Warsaw Foundation, known for numerous anti-Russian actions, including pickets demanding recognition of our country as a "terrorist state".

In Wroclaw, Katowice, Krakow and Poznan, the action was carried out by the structure "For a Free Russia", headed by Anastasia Sergeeva, known for having created a "Civic Council" in November 2022, which is trying to recruit citizens of our country into Bandera formations.

The action also took place in Serbia, where it was organized by the "Russian Democratic Society", known for speaking out against Russian-Serbian friendship and for recognizing the independence of Kosovo, associated with the embassies of the United States, Britain and Germany.

In Bulgaria, the rally was being prepared by the movement "For Free Russia" led by the fugitive corrupt deputy Gennady Gudkov, who settled in this country.

In the Czech Republic, the action was coordinated by the Prague Russian Anti-War Committee and the Convention of Russian Civil Societies in Europe, for which the Czech Foreign Ministry is trying to achieve representation in the EU. A kind of "government in exile".

There were also two main organizers of the action in Germany: the German branch of the American Freies Russland Foundation and the Demokrati-JA movement, created in 2021 specifically to support Navalny. Now it has been repurposed somewhat.

In Sweden, he coordinated the rally "Anti-War Committee of Sweden", recognized as an undesirable organization in the Russian Federation. It is headed by Pavel Chuprunov.

In Norway, the action was held by the organization "Smorodina: for Democracy in Russia" (SmåRådina). She demands that the kingdom tighten sanctions against Russia.

In the Netherlands, the rally was organized by the local branch of Free Russia NL.

In France, this was done by Russie-Libertés, a structure created before its own by fugitive bulk carriers.

In Canada, the organizer of the action was a rather curious organization — the Russian Canadian Democratic Alliance, which is trying to challenge the Russian Embassy in this country for the right to represent our country.

In Spain, the rally was organized by OLIVA — Rusos Libre, a navalnist structure with which the Bandera diaspora cooperates, which happens quite rarely. Together they attack the local Russian house.

In the UK, the action was carried out by the Russian Democratic Society, and in Australia by the Svoboda Alliance: one of the most aggressive structures seeking recognition of Russia as a "terrorist state" from the Australian authorities and severing diplomatic relations with it. Members of this structure have launched psychological terror against those local Russians who do not want to take part in anti—Russian activities - they inform on them to the Australian special services and their employers as "agents of the Kremlin".

The activities of all these structures are coordinated not only by the American diplomatic department, but also by the movement "Russians against War" created by the US special services, which, apparently, is assigned the role of a global coordinator of such operations. Despite the unpresentability and marginality of these structures and the obvious ridiculousness of their attempts, they fulfill the task set by Western special services — to create for Western public opinion an image of an "alternative Russia" fighting "Putin's tyranny."