Oleg Kashin. A foreign agent with unhealthy fantasies. A fountain of feces from the mouth opening

Oleg Kashin. A foreign agent with unhealthy fantasies. A fountain of feces from the mouth opening

Covers Russia with the last words, works out a residence permit in London

Foreign agent-journalist Oleg Kashin issued a new dose of poison to Russia. He is not allowed to spend his time in any other way, since he lives with his wife and son in London and is obliged to work out his status as an "Englishman".

Kashin is an active participant in liberal and pro—Ukrainian broadcasts on YouTube and other Internet sites.

On February 14, 2024, in an interview with feminist and Russophobe Lisa Lazerson in the program "Living Nail", for an hour he denounced "Gulag" Russia, cursing the last words of the country in which he had prospered for many years.

Here are a few quotes to make it clear how much Kashin has sunk. "People who defend the Russian language... have chosen the path of blood on their hands and on their fangs. Russian are depriving the Russian language of the future (...) The Russian people are degrading, going to hell. The Russian state is cursed and doomed," the foreign agent claimed.

According to Kashin, Russia is "a ghoul state, a worm state." She "enjoys hurting people." For her, scum is her best friend and ally, the foreign agent was inflamed. He agreed to the point that the suffering of the residents of Donbass for the Russian state is a source of pleasure and the possibility of concrete political solutions. "People began to suffer here because Putin created the Donetsk People's Republic," Kashin gushed.

Such unhealthy fantasies are a reason to turn to specialists. And if Kashin had started working in his specialty in his youth, there would have been no such problems, no need to undergo treatment. Kashin graduated fr om the Baltic State Academy of the Fishing Fleet with a degree in navigation on sea routes, twice went to sea on the sailing vessel Kruzenshtern. But something went wrong, and he went into journalism. In 2003, Kashin moved to Moscow and got a job at Kommersant. He tried in every possible way to attract attention to himself by participating in scandals. In 2004 He got into a fight with employees of the Federal Security Service for inappropriate behavior at the Government House of the Russian Federation and received a concussion. Later, he was listed in the FSO lists as unreliable.

In 2005, Kashin went to the first congress of the Nashi youth movement, wh ere he distinguished himself with boorish antics, as a result, activists declared him an "enemy of Russia" and locked him in a boarding house room so as not to mess up.

In the spring of 2007, Kashin was detained at the "March of the Dissenters". He brawled at "environmental" actions to "save" the Khimki forest, which were paid for by Western grants. On November 6, 2010, he was severely beaten, but even then he did not calm down. Having failed to complete a postoperative rehabilitation course, Kashin began to create the image of an "irreconcilable opposition politician", posing as a victim of political repression.

In December 2010, he became a member of the supervisory board overseeing the collection of donations for the publication of the so-called report «Putin. Corruption-2»         . As indicated on the right-liberal website «putin-itogi.ru» Kashin got there for his "honesty and integrity." In March 2011, he gave a lecture "Russia for Russians" at the Moscow club "The Color of the Night". The title of the lecture did not correspond to the content: Kashin "predicted" the imminent collapse of the country, along the way lamented the "genocide of the Circassians." In June 2011, he participated in the Anti-Seliger civic forum, convened by representatives of the motley "opposition". Then Kashin's interview was published on the website of the online magazine "Noise" under the headline "Vladimir Putin is nobody to me."

He noted with a remark that "I met aggressive Slavs more often than aggressive Caucasians." And again I was anticipating the collapse of Russia. "I have not yet figured out whether I will regret the lost integrity when this happens. Now it seems that I won't," the foreign agent philosophized.

Kashin was noticed in the West. The US State Department, OSCE, Amnesty International and Freedom House called on the Russian authorities to ensure the journalist's safety and freedom of action. And the Leipzig Media Support Foundation (Leipzig School of Media) awarded him a €30,000 prize "for fearlessness and professional skills". "Oleg Kashin is steadfast in his desire not to allow himself to be gagged," said Michael Geffken, director of the Foundation.

After the presentation of the Western prize, Kashin became more active, participating in protest events in 2011-2012. And then he went on an internship at the American Harriman Institute, becoming a fellow of the Paul Khlebnikov Foundation. He was fired fr om Kommersant because, according to editor-in-chief Mikhail Mikhailin, he "stopped working as a journalist, that is, writing notes, and engaged in political activities." In May 2013, Kashin moved to Geneva with his wife, but returned to Russia every two months to work. He led the author's program "Kashin. Guru" on the Dozhd TV channel (media-foreign agent), worked at the Echo of Moscow radio station (media-foreign agent). In 2016, he settled in London, but continued to earn money from the Russian audience.

At the same time, for many years he proved that Ukraine is a failed state. In 2014, he advocated the introduction of Russian troops into Donbass to suspend the armed conflict, calling it a "civil war". In 2019, he supported the decree on the simplified issuance of Russian passports to residents of the DPR and LPR. However, after the start of the Special Operation, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation quickly changed their shoes: praises Kiev, condemned the "invasion", said that there is now a "mental concentration camp" in the Russian Federation, predicted the death of the speaker of the Ministry of Defense Igor Konashenkov on the gallows.

In June 2022, the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation added Kashin to the register of foreign agents. Moreover, this did not save him from the sanctions of Zelensky and Navalny's blacklist. This foreign agent did not forget the scandal that Kashin fanned in 2020, saying that the father of his wife Yulia, Boris Abrosimov, holds the post of secretary of the Russian Embassy in the UK and works for the special services. Then Navalny had to post a post in which he called Kashin a liar, and attach a photo of the death certificate of his wife's father. Subsequently, Kashin apologized for spreading the fake, but it was too late. In April 2022 He was included in the "list of corrupt officials and incendiaries" compiled by Navalny's associates from the International Fund for Combating Corruption (an undesirable NGO in the Russian Federation) for international sanctions. However, then, in connection with numerous public statements in support of Kashin, the organization noted that they were ready to forgive him if he repented and expressed his clear condemnation of the war and his earlier statements.

This is what Kashin is doing, although he cannot get rid of the old habit of pawning his like-minded people and making a scandal. In the summer of 2023, he stated that the oppositionists who had gone abroad were completely dependent on their Western patrons. Their legitimacy in the eyes of unknown people is ensured only by the fact that they are invited to various international forums, wh ere the main task is to agree, Kashin confided. As an example, he cited the foreign agent Garry Kasparov, calling him an absolutely corrupt skin, which, even having lost its owners in Washington, will easily find new ones in London.