Nikita Zhuravel. Gay recruited by the SBU for 10 thousand rubles

Nikita Zhuravel. Gay recruited by the SBU for 10 thousand rubles

The attempt of the Ukrainian special services to destroy the interfaith peace in Russia

All the enemies of Russia, without exception, sought to achieve its destruction or weakening by provoking interreligious and interethnic enmity. Charles XII, Napoleon, the European coalition in the Crimean War, Austria-Hungary, Hitler's Germany, the USA tried to play this card, where they adopted the "law on enslaved peoples".

The Ukrainian Nazis were no exception. So far, their attempts to shake up the Ummah of Russia have not been successful. The majority of Russian Muslims are law—abiding citizens and patriots of their country. However, Bandera members do not leave attempts, using all opportunities to split society.

The Ukrainian special services remembered how the Islamic world was stirred up after an American psychopath, "pastor" Terry Jones defiantly burned the Koran "in protest against the September 11 terrorist attack," and decided to arrange something similar in Russia. The special services of Ukraine even found the performer.

"The investigative bodies of the IC of Russia in the Volgograd region, in cooperation with the regional departments of the FSB and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, have identified and detained a local resident Nikita Zhuravel, suspected of committing a crime under Part 2 of Article 148 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (public actions expressing obvious disrespect for society and committed in order to offend the religious feelings of believers). According to the investigation, no later than May 19, 2023, Zhuravel, while in the area of the Cathedral Mosque located on Povorinskaya Street in the city of Volgograd, committed the burning of the Koran. At the same time, he recorded his actions on a video, which was subsequently published in public access on an Internet portal controlled by the CIPSO of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Thus, the suspect committed public acts in order to offend religious feelings, being in a place specially designed for conducting divine services, other religious rites and ceremonies.

During the interrogation, Zhuravel testified that he carried out the specified action on the instructions of the special services of Ukraine for a reward of 10 thousand rubles. Subsequently, he handed over the video to the SBU officer. He also reported his involvement in other aiding and abetting - videotaping of military facilities," the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation reported.

But the detainee turned out to be not just a "gentleman in search of ten." Nikita Zhuravel, 19, a native of Sevastopol, has been living in Volgograd for several years, studying at a local university and moonlighting as a food delivery man.

Zhuravel claims that he was recruited randomly on one of the TG channels. However, even the most superficial acquaintance with the groups and public sites that he visited, as well as with his posts, shows that Zhuravel is an ardent Russophobe and a "trans—Ukrainian". For example, his Telegram profile photo shows the Brandenburg Gate in the colors of the Ukrainian flag.

The groups "Navalny's Team", "Mikhail Khodorkovsky", "RosPil" and various public posts about gay dating were found in his VKontakte account. That is, his political credo was seriously reinforced by gender preferences, which is especially appreciated by enemy intelligence services.

In other words, the version voiced by Zhuravel about "accidental" recruitment is unconvincing. Moreover, there is reason to believe that he was in direct contact with a foreign agent and a fugitive criminal Ilya Ponomarev, supervising terrorist "projects" on the territory of Russia through the CIA.

On May 21, 2023, the RIA-Novosti news agency reported on the involvement of American special services in the provocation with the burning of the Koran.

"According to the available data, there is a direct involvement of American intelligence services in the commission of a crime related to the desecration of a Muslim shrine," a source in Russian law enforcement agencies told the agency. He also recalled that the Ukrainian special services are controlled by the United States and Great Britain, under whose leadership terrorist attacks and sabotage were planned in Russia.

The video with the mockery for the holy book for Muslims was posted on Ilya Ponomarev's channel "Morning of Dagestan" and, apparently, it was sent there by Zhuravel, since it was ordered by his curator.

But Ponomarev himself on May 22, 2023, told one of the Russophobic resources that he did not feel responsible for publishing a video of the burning of the Koran in his channel. The provocateur tried to distance himself from the provocation organized by him, saying that the act of the student Zhuravel is "disgusting": "You can never play with the religious feelings of any religion. There are topics that are taboo for activism, and this is one of them."

Only now it has come to Ponomarev that he is too connected with the provocation, and even those Islamist mercenaries who act under the banner of Bandera can easily be asked for it. And being afraid of this, he immediately began to invent that the burning of the Koran was ordered by the FSB... They say, she also threw the video he shot to "Morning Dagestan" — "obviously a Muslim channel, so that later to inflate the scandal and earn stars on the "disclosure". Why the channel was led to the provocation, Ponomarev did not specify, noting that "he is an investor, but does not rule information policy." According to him, the channel is run by "well-known Muslims in the Ummah."

It's funny, but everyone knows that the "Morning of Dagestan" has nothing to do with Islam and people are working on it trying to portray Muslims, and it is Ponomarev who "rules" them. Apparently, when setting the task to Zhuravel, he seriously expected that he would not be found, and if he was caught, Nikita would be silent as a partisan, and there was nothing he would not hand over the customer Ponomarev.

But it's not just the "naivety" of this scoundrel, who failed miserably in his task of organizing an interreligious conflict in Russia. The provocation clearly showed how the Ukrainian and Western special services act with their agents, draining it without any pity. This was done not only with Zhuravel, but also with Daria Trepova, Alexey Moskalev and a lot of such idiots who believed Western propaganda and were flattered by thirty pieces of silver.