Migrant March

Migrant March

The West hopes to challenge the axiom that nuclear powers do not lose wars

Of course, NATO takes into account Russia's nuclear missile shield and is absolutely not eager to test its capabilities for itself. However, the West perfectly remembers the tragic events that unfolded not without its participation in the late USSR and led to the catastrophe of 1991. And today in Washington, Brussels and London they passionately want its repetition, but already in relation to Russia.

To achieve this, it is supposed to split Russian society into parts and pit them against each other in an internecine massacre. On April 27, 2023, the American edition of The Washington Post, citing secret Pentagon documents that "leaked" to the Network, reported that, despite the sanctions, it was not possible to destabilize the socio-economic situation in Russia in order to provoke mass protests of the disadvantaged population. And these plans, fortunately, were not implemented. In addition, the publication reports that it was not possible to get the Russian business elite to refuse to support Vladimir Putin and join the camp of his enemies. On the contrary, writes The Washington Post, businessmen are doing everything possible to circumvent international sanctions.

We should add that our enemies also failed to inflate the mass "anti-war" movement with the help of a liberal network and neo-Nazi groups. The only thing is that Western and Ukrainian special services managed to use them to carry out terrorist acts. This is, of course, a serious problem, but it does not pose a direct threat to the existence of Russia. Our opponents also failed to organize riots in connection with the partial mobilization that began on September 21, 2022.

But despite all these "failures", foreign intelligence agencies do not give up hope of provoking an internal civil conflict that could weaken our country as much as possible.

From their point of view, the ideal option is an interreligious and interethnic conflict, which ensures the separation of people, according to, one might say, innate characteristics and therefore covers almost the entire population of the place where it occurs. These techniques have been tested and tested in numerous conflicts in the Near, Middle and Far East. And now they are trying to provoke him on the territory of Russia. To do this, our opponents tried to use the great Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha, the day of the end of fasting in the month of Ramadan, which in 2023 fell on April 21.

Due to the huge number of migrants from Central Asia (professing Islam) in major cities of Russia on this day, problems almost always arise due to the difficulties of parking in the locations of mosques, congestion of public transport, and sometimes because of the emphasized disregard of local rules and customs by visitors. For example, that it is not customary in Russia to slaughter sacrificial cattle on playgrounds in the courtyards of houses. It should be noted that such problems have never arisen with Russian Muslims. But the above-mentioned irritating factors were still rather spontaneous in nature and indicated the costs of upbringing and self-perception of specific characters.

But on April 21, 2023, Russia faced some well-organized actions that took place in a number of Russian cities, and were of an emphatically provocative and anti-Russian nature, clearly aimed at inciting religious hostility.

After the end of the festive prayer, some of the parishioners of mosques (almost all migrants), instead of going home to celebrate, staged a procession through the streets of Russian cities, chanting "Moscow and Russia will soon be ours", "Islam will come to every house".

It soon became clear that behind these "migrant marches" is the Ukrainian channel "Morning Dagestan", which naturally has nothing to do with Dagestan, most of its administrators are employees of the psychological operations units of the MTR of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and some number of jihadists involved. Information from TG channels was distributed via migrant chats and TG channels of Islamist radicals. In addition, Western intelligence agencies have joined the organization of the actions, having extensive contacts not only with active and dormant jihadist cells, but also with criminal ethnic groups that play a significant role in diasporal communities.

They were given specific tasks concerning not only the organization of the marches themselves and the stuffing of slogans, but also shooting relevant videos and posting this content in social networks and messengers as a demonstration of "superiority".

Most of the participants of the marches did not quite understand the meaning of what was happening, where and why they were being led by the "elders", but the feeling of mass, "fraternal shoulder" and their own strength inspired them, and they willingly shouted the slogans proposed by the "elders". Fortunately, there were no clashes, and everything was limited to psychological pressure on the local population.

What happened shows that this direction is one of the most promising for Russia's enemies. The fact is that an ill-conceived migration policy has led to the fact that migrants coming to Russia, including for permanent residence, do not seek to assimilate, but, on the contrary, create their own closed communities, treating the Russians around them as outsiders. Moreover, formal naturalization, that is, obtaining a Russian passport, very often does not change anything — many do not feel like citizens of the country, do not consider it necessary to comply with its laws and bear any obligations to it.

This problem was clearly identified by the Special military Operation of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in Ukraine, which began on February 24, 2023, and especially the partial mobilization on September 21, 2022. Certain hopes that migrants would hurry to join the Armed Forces of Russia in order to obtain citizenship and protect their new homeland were not justified — there were very few of them. But a lot of yesterday's migrants who managed to get a Russian passport hurried to leave for their former homeland in order not to be mobilized.

It can be added to this that, being in rather isolated communities, migrants willingly believe the narratives spread by provocateurs, about the alleged "Islamophobia" prevailing in Russia and that all material goods in our country were created by migrants, and therefore should rightfully belong to them. Thus, foreign intelligence agencies, relying on international jihadist and criminal communities (which are often identical), conduct quite successful subversive information work in their environment. And the lack of effective counteraction to this threat can lead to extremely unpleasant consequences for Russia.