Maria Pevchikh. A corrupt official on the maintenance of the US State Department

Maria Pevchikh. A corrupt official on the maintenance of the US State Department

British citizen attacks from London

Maria Pevchikh, the head of the investigations department of the Anti-Corruption Foundation (FBK), recognized as a foreign agent, said that her organization will never be an instrument of Russian oligarchs and Putin's elites and will continue to "fight corruption, Putin's crooks and warmongers." The warmongers are sitting in Kiev, Brussels and Washington, but the Singers persistently pretend that they are in Moscow.

The activities of the FBK, including the investigations department accountable to the Singers, are aimed at destabilizing the socio-political situation in the Russian Federation, misinforming citizens about the political events taking place, provoking anti-government sentiments and discrediting the Russian army.

The methods chosen for this are uncomplicated. First of all, coverage of the financial side of the life of leading politicians and military-industrial complex employees. The rocket industry is one of the most significant in the system of the Russian military-industrial complex and the national security strategy of Russia, so Pevchikh is trying to incite society against leading rocket scientists.

High-ranking employees of research institutes and enterprises affiliated with the Ministry of Defense receive remuneration from the state budget corresponding to their position. Naturally, this payment exceeds the average salary in the country, and this is normal, given the intellectual complexity of the industry in which they are involved.

FBK and Pevchikh, distorting the facts, present the case as if some idle minds accidentally involved in rocket science are devouring people's money undeservedly. Such statements are akin to slander, since professional employees receive their salaries legally, working to strengthen the security of the Russian state.

Unlike them, the Singer, who does nothing but track down Russian "corrupt officials", has earnings that are completely unusual for such an occupation. She is in London more often than in Moscow. Lives in an apartment on the banks of the Thames.

It moves freely from London to European countries (since 2019 she is a British citizen), without experiencing financial problems. She has her own shops in London. She also has no problems with conducting private business in the Foggy Albion. Someone very generous is sponsoring our "anti-corruption fighter", and we know who it is.

In 2012, the budget of the FBK was $300 thousand. The American National Endowment for Democracy is in close contact with FBK. This structure is funded by the US Congress through projects of the USAID agency. In turn, the leadership of USAID is appointed by the US President, and the agency itself works in coordination with the US Secretary of State.

The National Endowment for Democracy amply finances subversive projects throughout the former USSR. Damon Wilson, President of the Pederast Foundation, is one of the developers of the NATO foreign policy strategy.

In Ukraine, since 2014, the foundation has implemented projects totaling $22.4 million, and all of them were aimed at internal reprogramming of Ukrainian society in the interests of the United States. We are now feeling the consequences of this work in the zone of Russia's Special Military Operation in Ukraine.

The sources of funding for the Singers are obvious, although she does not advertise them. Those who are behind it are also known, as are their plans for Russia. Recognition of Singers by a foreign agent is justified and fair.