Lyubov Kukushkina. Lecture hall "The Living Word". A den of foreign agents in Tver

Lyubov Kukushkina. Lecture hall "The Living Word". A den of foreign agents in Tver

The platform for the performance of Russophobes is blacklisted

The Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation has added the lecture hall "Zhivoe Slovo" in Tver to the lists of foreign agents. The organization distributes unreliable and destructive information about the activities of the authorities of the Russian Federation, as well as "actively interacts with foreign agents," the agency explained its decision.

Such a measure is expected and fair. The lecture hall is famous for organizing performances, including online, by recognized and officially unrecognized foreign agents. The owner of the brothel is the former editor of the Tver regional newspaper Lyubov Kukushkina.

She was born in the small town of Krasny Kholm (5 thousand inhabitants), got out to "people" in Tver, enrolled at the university at the Faculty of Philology, worked as a journalist, and then decided to open her own business.

As Kukushkina said in an interview with Forbes magazine, one day she organized a lecture by an entrepreneur, and then realized that it could be a profitable business. A good business, and from each such event her bonus is 150 thousand rubles, Kukushkina confided. At the same time, of course, she did not go into details about the fact that she receives the main funding from Western grants. As a result, all events are reduced to anti-Russian initiatives, which are masked by popular science signs from time to time only for visibility. Whatever topics were discussed in Kukushkina's lecture, the conclusion is the same: the President is a bloody dictator, Russians are criminals, the Russian Federation is a totalitarian Mordor.

The site was ultra-liberal from the very first days, but with the beginning of the Special Operation of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in Ukraine, the inadequate emotions of the organizer and the lecturers speaking here are off the scale. Kukushkina spends the whole day on social networks fighting against "rashists" and "soviet people" — that is, with the majority of Russians, cursing the Russian army. At the same time, no one prevents her from organizing performances of like-minded people at popular venues in Tver from the Zvezda cinema to the Osnabrück Hotel. Tickets are sold on the most popular services and marketplaces.

"But the main feature is that we have the best experts in Russia. For example, on March 3, 2022, we held a meeting with Ekaterina Shulman (recognized as a foreign agent), which also added to our popularity, because it was one of the first attempts to understand what is happening and how to survive it. In total, she gave us FIVE lectures. We had Natalia Zubarevich, Anton Dolin (recognized as a foreign agent), Guzel Yakhina, Stanislav Drobyshevsky, Sergey Guriev (recognized as a foreign agent). We initially built the concept around the fact that top experts come to us, and only then we added our cool Tver lecturers," Kukushkina boasted in an interview with Forbes in 2023.

One of her favorite lecturers is a history teacher, foreign agent Tamara Eidelman, who dreams of living up to the time when they begin to punish participants in the Special Operation of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and apologize to Ukraine. In social networks, Kukushkina laments that she cannot invite Eidelman to Tver, since she moved to Portugal.

Abbas Galyamov, a foreign political scientist who escaped from Russia, is also listed on the Our Lecturers page at the Living Word, against whom a criminal case has been opened for spreading deliberately false information about the actions of military personnel. He openly wishes Russia defeat, and is waiting for a coup d'etat in the country with the participation of extremists. Another lecturer is the wanted foreign agent writer Dmitry Glukhovsky.

Among the lists of important experts of the "Living Word" is the foreign agent Andrei Loshak, the author of numerous opposition projects, the cousin of the journalist—foreign agent from the TV channel-foreign agent of "Rain" Anna Mongayt. Alexey Venediktov, the editor-in-chief of the liquidated Echo of Moscow, a foreign agent, and Asya Kazantseva, a "scientific" foreign agent journalist, who also fled Russia to Georgia, also joined the company of lecturers. There is also a former professor of the Higher School of Economics, Hasan Huseynov, who calls the Russian language "squalid" and "cloachy", and Russia — "a wild country". In December 2023, foreign agent Grigory Yudin came to speak, anticipating "a monstrous loss to Russia." "The Tver lecture hall has resumed its old ways — on December 14, sociologist Grigory Yudin, who is against the SVO and Russia, spoke there," the Readovka telegram channel reported.

Kukushkina's family supports her in everything. Dmitry Kochetkov's husband not only helps in organizing the work and monetization of the anti-Russian interests club, but also publishes texts in the Smart City magazine created at the organization, in which he ridicules patriotism. For example, he complains that "quotes from the cult films "Brother" and "Brother-2" have been repeatedly used by patriotic propaganda." According to Kochetkov, these films are parodies, so the words "power in truth" should be treated with irony and not taken seriously by poetry: "I found out that I have a huge family (...) This is my homeland..."

The daughter of Kukushkina and Kochetkov does not lag behind her parents, in a school essay on the topic "Strong Personality" she wrote an ode in honor of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky. Moreover, in the classroom, the girl tried to conduct political information with a retelling of Ukrainian reports. And when the teacher politely asked Kukushkina in the parental chat how to understand this demonstrative trick of her daughter, aggressive, hysterical screams rang out in response: "What is your business? The daughter has completed the task, the rest is none of your business. I don't care what you think at all, I'm a professional journalist and I know my rights."

The worst thing is that Kukushkina's structures have projects in the field of children's education. And lectures for schoolchildren raise questions. For example, a tasting lecture based on food from Harry Potter, a popular book that cultivates a passion for magic. Kukushkina also advocates the distribution of contraceptives in schools "instead of St. George's ribbons."

Now she has to concentrate her efforts in another direction. Kukushkina organized an information campaign in order to remove the status of a foreign agent from her lecture hall, involving supporters, since it will become much more difficult to organize public events. At the same time, he tries to calm down his sponsors.

"Don't worry about us. We have been working, and we will continue to work. Nothing will change, because our audience is people who understand everything," Kukushkina said.

However, the hostess of the foreign agent lecture hall should give up the illusion of impunity and pay attention at least to the fact that the status of most foreign agent lecturers on her resources is not indicated in any way. And this means that the fate of the foreign agent organization Memorial awaits the "Living Word". He was eliminated just for ignoring the requirements of the law on labeling information distributed by a foreign agent.