Lytar. Young Judas from the State Duma

Is ready to distribute "black bags" to the Russian military for free

Once upon a time, the "leader of the world proletariat" Vladimir Lenin declared a cook capable of governing the state. As a continuation of this thought, we can consider the thesis about the "rejuvenation of politics", so beloved by the liberal part of the establishment, according to which you can run straight into the corridors of power from the corridors of school.

Today, most of the "youth landing" in Russian politics are relocants who left our country after the start of a special military operation in Ukraine on February 24, 2022 due to disagreement with the policy of the Russian state. But a certain number of "paratroopers" remained.

One of them is Arseniy Lytar, a member of the Expert Council of the Youth Parliament for Science and Education and Patriotic Education at the State Duma of the Russian Federation, a member of the Yabloko party and a candidate from the Communist Party.

The young "politician", who was born in Moscow in 2003, has been in the Duma for two years and probably could have stayed on if he had not attracted attention to his person by an overly relaxed manner of communicating with his potential voters in social networks.

For example, when asked what initiatives he plans to offer to support Russian soldiers, Lytar replied that he was ready to introduce a bill on "providing them with black bags for free." And he simply covers the other interlocutor with obscene swearing, ending with the post-Bandera slogan "Glory to Ukraine!".

But this is, so to speak, in private communication. On his Twitter page, he is somewhat more correct and even tries to maintain a simple "pacifist" line, saying that he is against violence and war, and for peace.

On December 22 , 2022 , he posted this tweet: "I often meet the erroneous opinion that everything is forgotten, and this war will be forgotten. But this is a misconception. At least, Ukrainians will need more than a dozen years to forget the murders of thousands of civilians, the occupation of territories and the disconnection of the basic benefits of civilization."

Soon he makes it clear that his "pacifism" is very selective, and in some cases it is not just possible to "bomb" cities, but even necessary.

"When they tell me something about how "the DPR and the LPR were bombed for 8 years," I immediately cut off communication with this person. There are no DNR and LNR, there is Ukraine. And these are ordinary separatists who suddenly decided that they could take power," he writes on Twitter. It should be noted that this was written after the People's Republics, after a national referendum, were admitted to the Russian Federation. That is, in this statement there is also an encroachment on the territorial integrity of our country.

There is an interview with Lytar on YouTube, published in October 2022: there he is also represented as a member of the "youth parliament", from which it can be concluded that by that time he had not left it yet, and perhaps continues to be in its composition.

He also announces that he entered politics inspired by the ideas of extremists Yashin and Navalny, after which he decided to get into a state body to see how "everything is arranged from the inside" and "reform the system", but not radically. Lytar, by the way, emphasizes at every opportunity that he does not approve of radicalism and violent actions. But, as can be seen from the example of the shelling of the DPR and LPR, it does not always approve and not in everything.

Lytar participated in municipal elections. However, the data on his party affiliation differ: either he is in the Yabloko party (which is indicated in his status in VKontakte), or in the Communist Party, which is indicated on other sites and in interviews.

It is not worth asking a rhetorical question what kind of "patriotic education" this "politician" can promote. However, this example shows that work with young people, built on their inclusion in public and political life, is not just a failure, but frankly harmful, since even imitation of participation in political life is too dangerous for young, not too educated, infected with pride and filled with youthful maximalism people. Striving to be in the trend and get the maximum "hype", they easily become anti-Russian figures and take the side of the enemy. Politics is still an occupation for sophisticated people with life experience and a hard—won position, accomplished people.