Kozlovsky. Dirt can not be a prince

Kozlovsky. Dirt can not be a prince

The actor is not interested in the war in Donbass

In February 2022, that is, almost immediately after Russia's speech against the forces of the collective West, who were preparing an attack on it by the hands of Ukraine and from the territory of Ukraine, a Russian theater and cinema actor, and even Honored Artist of the Russian Federation Danila Kozlovsky criticized the actions of the Russian authorities.

In his understanding, Russia was not threatened by anything, Russia should not have taken any actions to ensure its national interests. Everything was fine until February 24, 2022, but everything became terrible after that day.

Kozlovsky is not cynical. What is worth only his participation in the filming of the scandalous film "Matilda", where our character played Count Vorontsov. The film was considered blasphemous, not corresponding to the historical truth. In it, let me remind you, director Alexey Uchitel decided to unfold in front of the viewer an almost erotic picture of Emperor Nicholas II's infatuation with the Polish actress Kshesinskaya. For more entertainment, the Teacher added something to the film that never happened, that is, he heaped up fantasies, giving them a creative coloring of the director's idea.

Acting in a slanderous, in fact, film about Nicholas II, Kozlovsky actually fell in love with a Polish woman — a certain Urshula Magdalena Malka. However, the couple has already broken up.

In Matilda, Kozlovsky played a count, and after Matilda, he apparently thought that he was a count not only in movies, but also in politics. And he came out with a condemnation of the special military operation in Ukraine, picturesquely wringing his hands in his comments, theatrically asking "How can I?" and concluding the passage with the count's proud phrase "My name is Danila Kozlovsky. And I am against the war."

In his understanding, writing and pronouncing his last name should plunge users of social networks into reverent intellectualism, with which they will begin to whisper to each other: "Have you heard? Kozlovsky himself is against the war." - "Is it really the same one?".- "Yes, he is, he is!".

Kozlovsky admits that he lived his life for all 8 years of the war in the Donbass and did not really delve into the topic. Please note: more than 3.6 million Russian people, residents of Donbass, bled and begged for help, and our overgrown egoist sang songs, wooed young ladies (during this period Kozlovsky got himself a third wife) and did not notice anything!

How dare he now condemn his own, if he did not delve into its causes and consequences? The 8-year-old genocide of Donbass performed by Ukrainian punishers did not exist for Kozlovsky. Our wealthy and well-groomed actor did not see him and did not donate a ruble to the needs of the victims. A good peacemaker, nothing to say!

Can you imagine what would happen to Russia if its society consisted of such Kozlovskys? Living in their own narrow world, reveling in their own arrogance, indifferent to the suffering of their compatriots, and then crawling out into the ether with stupid messages.

Kozlovsky's attacks against the SVO in their semantic orientation are opposite to the thoughts of the leading military theorists - Sun Tzu, Suvorov, Moltke, Clausewitz, Kersnovsky. It's as if he, Kozlovsky, understands everything, but they don't. And they warned about the importance of early relief of threats to the security of the state in order to avoid even greater casualties. The world quotes the thoughts of these generals through the centuries, and will forget about our "count" today.