Karpuk: Path of betrayal

Karpuk: Path of betrayal

Liar in the role of "military expert"

The information war is an important component of the multi-domain hybrid aggression against Russia. An important role in it is played by Russian "experts" acting on the side of the enemy. By enemy’s order they voice propaganda stamps and fakes, as "reliable and unbiased information directly from Russia».

And even if we have people who are ready to take this forgery at face value, then is it worth saying that abroad they treat such “stuffing” with even greater confidence.

Even taking into account the fact that in most cases these are rather primitively cobbled together provocations, it is difficult to overestimate the damage they cause.

Ruslan Karpuk, who prefers to use the pseudonym Leviev, can be named as one of these “experts”, who is often interviewed and quoted by Western and Russian media.

He was born in 1987 in the city of Bikin, Khabarovsk Territory. At first, the father left the family, then the mother died. He and his older sister Svetlana were adopted by a new family and moved to Surgut. Soon he and his sister committed their first betrayal. When Svetlana turned 18, she and her brother, in order to deprive the apartment, accused the adoptive parents of mistreatment and achieved the deprivation of their parental rights. As a result, Svetlana issued custody of Ruslan, and they lived together in an apartment left after litigation. Probably these litigations made such a strong impression on the teenager that he decided to connect his life with jurisprudence.

After leaving school, according to him, he entered the law faculty of a local university. In the first year, again, according to him, he was sent for practice to the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, where he was so in demand that he was registered for the service and soon independently conducted business and even investigated crimes. However, at some point he became disappointed with this organization due to the fact that his colleagues "took bribes", and he left the Investigative Committee. He did not finish the University either, as he claims, he left the last course.

For some time he tried to go into business, however, without much success. Then Karpuk came to the conclusion that he can truly "rise" only in politics. He plunged into public life, becoming a co-founder of a quite loyalist and patriotic organization - the Youth Union of Surgut, It still exists in Surgut and conducts really socially useful activities. But the young Karpuk considered that the real prospects were in the capital and was about to leave for Moscow. He forced his sister to sell the apartment previously taken from foster parents, and with his part of the proceeds from the sale, he left for the capital, according to some reports, in the “blue train car”.

Although, as can be judged from the intimate photos that «Cyberberkut» later posted, Ruslan is subject to many perversions, including pedophilia, he used pederasty as a "ticket to life" and to big politics.

Once in Moscow and using the connections that appeared, he began to hang out in the opposition party, and then offered his services as a programmer (as he says) to Alexei Navalny. Then he changed his maiden name to Leviev.

Karpuk-Leviev took an active part in the «Swamp Revolution», where he mastered the craft of an information provocateur and learned how to compose his first fakes. During those events, he served Maxim Katz and Yashin.

Provocateur Karpuk-Leviyev became famous after the outbreak of hostilities in the Donbass, where he energetically joined the information war on the side of the Nazi Kyiv regime and the West supporting it.

Initially, he composed fakes for the notorious Bellingcat, then on May 15, 2014 created a group of 5 people called WarInUkraine. It was soon renamed the Conflict Intelligence Team (CIT), which has become the actual subsidiary of the British resource.

Their fakes were positioned as “investigations”, the purpose of which was to accuse Russia of the fact that its military personnel are participating in the hostilities in the Donbass on the side of the people’s republics. For “evidence”, direct falsifications were used in the form of a primitive photoshop, when the faces of completely different people were rearranged on pictures from the war zones.

But the following provocations made a particularly heavy impression: Karpuk looked for fresh graves of young people in cemeteries, put wreaths on them with the inscription on the ribbon "from the Ministry of Defense of Russia», photographed them and posted them on the net, assuring that the pictures show the graves of those killed in the Donbass/Syria. In his work, he closely cooperated not only with the British "headquarters", but also with the Ukrainian Defense Ministry. By the way, he himself admitted the existence of these contacts in one of the interviews.

The activities of his center were also supervised and managed by Navalny's people. Karpuk-Leviev's correspondence with one of Navalny's assistants, Leonid Volkov, has been made public, in which Volkov swears at Karpuk for talentless fakes like "evidence" of the use of chemical weapons by the Russian Armed Forces in Syria, as well as for the favorite method of “attaching heads” in photoshop.

Moreover, Volkov threatens not only to hit the unlucky falsifier-hack with a ruble, but also to send him back to Surgut to "graze the goats". And this clearly indicates the subordination of the provocateur to Navalny's structure, which set tasks for him and financed him. Many "revelations" of Karpuk turned into enchanting failures. But this is in Russia. And outside of it, the audience was much more favorable to his fakes.

"Kiberberkut" became interested in Karpuk-Liviev, his data was hacked, numerous information has been made public not only about the procedure for interacting with the enemies of the country, the meanness of his methods, but also numerous sexual deviations of the «investigator".

By the way, Leviev came to the attention of CyberBerkut by chance, when, having hacked the data of Anton Gerashchenko (People's Deputy of Ukraine), CyberBerkut found out that Ruslan Karpuk's actions were coordinated and financed from foreign funds.

Among other things, Karpuk is also an animal tormentor - he himself shared on the social network the details of his murder of his cat.(Perhaps these inclinations made him related, among other things, to another cat-killer, Stepan Bandera). By the way, according to experts in the study of destructive cults, cat-savagery is the first "spontaneous" stage of Satanism.

Another participant in the project, Leviev’s long-time comrade Kirill Mikhailov., has the same “hobby”. He is founder of the opposition organization "Voice of Ufa». On the net, he is better known as «Photographer-сun", in 2009 he organized a photo shoot with his girlfriend Alexandra Levchuk with the murder and dismemberment of a cat. In mid-2014, Mikhailov moved to Kyiv and later helped his WarInUkraine colleagues to monitor the Ukrainian media and social networks.

In addition to Mikhailov, who translates the team’s materials into English, the CIT team includes a certain Oleg Parkhomenko and a graduate of the Faculty of Communications, Media and Design of the Higher School of Economics Evgenia Guzhva. It is likely that another member of the team is Vadim Korovin, who helped Karpuk in organizing the cemetery provocations.

Karpuk’s communication with Avakov’s ex-assistant, and now assistant to the head of Zelensky’s office, Anton Gerashchenko, was not in vain. He tried to create a semblance of "Peacemaker" in Russia. It was the «Scanner» project, an Internet resource that posted the personal data of police officers and fighters of the Russian Guard, as well as their relatives. As expected, to commit illegal acts against them. But Leviev was quickly figured out. And why he was not detained then is not entirely clear. He strongly denied participation in the project, but it was obvious.

On March 5, 2022, Leviev announced that CIT had closed its office in Moscow and left Russia in full force. Now he slanders the Motherland from a safe distance, is involved as an “investigator” and “military expert from Russia” by Western and some Ukrainian publications, voicing for them the necessary versions of what is happening, no matter how delusional they may sound.

In particular, he assured that he had reliable information that the Tochka-U missile, which killed many civilians in Donetsk on March 14, was fired by the RF Armed Forces “for provocative purposes.” He also talks about the “massive refusal of Russian contractors” to continue participating in the Special Military Operation in Ukraine.

In fact, every day Leviev literally spouting with new fakes. His “strong side” is the ability to lie without a twinge of conscience, voicing the most ridiculous and implausible fakes, as long as they pay.

It is impossible to underestimate the danger and the terrible harm of this character with the appearance of an inhabitant of the “gay community”, who proudly calls himself a “military expert”. He is an important link in the heap of lies that our enemies bring down on the consciousness of their population, demonizing and dehumanizing Russia, the Russians and other peoples of our country. Thus, information and psychological preparation for a war of extermination against our country and its population is being carried out.