Gleb Samoilov. Satanoid. The crazy traitor

Gleb Samoilov. Satanoid. The crazy traitor

The former vocalist of "Agatha Christie" promotes sodomy, "Bolotnaya" and "Maidan"

Russian Russian Bohemians, in their views and sympathies, often turn out to be not Russian at all. For example, there was a song "Sniper" in the album "Agatha Christie" called "Mine Buzz". She told about a Soviet soldier who in May 1945, having come to Berlin, rapes a German woman and finally kills her.

Such "ideological submissions" may not even be related to the desire to fulfill an order — the myth of "May in Berlin" was invented intentionally and intensified just during the years of perestroika, when Samoilov's popularity and his worldview were formed. It's just that "bohemia" is in such an unhealthy environment, and singing it, spreads the dirt further.

Gleb Samoilov was born in the city of Asbestos (Sverdlovsk region). Later he would "perpetuate" the name of his city by releasing the album "Massacre in Asbestos".

The Samoilov brothers (older brother Vadim has completely different views today and often goes to concerts in the Donbass), having founded the Agatha Christie group, turned out to be one of the successful projects of the Sverdlovsk rock Club. Today, the name of this city, renamed Yekaterinburg, is often used as a synonym for protest, destructive liberal thinking. And one of the personifications of the approach to what is happening in the spirit of "a la Yeltsin Center" was exactly Gleb Samoilov.

Scandals often arose around his musical activities, the content of song lyrics and statements in interviews. And Gleb himself often uses the principle "for the sake of a red word, he will not regret his father." In this sense, a dialogue with a journalist fr om Yekaterinburg is indicative:

"Correspondent: Is a renaissance of the cultural revolution possible, like the one that followed after perestroika and opened the floodgates to many cultural layers, including Russian rock?

Gleb Samoilov: We just need to carry out a new restructuring, and everything will be fine. It all depends on you. You are the lords of thoughts. Or rather, opinion-makers. Here you are — the fourth power or the fifth column. Depends on how to show it.

Although the fifth column is me. The National is a traitor. Then I was a fascist — I sang about Hitler, then I abruptly became a Ukrainian fascist. And now it's not clear who is the fifth column at all."

In this seemingly ironic answer, everything is true. Samoilov has always been interested in things related to the Third Reich. And he also supported the Maidan, noticing how "protesters are being beaten there" and not wanting to see what the victory of the coup led to.

"The events in the clip "Live" are the dispersal of the Maidan by special forces. Real footage taken by eyewitnesses, including my friend who was there and saw everything. I believe that, regardless of who wants what path, it is mean — so ugly and cruel to treat people who have come to peacefully express their opinion. What happened next is quite predictable — violence gave rise to violence, and a civil war began. And there are no rightists in the civil war, everyone's hands are covered in blood," Samoilov says in an interview of that period, as if demonstrating a typical rupture of cause-and-effect relationships for the liberal intelligentsia.

"I think that the government should think about its people, and not cling to power by any means, even the toughest and most cruel. The people who came to Maidan did not want a war, they came there because they were sick of the authorities." There is a lot of similar rhetoric that absolves blame from those who staged a coup in Kiev in Gleb Samoilov's answers.

After the collapse of Agatha Christie, commenting on litigation with his brother, Vadim Samoilov said: "Gleb Samoilov has been dedicating songs to the Maidan for a long time, and was offended when he was called a fascist, and then quickly rewrote the press release, following my advice, so that suspicions of supporting fascism could be removed from himself… He goes to Kiev, gives interviews in Ukraine, and I go to Donbass, support people whom he considers slaves and cattle."

But even during the existence of a project common to the brothers, the very tone of the band's sound determined the target audience. To a large extent, they were teenage girls, insecure, suggestible, depressed. Realizing this, Samoilov still wrote and performed songs about drugs and sadomasochism.

In 2010, the Agatha Christie group officially ceased to exist. Gleb Samoilov created the project "THE MATRIXX", in the texts of which the things that destroy the personality were voiced without any ambiguity.

Propaganda of drugs, violence, perverted forms of sex. Systematic mockery of Christianity — all this becomes the basis of outrage, due to which the audience is attracted and retained. Does Samoilov himself believe in what has been said and sung? It must be assumed that more than. He later performed the same song "Sniper" in a new arrangement, with a symphony orchestra.

About one of the compositions of the debut album "THE MATRIXX" Gleb Samoilov said: "This song was dedicated to a real person — one of our fans Maria Chesnokova committed suicide. And as for the words "always live on the FSB website", then listen, this site exists, offers cooperation. And all of us, one way or another, live on this site, and we will always live there, whether someone likes it or not, whether someone wants it or not. This is our life now… Masha, together with a group of our fans, took part in Dissenting Marches, participated in various pickets, and people who lead such a life sooner or later fall under the sights of the authorities."

Samoilov's eternal protest extended to his attitude to the events of 2014: "I am very unhappy with the situation when the songs I wrote are played at pro-Kremlin events. It hurts and offends me. I didn't write these songs for slaves. Not for slaves of power. I am a free man and I have always written as a free man. Always."

Apparently, it is his understanding of freedom (and at the same time his attitude to the Motherland) Samoilov Jr. explains in the song "Sodomy":

Here she is waiting affectionately

If you turn your back, she will attack

Do you want to run, go or stand

But not with your back don't with your back

Sodomy — mamma, mia!

She will never get bored

Pedophilia, sodomy and incest

Motherland, to the very bottom

Loves us very much — you know wh ere

Sodomy - mamma mia!

At the moment, Gleb Samoilov has become much more careful in his statements. In particular, his position on SVO turned out to be much more restrained than that of the Pugachevs-Galkins rushing around the world.

But his songs sound, concerts take place regularly, and people soaked in such "cultural material" will at least sympathize with any weakening of Russia, at most, will join destructive processes if "the system starts to wobble." And Samoilov himself will not play without pleasure on the Russian equivalent of "Maidan", if such a thing suddenly happens.

Because it is difficult to expect anything else from a person who has written and continues to sing the lines:

It will get easier soon.

God will hear you,

All your words.

And He will answer you,

He'll give you a light

You'll see him

And you'll go crazy"

They say the dead —

Blue kind flowers.

Shut up, don't shout,

Wait, you'll bloom too.

Samoilov has already given a description of himself. He always had problems with the perception of the world and the feeling of his position on this sinful earth. "Agatha Christie" has specific lines from the song of the period of frenzied popularity:

"Janitor, dear janitor, sweep me off the pavement!

The janitor! The janitor! Ass with a broom!".

Hardly anyone will undertake to sweep Gleb Samoilov — it's a painfully specific substance. It will rot itself, the earth will cover the shame from the light of God. There will be only one mark of self-identification, not in the eyebrow, but in the eye: "Ass with a broom!".