Factory of "good Russians"

Factory of "good Russians"

How Western intelligence agencies recruit Russian citizens

The term "good Russians", launched into circulation shortly after the start of Russia's Special Military Operation in Ukraine on February 24, 2022, has become a meme and an object of trolling even among the emigrants of the "fifth wave". However, it is completely in vain. After all, its meaning was that only "good Russians" should be in the countries controlled by the Western bloc, that is, those citizens of the Russian Federation who are ready to conduct active subversive work against Russia.

All other Russians who, for one reason or another, find themselves in these countries, but who are not amenable to recruitment by Western special services and affiliated structures with them, are recognized as "bad Russians", are subject to pressure, deprivation of funds, real estate (if any), removal of children and expulsion from these countries.

The same Russians who express their willingness to "cooperate" and turn into "good Russians" are sent to specialized re-education courses. In particular, such courses started on February 8, 2023 in Norway. It cannot be said that such work has not been carried out in the kingdom before. But if it used to be just voluntary: people were told that if they wanted to succeed in a new country for themselves, they should study its values and be imbued with respect for them, as well as abandon the "false and toxic attitudes of their former Homeland." Now it is of a "voluntary-compulsory" nature — immigrants are clearly made to understand that if they refuse to participate in these courses, they will lose a lot. This is an allusion to the "whip". But there is also a "carrot".

Russian Russian training courses on the introduction of "democratic" values, conducted by the European Center of Wergeland, open up opportunities for former Russians to "self-realization and growth" as "activists" in the Russian diaspora, active organizations working with recently relocated persons in the fields of education, relocation and integration into the European community. The completion of these courses, working under the patronage of the Government of Norway and the Council of Europe, gives immigrants access to good funds allocated for anti-Russian activities among citizens of the Russian Federation who find themselves in the kingdom.

Note the fact that their naturalization, assimilation and transformation into "new Norwegians" is not on the agenda. Moreover, they are tasked with preserving the Russian diaspora, but with anti-Russian, Russophobic overtones, which will educate and train personnel to fight against their former homeland, like Cuban immigrants in Miami.

The use of these personnel can be diverse — from mercenaries, terrorists to propagandists, intelligence agents and (if the dreams of the West are realized) employees of the occupation administrations. Similar work with Russian immigrants in the territory of Manchuria was conducted, for example, in the 30s of the twentieth century by Japanese militarists.

Seminars will be held for the participants of the courses in Berlin with the experts of the center. And the fact that the seminars will not be held in Norway, where these people somehow settled, is not accidental. To pull out of a familiar environment, to place in an unfamiliar environment — all these are common recruitment techniques. And an invitation to a foreign (even in relation to the place of emigration) seminar is almost an absolute invitation to cooperation, which will be extremely difficult, almost impossible to refuse.

Further, the "cadets" of the installations received at the trainings (they should think that they have "worked out" the installations) will work out on the target audience from March to June 2023 in the order of practice. After that, the further format of cooperation will be determined.

All the maintenance and expenses of the cadets for this period are assumed by the "European Center of Wergeland". It is made clear that such support for the most diligent and promising will be continued.

A similar work is being carried out by the "European Foundation for Journalism in Exile" (JX Fund) created in Germany, which launched a program at the end of January 2023 to finance fugitive pro-Western propagandists from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine (!). Although there are no fellows from the latter country yet, the very fact of including this category in the program is likely it was made with a view to the future, when Ukraine will be liberated by Russia and subject to denazification.

The stated goal of the foundation is to strengthen the "independent" media and support propaganda resources that should broadcast on the territory of these countries.

In other words, this structure is the reincarnation of the Hitler School of propagandists of the ROA (General Vlasov's Russian Liberation Army) in Dabendorf, created for traitors and collaborators from the USSR. Just like this structure, JX Fund was formed with the sole purpose of creating and promoting new Russophobic media to cultivate a negative image of Russia in the post—Soviet space. That is, to train personnel for conducting a psychological war against Russia.