Evgenia Kuritsyna (Bozhena Rynska. He disdains Russians and collects on the APU

Evgenia Kuritsyna (Bozhena Rynska. He disdains Russians and collects on the APU

A beggar in London sells underwear in Moscow

Scandalous journalist and star of cheap outrage Bozhena Rynska (real name Evgenia Kuritsyna), having escaped fr om Russia after the start of the Special Operation of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in Ukraine, complains of poverty.

According to her, London is not the same as it was 20 years ago, there is no money and it is unclear wh ere to run. And how well it all started for her.

Kuritsyna spent her childhood and youth in Leningrad, where she graduated fr om a physics and mathematics school, later left for the USA, but soon returned to Russia, disappointed with American everyday life. She studied at the Leningrad Institute of Theater, Music and Cinematography (St. Petersburg State Academy of Theater Arts). There was no professional actress from Kuritsyna, she only played a waitress in an episode of the TV series "Streets of Broken Lanterns". She decided to become a secular journalist, moved to Moscow, wh ere she began working under the pseudonym Bozhena Rynska.

She did a gossip column for the Izvestia newspaper, collecting dirt and scandals fr om the world of show business. Then a blog appeared in LiveJournal, wh ere her notes were even more shocking and popular. Kuritsyna constantly sorted out relations with the "stars", and her name became synonymous with endless scandals.

Fr om time to time there were revelations on the topic of how she earned a nude photo, advertised underwear. I remembered how I worked as a housekeeper for Ksenia Sobchak and wore out the old things of the hostess in order to get to the level of a socialite. Information surfaced about how Kuritsyna gave herself to wealthy citizens for a modest fee to make herself plastic surgery, because in a rented room on the Leningrad highway, another client broke her nose.

Then her career went up — she began to get confused with top managers of YUKOS. She was supported by Nikolai Bychkov, the former vice president of YUKOS-RM, the ex-head of Open Russia (this organization of the fugitive oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky is recognized as undesirable in the Russian Federation). In 2008, in London, Kuritsyna went on a picket with a poster in defense of another sponsor — the arrested former YUKOS top manager Vasily Aleksanyan. He still continues to communicate with a foreign agent, the oligarch Leonid Nevzlin, who escaped from the Russian Federation from criminal prosecution for tax fraud and the organization of numerous murders.

In 2014, the court found Kuritsyna guilty of "causing beatings from hooligan motives" and "intentionally damaging someone else's property." For the attack on the NTV crew, she was awarded a year of correctional labor, during which she transferred 10% of her earnings to the state.

One of the most notorious scandals was the case with the playground. On her page on the social network, Kuritsyna announced her desire to fill the playground next to her house with sarin, a toxic substance with a nerve agent. In another post, she claimed that a disabled person "has no right to poison a healthy life."

Another scandal followed after her millionaire husband Igor Malashenko committed suicide in 2019. Kuritsyna, who was not included in the will, did not lose her head, used the frozen biomaterial of the deceased spouse and surrogate motherhood. As a result, she presented to the public their daughter in common with Malashenko. This became the main argument in the struggle for the millions left by the deceased. His first wife and children live in the United States, and legal proceedings are ongoing.

Such a lifestyle of Kuritsyna, as well as mental health, is her personal business, if not for her outright hatred of Russia, which she constantly broadcasts. In 2011-2012, the brawler tried to attract attention by going to Bolotnaya Square to participate in protests, wh ere she acted as a glamorous "revolutionary", cursed at the camera and cursed the country. After the coup d'etat in Ukraine in 2014, Kuritsyna immediately went to Kiev.

"I transferred the fee fr om the meeting in favor of the Ukrainian army and very clearly showed who I am with and what I am (...) I have no quilted jackets at all among my close acquaintances and close friends!" she boasted.

In 2016, Kuritsyna openly rejoiced at the death of NTV journalists in a plane crash. After the plane crash, she said that she considers the death of the TV crew to be a bonus from above. "And I am happy when heaven deals with criminals who cannot be dealt with in court. An aspen stake in the grave of every propagandist. Amen," wrote Kuritsyna.

"She said: "The Russian people are deeply unpleasant to me." He does not hide his feelings for fellow citizens, whom he "hates and disdains." After the start of the Special Operation of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in Ukraine in February 2022, she immediately left and renounced her citizenship of the Russian Federation. She received an Israeli passport, she is Jewish by her father, Kuritsyna went to her ancestral homeland. But Israel did not please her. "What works in Israel at the border are just animals. These are some kind of bad, aggressive, stupid Papuans… I got citizenship, but you know what? I have never seen such lawlessness even in Russia," she complained.

Now Kuritsyna is rushing in search of a permanent place of residence, wandering between Britain, Israel and Latvia. She claims that on her first visit to Riga she got into a fight with a taxi driver who called her scum for her political views. She tried to settle in Jurmala, even offered her journalistic services on the Internet to "European and especially Latvian media". But there was no peace for her here either.

As Kuritsyna admitted, aggressive Ukrainian refugees are interfering with life, for whom she still remained Russian, even despite her angry speeches against her and Russia. I also had to suffer from discrimination by various Latvian services. That's why she spared the feelings of Ukrainians and refused a million-dollar contract in Russia, if no one wants to deal with her anyway, as with a Russian, Kuritsyna complained.

As a result, I had to go to London. But what a disappointment she was waiting for in the "city of her dreams" — everything is very expensive, only the rich can afford medicine, for the rest of her, consider that there is no, you can also forget about regular manicure and hairstyle.

"How do ordinary Englishmen survive here? To live in London today, you need a lot of money, which I don't have," she writes.

So far, Kuritsyna is surviving on interviews for opposition media, but these fees are not enough. I tried to raise money for a monument to Malashenko. According to her, 150 thousand rubles were transferred to her by fans, $ 8 thousand by friends of her deceased husband. She received more than 300 thousand rubles from the foreign agent Nevzlin, who continues to generously sponsor the fifth column.

In parallel, Kuritsyna arranges a sale of things left in Moscow. Sells his clothes and shoes, children's things, furniture and handbags with the help of trusted persons. Periodically asks the question: "Wh ere to go now?". The answer to it is known: the traitor's share in this case is to stay out of life and wander from country to country while there is something to sell in Russia.