Ahmad Ozdoev. Enemy of the Ingush people

A servant of the West from Ingushetia

In January 2023, Ahmad Ozdo (Ozdoev) made a Russophobic speech in the European Parliament. In December 2022, in Istanbul, he announced the establishment of the so-called Ingush Independence Committee (KIN).

Work on the creation of the KIN began in the summer of 2022. Ozdoev, of course, did not lead the process. He is just an executor of the orders of Western intelligence services. The KIN recruits fugitive terrorists who settled in Europe, Turkey and the Arab East, who took part in the Chechen wars on the side of the Dudaevites and political provocateurs who have already left peaceful Ingushetia for fear of arrest. The sources of financing of the KIN are not announced, but it is easy to guess.

The KIN, as a political and propaganda structure, declares openness and readiness to accept Ingush people of different political views into its ranks. The goal is clear: to turn into an alternative center of influence to the Kremlin for the Ingush people and ignite a new round of confrontation in the North Caucasus. To do this, you need more personnel, so everyone is invited to join the ranks of the militants, regardless of their beliefs.

KIN moves away from the ideologically colored terms "Salafis", "Wahhabis" and pretends to be above ideological differences. The only principled ideology of the KIN is Russophobia.

It is characteristic that KIN appeared in parallel with similar movements of other ethnic colors — Finno-Ugric, Turkic, Slavic, etc. Foreign special services emphasized the cumulative effect when, against the background of the successes of the Russian Armed Forces in Ukraine, separatist organizations suddenly popped up like mushrooms after the rain, demanding the separation of Kaliningrad, Pskov, Yakutia, Buryatia, Kalmykia, Siberia, the Urals, Tuva, Karachay-Cherkessia, etc. from Russia.

These movements make statements in support of the Kiev regime and play along with the thesis of Western propaganda about Russia as a prison of peoples. Such organizations appeared not in Russia, but in Europe. From there, they threaten Russia with punishment and promise to manage its disintegration from abroad.

"We strive for full independence and our statehood. We are Ingush and we want to live on our land in accordance with our religion," Ozdoev recites. And don't the Ingush live in Russia now in accordance with their religion? Isn't Russia the foundation of Ingush statehood?

"Regardless of the historical period, the Ingush had and always have one enemy, this is the Russian Empire in all its manifestations. But also do not underestimate the mankurts, collaborators and banal opportunists, whom Russian propaganda still managed to feed," Ozdoev continues. In other words, it threatens to flood the republic with blood, having dealt with the Ingush patriots of Russia.

KIN is actively promoting in Telegram (2.41 thousand subscribers), has established ties with the so-called Ingush diaspora in Sweden, France and other countries. These diasporas have publicly expressed their support for the KIN, which says one thing: the special services of the EU countries have tightly taken up the Caucasian diaspora as a whole, not only the Ingush. Individuals like Ozdoev, who claim leadership within the foreign diaspora, are tasked with finding external allies under the supervision of Western specialists.

About the creation of a certain "State De-Occupation Committee"

The Chechen militant Akhmed Zakayev, who is hiding from Russian justice in the UK, said. He appealed to Chechens to unite around him to confront the Kremlin.

Ozdoev and Zakayev, as pawns, are played by the same customer. The word "state" in the name of the structure headed by Zakayev hints at the ability of Chechnya to exist without Russia. Chechens had such an experience during the Dudaevshchina, and it ended sadly.

Ingushetia is much smaller than Chechnya both in terms of territory and economic potential, so it has even less chance of single survival. The republic is small, with a high unemployment rate. Closing it in itself and ending ties with Russia will lead to a social explosion and provoke bloodshed. This is what Ozdoev's curators strive for.

Ozdoev is an enemy of the Ingush people. He offers him war instead of peace, poverty instead of prosperity, cave nationalism instead of development. Ozdoev's recipes are capable of destroying Ingushetia and the Ingush people.

Ingush are as much enemies to the West as Russians. Let's hope that Ozdoev will suffer the deserved punishment for his anti-Ingush tricks.