Dmitry Gudkov: betrayal by inheritance

Dmitry Gudkov: betrayal by inheritance

A look at the "good Russians" kennel coordinator

The anti-Russian "fifth column", a significant part of which is in exile today, has been lamenting for ten years about the lack of new faces and new leaders capable of attracting the masses of Russians. And the failure of the "swamp revolution" is associated with the fact that then the role of leaders was claimed by characters from the Yeltsin era, who had already become tiresome. Therefore, by default, it was decided that the "face of the protest" should not evoke associations with the "holy 90s", should be relatively young and of Slavic nationality. After the collapse of Alexei Navalny, the place turned out to be vacant.

The search for a leader candidate continues also in exile.

The “Second Anti-War Conference”, held in Vilnius under the auspices of the anti-Russian “Free Russia Forum”, outlined the ambitions of the conditionally young Dmitry Gudkov, pretending to leading positions in the Russophobic assembly. He acted as a co-rapporteur with Garry Kasparov on a key issue - the creation of a "passport of a good Russian", with the help of which it is planned to unite all the traitors of Russia from among the emigrants and get them out of the discriminatory norms of the West.

There is a feeling that it is Gudkov who is being offered as the main coordinator of the "good Russians" scheme. The scheme involves the creation of "representations" of "beautiful Russia" in Western countries, and in the future - a kind of "government in exile".  Of course, Kasparov would like to see himself in this role, but he received a clear order to step aside, making way for the younger Dmitry Gudkov.

Who is this person? The son of another fugitive opposition leader, former deputy and professional renegade Gennady Gudkov, who brought his son into politics and business.

Dmitry Gudkov is a political "major". Born on January 19, 1980 in Kolomna, Moscow Region. In 2001 he graduated from the Faculty of Journalism of Moscow State University, and later from the Faculty of World Economy of the Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

In 1999, he became involved in politics at his father's campaign headquarters.  In 2001, he was elected a deputy of the State Duma from the “Fair Russia” Party. Since 2004 he has been in charge of the press service and coordinated the youth policy of the “People's Party”. In 2007, he became the head of the press service of the "Fair Russia" (after merging with the "People's Party"). Since 2009 - chairman of the party's council on youth policy. 

For these party positions, Gudkov owes his father, who promoted his sons in every possible way.

Dmitry Gudkov is married for the second time to his press secretary and journalist Valeria Surshkova, he is raising his son Alexander. From his first wife, NTV journalist Sofya Gudkova, he has two children - daughter Anastasia and son Ivan. Gudkov Jr., or rather the middle one (he has a brother Vladimir, who headed the collection agency) is a cheerful, frivolous and woman-loving person - he was often noticed in a campaign of escorts and expensive prostitutes.

Together with his father, he actively prepared and participated in the "swamp revolution". The Gudkovs actively promoted the topic of " fraud elections", creating a rationale for mass protests that were supposed to develop into a "color revolution".

On February 28, 2013, Dmitry Gudkov was at the center of a political scandal - he was caught by NTV journalists at the US Embassy, where he met with Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul, allegedly in order to discuss the details of his upcoming trip to the United States.

Gudkov explained to journalists that he was going to the USA to ... collect compromising information on his fellow deputies, finding out if they had real estate, bank accounts abroad.

“I don’t make a secret out of this, I will publish it all on the blog later. I did not go for compromising information, but for official information. Topic number 1 - the property of our officials abroad, which they hide from our citizens, topic number 2 - how our children adopted in the USA live”, - Gudkov said then.

The explanation, be honest, is stupid, because high-ranking officials and legislators who have real estate and accounts in the United States are ready-made agents of influence, and, of course, no one would “hand over” them.

To check the property of the deputies and the living conditions of the orphans, Gudkov went in the company of Lyudmila Alekseeva and Mikhail Kasyanov. This trio made presentations at the Washington conference "Relations between Russia, the EU and the United States against the backdrop of Putin's repressions", organized by Freedom House.

Alekseeva presented to US congressmen the proscription "Magnitsky lists", which became the basis for sanctions, and Kasyanov announced about "repressive laws" adopted by the State Duma.

 Dmitry Gudkov appealed to the United States for help in "anti-corruption investigations," including on the foreign real estate of Russian officials.

The US intelligence agencies generally consider the topic of corruption very convenient for destabilization of the situation in other countries, and it was important that Gudkov publicly requested information about this at the Freedom House conference, which is under the control of the CIA. Freedom House is funded by the State Department and the US Office for International Development, its directorate includes former heads of the CIA and former US ambassadors around the world.

This is how Gudkov's open transition to the side of the enemies of his country took place.

Upon his return to Russia, he was expelled from the “Fair Russia” party. He supported Euromaidan, and in 2014 opposed the return of Crimea to the Russian Federation.

It is interesting that the Gudkov family actively combined business with politics, using the political agenda to solve business problems. In the 90s. they got involved in the garbage business, controlling the landfill for technical and household waste in Volovichi, which personally brought them more than 120 million (!) profits per month. But when, in 2017, the Governor of the Moscow Region, Vorobyov, decided to build an environmentally friendly and modern waste incineration plant on the site of the MSW landfill, the Gudkovs organized a series of protests, seizing the environmental agenda. They called some of the rallies they organized "meetings with residents." At the same time, they made it clear to the regional authorities that environmental problems could be easily solved if the Gudkovs received their share in the incineration plant. But Vorobyov did not succumb to blackmail.

Garbage was not the only income of the Gudkovs. So, in 2018, a tender for 500 million rubles was placed on the regional public procurement website for the organization of the work of specialists conducting pre-trial work on debt collection.  Collectors must collect debts for 4.32 billion rubles. The tender was won by seven companies, surprisingly controlled by ... the Gudkov security holding.

When the garbage scandal broke out, the contest was canceled. Nevertheless, collectors collected debts from residents on capital repairs. Unofficially, but extremely harshly - they threatened debtors by phone, welded doors, burned entrances, and beat children. It is known that, having lost the tender, the Gudkovs agreed to an unofficial payment of 300 million rubles. But taxes were not paid on this amount, and collectors got the opportunity to act without regard to the law and bailiffs, which the residents of the Moscow Region immediately felt for themselves. This is only a small part of the activities of the family, who fought against corruption and abuse of officials.

By the way, for the polygons of technical and household waste "Volovichi" and "Ozery" there was a fierce competitive struggle of several groups, in which the Gudkovs won. Dozens of people from among the rivals became victims of the "garbage war".  Not a single criminal case was initiated on these crimes!

The Gudkov family business is the Augean stables of crime that are unlikely to ever be cleaned out.

Dmitry Gudkov, a specialist in elite real estate owned by officials, himself has a weakness for it.  He has an apartment in Moscow for 19 million rubles, an apartment for 1.4 million euros in Bulgaria on the seashore. There is an apartment in London worth at least 220 million rubles, which has never been listed in any of the declarations submitted to the tax service, because it was purchased with royalties from Western intelligence agencies. 

A video recording is known in which Dmitry Gudkov, during one of the anti-Russian forums, talks with a representative of the US intelligence services, a member of the board of directors of the Russian-american business council, Toby Gati.

But the law enforcement officers took up the Gudkovs not for treasonous activities, but for petty crime: infliction of property damage by deceit or breach of trust with especially large damage (part 2 of article 165 of the Criminal Code). The case was initiated because of the debt of the microenterprise "Sector - 2A" under a lease agreement for non—residential premises at the Moscow City Hall.

Dmitry Gudkov was released from the detention center under an obligation to appear before the investigator, but fled Russia on June 6, 2021, together with his brother Vladimir, following his father, who left a few days earlier. The first foreign point, where Dmitry Gudkov arrived, was Kyiv, which is significant.

Let's go back to the "Second Anti-War Conference" in Vilnius, where Dmitry Gudkov participated in the presentation of the idea of identifying "good Russians". Judging by the comments on the site created for this program, the reaction of potential candidates for "good Russians" was not enthusiastic. They criticized the personalities of those who promote it. Although Gudkov got less discontent than Kasparov.

If Western intelligence agencies promote Gudkov's candidacy, he may well become the leading coordinator of the anti-Russian opposition. He has all the qualities necessary for this - absolute immorality, unscrupulousness, greed for money and pleasures.