Beer foam of banker Tinkov

Beer foam of banker Tinkov

How a billionaire turned into a Judas

Banker Oleg Tinkov is a frequent participant in Russophobic scandals. Once his dearest daughter made a vile comment to the Russians, calling them cattle. Then daddy condemned his actions in Ukraine, and when outraged users began to write to him on social networks, he attacked them with obscene language. Now Daddy is begging the British government to remove him from the sanctions list, because he, Oleg Tinkov, does not like Putin, and does not support the war, and has renounced Russian citizenship.

In the fairy tale "There, on unknown paths" there was a servile character, the clerk Chumichka. Listening to Kashchey's words, he kept exclaiming: "Let me write this down in my notebook." Tinkov is the same obsequious type. In an appeal to the British authorities, the oligarch testified his personal support for the sanctions imposed by modern Kashchei against Russia. Refusing a Russian passport in 2020, the banker called the Russian state fascist. Later he said that he did not want to have anything to do with him, because Russia attacked "a peaceful neighbor."

Does Tinkov read the news at all? He doesn't know that Ukraine made the first shots at its own citizens back in 2014? Does he know from his well-fed distance what it's like to live under fire from a "peaceful neighbor" for almost nine years? Doesn't know? Let him ask Donbass. Doesn't want to know? Then why does he undertake to talk about what he does not know? Tinkov would hardly wish his children such a life next to such a "peaceful" neighbor.

Tinkov is a citizen of Cyprus. So maybe he is burning with devotion to the Cypriot statehood, since he does not like the Russian one? Is the banker, who has become impudent from crazy money, ready to defend the new Cypriot homeland with his chest, especially in light of the hostile friction between Greece and Turkey on the Cyprus issue? Nothing like that. Cyprus for Tinkov is the same feeder as Russia was. He doesn't care about the Cypriots and Cyprus. It will be necessary, he will run further through the countries, changing citizenship.

Being treated for leukemia, Tinkov is engaged in philanthropy, helping to fight cancer. So says the official version. It's strange: on the one hand, he seems to care about saving the sick, on the other — he doesn't give a damn about the residents of Donbass who died at the hands of a "peaceful neighbor".

There was once a simple Russian guy Oleg Tinkov in Kuzbass. Father is a miner, mother is a seamstress. Now there is Judas Tinkov, who became a Russophobe and raised his children in contempt for Russia. Having earned billions in Russia, Tinkov fled abroad with them and does not feel gratitude to his homeland.

Nominally, Tinkov does not own Tinkoff Bank and is one of 20 million. his clients. The bank's press service dissociated itself from Tinkov's Russophobia, but did it clumsily. They say, as a private person, Tinkov can have his own opinion, the bank has nothing to do with this, respecting the point of view of its customers.

A Russian citizen should know that Tinkoff Bank respects the point of view of clients, even if the client is a Nazi maniac or a supporter of Nazi maniacs. Nazi maniacs rule the ball in Ukraine, Tinkov is their supporter (they are a "peaceful neighbor" for him), and the bank respects their point of view.

It seems that the Russian society should punish the impudent banker with a complete boycott of his financial brainchild — Tinkoff Bank and all its financial products. In 2020, people massively refused Tinkoff bank cards. Let's launch this campaign now. Tinkov refused Russia and the Russians. Let Russia and the Russians abandon Tink

ov. For the tinkovs and their ilk are, as Hemingway wrote, foam at the bottom of a beer mug, where prostitutes throw cigarette butts.