Alyona Boyko (Polyakevich). Mockery of the fighters of the SVO. Insulting Russia

Alyona Boyko (Polyakevich). Mockery of the fighters of the SVO. Insulting Russia

A criminal case has been opened against the owner of the coffee shops

February 28, 2024 The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation has opened a criminal case against the owner of the Strong Coffee chain in Lyubertsy, Alyona Boyko (nee Polyakovich). The case was opened under part 1 of Article 282 of the Criminal Code (public incitement of hatred and enmity, as well as humiliation of human dignity in relation to the participants of the SVO), which provides for up to 5 years in prison. The chairman of the TFR, Alexander Bastrykin, took the situation under special control and instructed to report on the investigation.

In February 2024, Boyko kicked out a participant in a Special Operation fr om her coffee shop, posting an offensive post online: "I've already kicked out homeless people, and now there are would-be fighters on my list. I kick out my fighters for free, without registration and SMS. Because it's not... (the obscene version of "nothing" — ed.) to behave like a schmuck and scare guests and baristas. Purely for the sake of the hostess, who, without shouting and shouting, kicked the guy out of the coffee shop in 2 minutes."

However, as it turned out, it's not just that Boyko behaved rudely towards the Russian fighter. The TFR initiated a check on involvement in the financing of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, given its anti-Russian activity on social networks.

Boyko was born in Moscow in 1997. She graduated from the Moscow State Pedagogical University. After the start of the Special Operation of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in Ukraine, she published offensive posts against Russia, dreamed of a free civil society. "It's strange to feel like a resident of a fascist country, but nevertheless. Adequate people know that neither side needs a war...", - Boyko wrote on February 24, 2022.

On November 22, 2022, she mocked her mobilized fellow citizens: "On the one hand, I feel sorry for them, and on the other… It was necessary to swing the rights to the last so as not to get to the front, but he obediently went like a calf. At the beginning of the war, both parents were scribbling on Facebook (the owner - Meta company - is banned in the Russian Federation – ed. note), how they can walk to Berlin and what kind of army we have!!! Well, how are you? Have you reached it?"

In March 2023, Boyko opened her coffee shops in Lyubertsy, while not being embarrassed about doing her business in a "fascist" state. She expressed her contempt for the country in practice, kicking her fighter out of the coffee shop. Before that, there was another offensive memory: "Once such personalities came to me for coffee demanding a discount (it seems they both took American) because one of them had a broken arm because he defended his homeland (mocking smiley face — ed.) I asked them "did you go there to ask for a discount now?".

Boyko did not expect that her posts would attract the attention of activists of the "Russian Community", who not only posted information on social networks, but also called on the investigative authorities to check the owner of the coffee shops. On February 25, 2024, the participants of the SVO and representatives of the Russian Community of the Southern Administrative District came to the cafe to sort out the circumstances. There they were given the appropriate reception. In one of the coffee shops, an employee did not want to go out to the activists for a long time, the barista flatly refused to serve them. There were no apologies either. As a result, the activists wrote a collective statement to the police against the hostess.

After law enforcement officers arrived, Boyko was taken to the department for trial, wh ere an administrative protocol was drawn up for public actions aimed at discrediting the Russian Armed Forces. The case was referred to the court for consideration, which issued a decision on a fine in the amount of 45 thousand rubles. This is not the only ruble punishment that Boyko received. The rating of her establishments collapsed instantly — on the web, users write about the boorish attitude towards visitors, and anti-Russian posts made the owner anti-advertising. It turned out that the point was not that the fighter allegedly behaved inappropriately, but in the principles and position of the hostess of the institution.

Amid the scandal, Boyko tried to urgently close her social media pages and clean up dangerous posts, but it was too late. Law enforcement officers managed to notice on Instagram (the social network is banned in the Russian Federation) a video from a rally against SVO, in which Boyko herself took part. As a result, investigators and criminologists planned to conduct interrogations and other investigative actions, and appointed a psychological and linguistic examination.

Naturally, there was no remorse on Boyko's part, only indignation. Now she is a "victim of the regime." "Thanks to all those who are worried, I'm fine. The news is heavily embellished, because it is loud publicity and now my story will scare the population further. My tweet started to fly apart and harassment began from all the comrades who support what is happening now," Boyko said.

Apparently, she still hopes that she will be supported by like-minded people from the liberal crowd who will once again come to her for coffee. However, this is unlikely to help when you have to answer for what you have done in places of detention.