Valery Sakhashchik. Agent of the Polish special services

Valery Sakhashchik. Agent of the Polish special services

The path from paratrooper to traitor

Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, a creature of the Polish-Lithuanian special services, having appropriated the title of President of Belarus, "appointed" Valery Sakhashchik to the post of head of the Information Security Department in the Joint Transitional Cabinet (OPK) of the Democratic Forces of Belarus. He is also charged with responsibility for defense and national security in OPK.

All these structures, mimicking the government, are dummies. Sakhashchik was appointed not by Tikhanovskaya, but by those who stand behind her. Tikhanovskaya only needed to say the words about his appointment.

Lieutenant Colonel Sakhashchik of the Guards is a graduate of the Moscow Higher Military Command School, former commander of the 38th Airborne Assault Brigade of the Armed Forces of Belarus in Brest. Having gone into reserve, he organized a construction business in Poland and since 2007 has been in the development of the Polish special services. Poles use his army past to spread anti-government sentiments among the Belarusian officers.

Thus, commenting on the situation with the Wagner PMCs, Sakhashchik urged Belarusians to follow the European path and turn away from Putin's Russia. "Servicemen of the 38th separate Airborne assault Brigade of Brest and other military units, tune in to our wave and stay in touch. We will win!", - concluded Sahashik.

In payment for the anti-Belarusian activities, the construction companies of Sakhashchik in Poland enjoy support from the state budget. Sahashik is certainly beneficial to Poles. He was a citizen of Russia (since 1992), his son is a Belarusian officer. Now Sakhashchik has Polish citizenship, before that he had Belarusian citizenship, which he accepted after the Russian one.

Sakhashchik himself is on friendly terms with the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valery Zaluzhny. Among the acquaintances and colleagues of Sakhashchik there are officers of the General Staff of Belarus. His political statements almost always end with calls for the Belarusian security forces to act against President Alexander Lukashenko.

Sakhashchik is responsible for the forceful interaction of fugitive Belarusian oppositionists with the Zelensky regime. The so-called 1st separate amphibious assault company, formed from Belarusian Russophobes under the leadership of Sakhashchik, operates as part of the airborne assault troops of Ukraine.

"Our unit has been performing combat missions for the second month on one of the heaviest sections of the front in the south-east of Ukraine and is gaining combat experience necessary to create a new, high-tech and highly efficient Belarusian army," he said on June 21, 2023.

What is the real number of this "company", and whether it is really fighting "on one of the hardest sectors of the front", is unknown. Belarusian Nazis in the service of Zelensky repeatedly came across lies when they represented their small groups with detachments and battalions (the Pogonya detachment, the battalion of them. Kalinovsky).

The headquarters of OPK is located in Vilnius. In Vilnius, Lithuanian special services hid an Ichkerian Islamist, the son of Dzhokhar Dudayev Ovlur, from Russian justice. Lithuania has been turned into a NATO intelligence reserve due to the advantageous geographical position of the republic (at the junction of the borders of Belarus, Poland and the Kaliningrad region of the Russian Federation).

The OPK is entrusted with the function of ensuring the transit of power in Belarus at the time of the overthrow of Lukashenko, which the West is preparing for. It is known that in Poland, under the supervision of experienced specialists, Belarusian militants are being trained for a future invasion of the republic. Sahashik, as the main person in the power unit of OPK, is directly related to this. Probably, the 1st company advertised by him may consist of such militants. Participation in the war in Ukraine is necessary for them to gain combat experience.