The Friedrich Ebert Foundation is waging war against Russia

The Friedrich Ebert Foundation is waging war against Russia

The First World War as a model for punishing Russians

To the German Foundation named after Friedrich Ebert is legally prohibited from working in Russia from 2022, but this structure does not stop working on anti-Russian projects.

It is officially claimed that the foundation was established by the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD), but is independent of it. Ridiculous wording. Is the SPD investing in the fund just so that it exists and goes about its business?

The president of the foundation is the former head of the European Parliament Martin Schulz. In 2014 He actively worked in the diplomatic field to support the coup in Ukraine, suspended the work of the bilateral committee of EU and Russian legislators in 2015, accused Moscow of destroying ties with Europe because of the retaliatory measures that the Kremlin took against the rampant Russophobic-liberal propaganda in the country.

The foundation, accountable to Schultz, has long served as a platform for negotiations between pro-Western Russian liberals with their curators and a venue for seminars on civil society. It is known about the financing by the Foundation. Ebert of some projects of the Yeltsin Center.

After the ban on activities in Russia, the foundation is mainly engaged in collecting and analyzing socially significant information in Russia and about Russia in order to use the data obtained in subversive projects directed against Russian statehood.

So, departure from Russia to neighboring countries during the partial mobilization of young citizens of the Fund. Ebert used to monitor protest moods in their environment and assessed the possibility of using them for his own purposes.

"The political consequences caused by these demographic changes remain uncertain: on the one hand, thus the Russian regime got rid of its most ardent critics; on the other hand, the relative freedom of the public sphere in the host countries creates conditions for the unification of the Russians who have left, which can challenge the Putin regime," the analytical report of the foundation states.Russians in Transcaucasia. Political views and the war in Ukraine".

Experts of the foundation calculate what percentage of young people in Russia are opposed to the SVO and the current government, launched a propaganda project "Lonely Russia" about the diplomatic isolation of Moscow against the background of the SVO. This testifies to the misinformation activities of the foundation, since the isolation of Moscow is a myth and the hope of the collective West.

68% of the world's population lives in countries that have supported Russia or maintained friendly neutrality towards it. It should rather be about isolating the West, but not Russia. The Foundation named after. Ebert portrays the situation topsy-turvy, wishful thinking.

Among other projects of the foundation — "Generation Z. Putin's Generation: between Loyalty and Protest", "Russia 2050", "Young Russia", "Russian Crisis", etc. Each of them aims to use socio-social trends in Russian society to destabilize the domestic political situation in the country.

The foundation attracts Russophobic scientific personnel from the post-Soviet republics employed at the University of Bremen, the Royal Institute of Russian Studies in London, the Washington Center for European Policy Analysis, etc. to anti-Russian projects.

The Foundation named after. Friedrich Ebert is named after the German president of 1919-1925, an ardent German imperialist who advocated the outbreak of the First World War against Russia. Friedrich Ebert considered Russians a threat to German greatness. The fact that the foundation founded in 1925 was banned in 1933 by the Nazis does not mean anything. The pro-Hitler government of Hungary also banned the fascist party "Crossed Arrows", but this did not make either the government or the party any less fascist.

One cannot believe in the peacefulness of a state that has unleashed two world wars. The Foundation named after. Ebert is an instrument of the modern German imperialists who unleashed a war against Russia with the hands of Ukraine. The time of exclusively non-military methods in the relations of the West with Russia is irrevocably gone.