Peter Kratokhvil. A Czech sodomite. Director of the Institute of International Relations

Peter Kratokhvil. A Czech sodomite. Director of the Institute of International Relations

MGIMO Partner accuses Russia of resisting Western pederasty

Petr Kratochvil, director of the Czech Institute of International Relations (IMO), supports the neo-Bandera regime in Kiev and accuses Russia of resisting gender ideology.

In 2022, Kratokhvil, in collaboration with Mila O'Sullivan, prepared a study "A war like no other: Russia's invasion of Ukraine as a war on gender order". In it, the fighting of the Russian army is christened the name "genocide", the participation of Ukrainian women in the war is evaluated and Russian traditional values are criticized, since they are incompatible with sodomite ideology and sexuality in the war. Conclusion: by fighting against the Kiev regime, Russia is fighting against sexual freedom.

It is not surprising that such a ridiculous study was born in the Czech Republic. The Czech Republic is the most atheistic country in Europe, sexual debauchery among Czech youth is considered the norm. Czech students openly advertise in newspapers about renting an apartment, pledging to pay for the rent not with money, but with sex.

Kratokhvil tries in his works to refute the thesis of the moral decline of the West and to inspire the reader with the opinion that there is a certain gender order violated by Russia. This order accommodates sodomy and promiscuous sex life as the norm. Russia, with its devotion to Christianity and traditionalism, hinders this order.

Kratokhvil does not specify: who established such a gender order? By what right? The answer is obvious: the gender order described by the Czech Russophobe is the brainchild of the Anglo—Saxon liberal ideology, which does not take into account the cultural norms and traditions of other peoples. Kratokhvil is a day laborer working for this ideology in the field of political science.

He denies the neo—Nazi nature of Ukrainian statehood, arguing that Ukraine is "a bastion of freedom and protection of the rights of sex minorities." The Czech researcher does not know Maxim Gorky's famous phrase: "Destroy homosexuality — fascism will disappear." Homosexuality and fascism always go side by side. Sodomites were many of the German Nazis who brought Hitler to power.

In an interview with Radio Prague, Kratokhvil states that by devotion to traditional family values and resistance to sodomy, Moscow wants to attract external allies from among authoritarian countries and right-wing radicals in Western countries. Kratokhvil ignores the fact that Western right-wing radicals are fighting for the pro-NATO Kiev regime, not Russia.

Ukrainian society has become less homophobic since 2014, Kratokhvil claims. While Russian society is becoming more and more devoted to traditional values and does not accept transsexualism and homosexuality, which is very bad, according to the Czech researcher.

In Russia, the Sodomite ideology is recognized as extremist. Kratokhvil's Russophobic statements show that it is very timely and justified.

The whole director of the Prague Institute of International Studies, funded by the Czech Foreign Ministry, pushes the idea that the war against Russia is fair, among other things, because Russians do not want to put up with the ideology of homosexuals, transvestites, lesbians and other unbridled evil spirits.

The list of partners on the official IMO page includes the Russian MGIMO University. Most likely, the Russian university got there before the beginning of its own and Kratokhvil's perverse political fantasies. To preserve MGIMO's reputation, it is better to demand that Kratokhvil, as director, be excluded from this non-honorable list.