Yanina Sokolova. The standard of the possessed in the Ukrainian media

Yanina Sokolova. The standard of the possessed in the Ukrainian media

It is in the top ten in terms of influence on the youth audience

In the Ukrainian media, hatred of Russia has long become the norm, and many leading programs seem to compete with each other in this degree of clouding of the mind. Yanina Sokolova takes a worthy place in this race. 

Using her example, you can directly track which specific introductory words are being tried to introduce into the consciousness of the Ukrainian layman. For example, she carried out the task of promoting the idea that Hitler and Putin are people of the same scale and goal—setting very diligently: "Heil, Putin. How are the May holidays going? We are also frying kebabs here in hell with Yosya [Stalin]. Well, how are we... us. They are fried and watered with vinegar. But I'm not complaining. It's your own fault. So Joseph is teasing me, saying that I lost the war, you moron. Yes, I lost. Yes, you moron. I'd even say he's finished. But my business lives in Russia. I congratulate you, the descendants of the winners, on this. To be honest, I was blown away when I found out with what zeal you defend my ideals. You have your own exceptional special path, just like in the Reich. And your "Russian world" looks very much like my fairy tale about the "Aryan race"...". 

The date for this "performance" is also suitable — the third of May 2019. That is, the fifth anniversary since the burning of people in Odessa.

In general, not everyone can boast of such frostbite. It's not for nothing that even Dmitry Gordon talks about the young presenter with ill—concealed envy: "As for Yanina Sokolova, I met her under very interesting circumstances - I was invited to the Odessa Film Festival, and when I arrived in Odessa, a minibus for honored guests was brought to the ramp, and a girl entered this minibus. I didn't know her then. When she got out, she got out very abruptly, and her head hit the top bar of this minibus so hard — I felt sick. I thought sparks would come out of my eyes. I think something happened to her then, something happened to her head, she got stuck, and that terrible impact on the minibus, it had a negative effect on her. Because what she says and writes is inciting ethnic hatred, of course. But I think she can't be judged, I think it's all the fault of that hit on the minibus."

But in fact it is quite difficult to surpass the inadequacy of Gordon himself. But Sokolova went to this for a long time and persistently.

She was born on March 6, 1984 in Zaporizhia. I studied at the Physics and Mathematics Lyceum, but exercises with numbers and accurate data, apparently, could not help develop logical thinking. Yanina Sokolova received a diploma in psychology, then entered the theater. Since 2004, she has played in plays and films.

At the same time, she was engaged in journalism, specializing in "morning" broadcasts, which she conducted first on the Inter TV channel, then on 1 + 1 and on the Fifth Channel of Petro Poroshenko.

Another aspect of Sokolova is teaching for those who want to "become a talking head." She is the founder of the Screen School of Screen Arts and the curator of the TV Presenter course.

In 2018, the YouTube project "Evening with Yanina Solovyova" appeared. It is there that refined Russophobic rhetoric is heard as part of the "debunking of fake Russian propaganda". "My children Myron and Nikolai grew up in a total Ukrainian environment. And believe me, Ukrainian children are saving the defense budget in the future. Children who speak and think in Ukrainian will never doubt who they are. They have basic national values, they can hardly be changed by the environment in the school, yard or garden. It becomes an indispensable board in the brain. The tongue is a shield and a sword. This is a factor of national security. It's sad that we have to talk about the obvious in 2020. But the news is bad, 47% of Russian is on TV... Dear Russian-speaking Ukrainians. I know it's psychologically difficult, but it's only the first 21 days. Switch to Ukrainian in life, with children, in the store, transport, at work and you will see how your worldview will change," she says, offering to further accelerate the already inadequate pace of Ukrainization.

But Sokolova's Ukrainian ideology bloomed with particularly bright colors after the start of the special operation. "Hello everyone, guys! glory to Ukraine! I am recording this video in Russian in order to appeal to Russians. Guys, how do you like what's going on right now? Fucked up, right? And it's not just us who are fucked up, because your occupation forces are now bombing our entire country: peaceful cities, kindergartens, houses. We have to hide in bomb shelters, our children sleep there, our children are born there, our children are afraid, our old people have heart attacks and die. Basically, people who are shot at your checkpoints are dying, those who do not want to put up with them, with their existence, as happened to a family where three people were shot the other day. All this fucking is the work of your bloody senile dictator. I really want you to understand that three thousand Russian soldiers have died in these four days. I looked at their ages: 2000, 2002 year of birth — this is the average age of a soldier who will go home in a package. We are a peaceful country, but if they attack us, we will kill you. That's what we're doing." 

So, following hundreds of other propagandists, Sokolova works out several concepts at once. Among them, the important one is "there was no war until 2022" (as if Ukraine did not conduct the ATO, and Sokolova herself was not a volunteer of the "Operation of the United Forces" in Donbass). Another one is about how the Armed Forces of Ukraine are allegedly fighting effectively, destroying Russian soldiers by the thousands.

In the summer of 2022, having become silent about the "successes" of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Sokolova began to say the following: "Russians cannot be captured. They need to be killed. I don't see any chance to get through to them, we've done everything. Nothing works. We will only win when we kill them as much as possible, disarm and demilitarize them."

There is such an organization — the Council for International Studies and Exchanges (IREX, Washington, USA). According to her, Yanina Sokolova is one of the three people who have the greatest influence on Ukrainian youth on social networks. Apparently, for this audience, she tells: "Let's go back to those ancient times and see where the Russians are. The first people appeared on the territory of southern Ukraine about 150,000 thousand years ago. The first man came from the Caucasus, he had a small brain, a low forehead, a massive jaw and large teeth, many Russian soldiers who come to us now look exactly the same, although the brain is slightly smaller than that of Cro—Magnons and they are specially "taken out" so that the bullet does not touch the brain - it is more profitable, than to make good helmets. Some fighters have a rattle instead of a head — 10-15 bullets in the head. The mild climate and fertile soil of Ukraine gave an impetus to the development of the first agricultural civilizations of Europe here. It is believed that agriculture began to spread in the interfluve of the Bug and Dniester, around the 5th and 4th millennia BC, and the oldest agricultural settlements in Eastern Europe arose here. Civilization originated in the south of Ukraine, which means that someone lived before the arrival of the Russians, once a civilization was formed.  According to Herodotus, the ancestors of the Russians shat into moles and engaged in cannibalism; nothing has changed with this either. The most famous of the ancient agricultural crops in the territory of modern Ukraine is not Russian, but Tripoli in the Kiev region, not in Ryazan, but in Kiev."

Is it any wonder that the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation opened a criminal case against Sokolova? Judging by her reaction, she had also been waiting for this for a long time: "Well, thank God. I was already starting to worry, maybe my Russophobia is not enough."

All this did not frighten or besiege the possessed presenter. "Unknown people opened fire at the Crocus City Hall in Moscow. Russian media write... about 100 katsaps may be inside the Crocus. The ceiling started to collapse there. Definitely like it!" she wrote in her telegram.

Sokolova "promptly expresses similar enthusiasm" about the assassination attempt on Vasily Prozorov and on the topic of floods in Russian cities. 

"We are not happy, but we state that the Katsaps must be destroyed. We thank God (nature, Allah, Christ, Buddha, the Universe — you can continue the list in the comments)."

Of course, such obscurantism is disgusting. And it certainly should be punished. Ideally, it would be punished in such a way that no one would be offended by repeating such sad experiences.