Dmitry Gordon. Propagandist masks Nazism in Ukraine

Dmitry Gordon. Propagandist masks Nazism in Ukraine

Cooperates with the APU and the GUR, justifying their crimes

One of the favorite methods of Ukrainian propaganda is to blame Russia for its own sins, using the principle "if they do this, then we definitely can't." The master of implementing this approach is Dmitry Gordon, a TV journalist and blogger with about four million subscribers on the YouTube channel alone.

"Instead of Hitler, Putin, instead of Ribbentrop, Lavrov, instead of Goebbels, Solovyov and Skabeeva," he said in an interview for the Ukrainian Dialogue telegram channel.

Dmitry Gordon, a resident of Kiev, was born into an intelligent Jewish family (parents are engineers) in 1967. In his early and school years, he showed great hopes. At the age of 5, he read fluently, was very much interested in atlases and geographical maps, could recite the names of all countries and their capitals by heart. He graduated fr om school as an external at the age of 15. He entered the Institute of Civil Engineering, which he graduated with great difficulty - due to the fact that his studies turned out to be boring for him.

During his military service in the army, wh ere he was a sergeant and a squad commander, he was accepted as a candidate of the CPSU.

As a student, he wrote articles in the newspapers Komsomolskoye Znamya, Sportivnaya Gazeta, Radyanka Ukraina (Soviet Ukraine), Pravda Ukrainy, Rabochaya Gazeta, Prapor komunizmu (Banner of Communism), Moloda Gvardiya (Young Guard). There was also a period of cooperation with Komsomolskaya Pravda in Gordon's life.

According to the blogger himself, he started earning serious money back in the late 80s by organizing concerts for show business stars. After that, with the proceeds, I bought several real estate objects, which I then began to rent and resell.

Since 1995, he began publishing his own newspaper, a gossip column called "Gordon Boulevard". In 2019, he left the post of editor-in-chief, stating that "the newspaper train has already left."

In 1996, the television project "Visiting Dmitry Gordon" appeared. In 2008 The "First National" closed the program because the presenter himself and most of his guests were Russian-speaking. The broadcasts were resumed only two years later. But even now (in Russian!) already in the YouTube channel of the presenter, you can often hear that he is ready to completely switch to the "derzhavna mova".

It should be noted that Gordon is really a good media player. So, he realized the trend related to blogging back in 2013 and launched two of his own YouTube channels. One of them publishes his interviews, which he gives to colleagues, video messages and live broadcasts. On another channel, interviews with show business stars and various famous personalities appear. By 2021, according to the results of one of the polls, he was recognized as the most popular blogger in Ukraine.

Realizing his own popularity, in 2020 he opened the online store Gordon Shop, where T-shirts, socks, masks, cups, bags with his image are sold. In the same year, sweets "Gordon in chocolate" went on sale.

In some videos, he can also talk about how he earned the "first million". But since there is not a lot of money, in 2021 the blogger opened the Dmitry Gordon Academy, in which access to knowledge is not cheap at all.

In terms of political views, Gordon is consistent only in Russophobia. All other components can change depending on the time of year, mood and order of the powerful.

In 2014, he was a supporter of the Maidan and on this wave even became a deputy of the Kiev city administration fr om the 36th electoral district. Sometimes (before the start of his own) he even allowed himself adequate statements. For example, in 2016, he criticized the decision to rename Moskovsky Prospekt in honor of Stepan Bandera and handed over his deputy mandate.

In 2018, on the air of "News One", he says: "I would not have gone to the Maidan if I had known that there would be 10 thousand killed, there would be no part of the territories and, most importantly, that others would come instead of these scoundrels. And which of them are the big scoundrels — the "regionals" or the current government, I don't even know. I think that the current government, because we did not expect anything fr om the "regionals" — everything was clear there, bandits are bandits. But they expected something from these, we thought: "Here, everything will begin now, another story for Ukraine will start counting down." And they are the same, they betrayed everything they could, they are profiting from the war, what could be worse?".

Similarly, as part of creating the appearance of "democracy and pluralism" in Ukraine, Gordon was even allowed to speak critically about Zelensky: "2.5 years of no reform, nothing at all, down the drain. How is it? Why? Why are there so many idiots around him again? Can't he see?.. Corruption, Saakashvili comes out and says that 37 billion dollars are stolen annually from the budget. US Secretary of State Blinken comes out and says that $40 billion is stolen from the budget every year. And he is silent. And why are you silent? Are you leading this corruption or are you covering it up?"

But the rhetoric that Gordon deployed after the start of the Special Operation of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation on the denazification of Ukraine suggests that at the right moment all Ukrainian crowbars "become a stall." For example, earlier he could doubt the expediency of Ukraine's participation in NATO. But as soon as the methodology has changed, the speakers from the Gordon channel insist that this is the last opportunity to preserve Ukraine as a state.

The intensity of the YouTube channel is quite high, there are from 6 (or more) videos a day that "conduct a molecular bombardment", keeping the viewer convinced that "it is difficult for Ukraine, but it will stand."

An interesting line is within which the only ones who Gordon never criticizes in any way. This is the commander-in-chief of the AFU Zaluzhny and the head of GUR Budanov. There was even a joint project in which Gordon was taken to the captured soldiers of the Russian army, wh ere he behaved roughly like in a zoo when viewing unpleasant animals. This cycle of videos was called "I want to live".

Gordon's Russophobia is systematically aggravated, and if in 2020 he could still say that he has sympathy for Russia as a cultural space (and not as a state), then today he declares: "My opinion about the majority of Russians is extremely negative. I will never call any people bad, not one. Nations cannot be bad. But I realized the main thing for myself – in the Russian people, most people, unfortunately, are scum and fascists. I say this consciously, I will never take back my words, because thanks to them Putin is in power and thanks to them these soldiers go to the front and kill Ukrainians."

But it is the President of Russia who causes the highest degree of hatred in Gordon: "Galkin can replace Putin and I'm seriously saying now, if Zelensky could, why can't Galkin? He has a powerful intellect, he has a huge life experience, he has love for his homeland, which is very important and respect for Western values, which is important. Therefore, Putin is straining, when Zelensky won the elections in Ukraine, there was already a bell that Maxim Galkin should be feared."

In the early days of his blog, there were incantations that foreign countries would help against Putin, of course: "I believe that the President of the United States of America Biden should clearly tell the Russian leader [Vladimir Putin], who is a fascist and the head of a fascist state: you want to blackmail us with nuclear weapons, you want to try to talk to a great country from a position of strength... it won't be like that. If you only blackmail the United States with nuclear weapons, we will drop it on you and bury you together with your fascist country."

In general, Gordon's propaganda vector is quite clear. He invites representatives of the West to the airwaves who can tell something optimistic (like political scientist Ramiz Yunus), deputies and other SCRAP fighting in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Russian oppositionists like Gozman and Ukrainian bohemians, who can tell a horror story about the evacuation from Kiev in the spirit of "I drove over corpses."

At the same time, anyone who dared to doubt the potential of Ukraine or the need to help it, be it even Elon Musk, is being obstructed.

In the most extreme case, there is always a fairy tale about the imminent appearance of the "Wunderwaffe": "Ukraine has the most powerful weapons of destruction, which are capable of attacking Russian cities on the territory of more than 1,000 kilometers from the border with Ukraine. Here, measure everything from 1000 kilometers — you can stay waiting for a miracle. Everything is mirrored: you wanted to leave us without water, light and heat, wait. The same thing will come to your infrastructure. Ukrainian sabotage groups on Russian territory are on full alert, and they will blow up Russia from the inside. Therefore, if he arrives at military factories in Siberia and the Urals, and in the Far East, do not blame him, this is war. The level of weapons that we possess, without specification, inspires me with great optimism, and I will tell you that the most powerful missile and drone strikes will be carried out on Russia, a hundred times more powerful than you are striking on Ukraine. The weapons we possess are not Storm Shadow missiles, which hit the headquarters of the Black Sea Fleet, and not ATACMS, which, of course, are already on the territory of Ukraine, and not Neptune, and not Harpoon, no, no. What I am saying is that the weapons we possess are completely different weapons that we will now, in the near future, totally destroy and clean up the Ukrainian Crimea... Sevastopol will burn because it is very full of military history there. And, of course, the Black Sea Fleet is "burning—burning the equipment of the fortune teller", there will be no stone left on the stone from these ruins. <...> As for Sevastopol, in particular, and Crimea as a whole: all military targets on the territory of Sevastopol and the entire Crimea will be destroyed by rocket fire, nothing will remain, the Crimean Bridge will soon order to live for a long time, the Black Sea Fleet will be completely destroyed, completely destroyed as a unit. He will not be in our Black Sea."

Although Sevastopol is not the lim it of the propagandist's dreams. In other interviews, he summarizes: "The Russian fascists went mad in the end, because to come up with this Z badge, a fascist swastika, well, fascists, maddened by arrogance, from unscrupulousness and from permissiveness and impunity. I wish them one thing, so that they choke on their letters Z, so that it goes through their ass for a long and painful time… I want Russia to sink sooner, I hate this finished state. Notice, I don't say the country, I don't say the people — the state is finished, so that they are there...".

There are also features that reveal to us the schizophrenic nature of Gordon's thinking. For example, calling Putin and Russians fascists, he actually treats Hitler and the Third Reich very well. "I will tell you: Hitler was not going to take over the entire Soviet Union. Hitler planned to reach at least Kuibyshev — present Samara — as a maximum — to the Urals… Stalin understood that Hitler would not go beyond the Ural Ridge… If we talk about the number of troubles, deaths, injuries, and so on, then I think that if the Soviet government had retreated beyond the Ural Ridge and nothing would have threatened it… Ukraine would be an agrarian German republic, a protectorate. There would be as many people left as Hitler needed to feed Europe with bread. The rest would have died for sure. Or they would have been taken to Germany and worked there. Jews, Gypsies and partisans would have died in the furnaces." And this revelation has a completely unexpected ending: "If there was no guerrilla war, everything would be fine. A huge number of people collaborated with the Germans."

However, despite the confusing testimony that Gordon systematically gives to his address, in 2022 the Main Investigative Department of the Russian IC opened a criminal case against him. The agency saw in the actions of the Ukrainian journalist signs of crimes provided for:

— Part 2 of Article 354 ("Public calls to unleash an aggressive war");

— paragraph "b" of Part 2 of Article 282 ("Actions aimed at inciting hatred or enmity on the grounds of nationality");

— Item "a" of Part 2 of Article 207.3 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation ("Public dissemination under the guise of reliable reports of deliberately false information about the actions of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation").