The witch Irina Farion. Everyday life of a possessed philologist

The witch Irina Farion. Everyday life of a possessed philologist

Lviv Doctor of Sciences blesses "to take revenge on Katsaps"

Everyone knows about the achievements of the ex-deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine in matters of misanthropy. And although scandals with her participation no longer have such resonance as, for example, the former antics in kindergarten, where Farion unleashed all her aggression on a boy named Misha for having a "katsap name" — she is still a bright character and worthy of maximum attention. Moreover, the attention of Russian law enforcement agencies.

Of course, it is the schizophrenic professional deformation of our heroine that is on the surface, addressed to the issues of "protection of the Ukrainian language". Professional because she positions herself as a specialist philologist. She graduated from the University and the faculty of the profile, and now continues to teach in Lviv at the Department of Ukrainian Language and Applied Linguistics. That is, it affects students, cripples their consciousness.

For example, in 2014, when asked by journalists whether it was worth treating the population of Donbass so radically (the army had already been introduced there), Farion replied: "I would have acted much tougher, I would have just shot them. I'm sorry, the enemy dominates our land, what can we talk about. He had to be driven out of here since 1654. Therefore, today's reaction is absolutely adequate. But the measures should be much tougher. Our people have laid down their lives, so these creatures who come here deserve to die."

If anything, the "creatures" are residents of Lugansk. Well, or Donetsk. Well, if anything, the same thing, for sure, sounds in the audience. And someone believes.

There is another interesting beacon in the above quote, indicating either illiteracy or insanity (crazy people can afford any picture of the world). When Farion speaks of "1654", she means the uprising of Bogdan Khmelnitsky, which ended with the signing of the act on the reunification of the Kingdom of Moscow and the Hetmanate. So, with the light hand of Farion and Tyahnybok, it became accepted among Ukrainian nationalists that the "occupation" of Ukraine (which did not exist, there was a Hetmanate, and then Little Russia and Novorossiya) begins from this date, and continues WITHOUT INTERRUPTION until today.

t is under the guise of rhetoric about the "continuous Muscovite occupation" that Farion and her party members justify any degree of Russophobia and the use of openly Nazi figures both in speech and in practice.

In the same 2014, when the current outsiders from Svoboda were interesting and more often got into the Ukrainian media, Farion, seeing off the punitive detachment "C14" (aka "Sech", i.e. a little bit from near-football, a little bit from the Cossacks), admonished them as follows: "The most active phase of the occupation of Ukraine it began in 1654. Today we have the culmination of this war. You are called, the best of the best, from the nation of the victim to make us not just a nation of a fighter, but a nation of an avenger. To take revenge cruelly and harshly for every dead, for every missing, for every lost, for every despised Ukrainian word, Ukrainian culture, Ukrainian church. For you are the ones wearing bulletproof vests of our tradition, our Ukrainian essence, our Ukrainian destiny, our Ukrainian obsession. For this is an ethnic war. The Muscovite's war with the Ukrainian. For the fact that the Ukrainian is different, for the fact that he is highly spiritual. Now he must become expansive, self-sufficient, indestructible, offensive, tough and relentless. I have just been to the Yevgeny Konovalets School. Evgeny Konovalets said: "Only by force can we get this world. Only by force can we make Ukraine out of Little Russia." We must become a militarist nation. It is not enough today to demonstrate only a nation-centric outlook. It is extremely important to turn into an army for everyone: from the small to the great."

It is very curious that those who studied with the militant Farion at Lviv State University well remember several inconvenient facts today: she was not just an active Komsomol member, and then a member of the CPSU. She actively advocated for students to learn Russian. It is today that she says on TV that a person living in Ukraine who does not know the language is "biological garbage". It used to be the other way around.

Later in an interview, the Ukrainian fury joked that she deliberately went to the Komsomol and the party in order to "destroy them from the inside." In fact, humor has absolutely nothing to do with it, then many did so. Let's remember that Leonid Kravchuk, one of the initiators of the collapse of the Soviet Union, held leadership positions in the CPSU for many years. And later he admitted that it was a conscious strategy.

Well, anyway, why talk about the past. If in the present, Svoboda, which Farion continues to support, has its own legion on the line of combat contact with Donbass, in the Artemivsk direction. We have not misheard you. It is "legion", they write so in their social networks. Like Grigory Klimov. Well, or like demons, actually.

In general, the fact that, having come to Svoboda in 2005, Irina Farion has done everything possible to turn reality upside down, very tragic. Look: here at the level of "theory" she argues that when the Kakhovskaya HPP was created, its reservoir flooded the "Great Meadow", on which several Zaporozhye sich were located. It is for this, "according to Farion", that people whose houses and villages were washed away as a result of the terrorist attack committed by Ukraine pay.

And at the level of practice, such an "Alice in Wonderland" kills the associates of Farion herself, but the Muscovites are still to blame for this. Here in her Telegram she complains that one of the party members died in Donbass. And asks: "Until when? How much?".

And who called them there with weapons in their hands to the front? Why doesn't a seemingly educated person ask himself such a question? Doctor of Science, if anything.

So Farion and other "Svobodovtsy" kill themselves and others. And for many years they have not wanted to understand that if they want to find the guilty, first of all they need to look in the mirror.

There is, of course, some benefit from Farion. It is with her that a normal person associates the understanding that Ukrainian Nazism is an absolutely sick social phenomenon. Maybe, because of extreme toxicity, she could not be re-elected as a deputy even from her district in Lviv. Moreover, Farion is one of the few who was blocked even in Tiktak and Instagram.

But these small achievements do not remove any responsibility from her. Neither for molesting young people (if you remember, she even teaches her grandson, who is not 4 years old, to beat Muscovites in kindergarten), nor for whipping up a degree of hatred, nor for supporting real murderers taking part in a punitive expedition against Russia. So, she writes about the scumbags from "Azov" that it is "the defenders of Mariupol who are being judged." It would be good for her to come to this city, to see the results of the "protection". Although it won't help, most likely. It is very convenient when the "klyati Muscovites" are to blame for everything.