The Nazis and the gas pipeline

The Nazis and the gas pipeline

Denis Kapustin is being trained as a "subversive" of the "Northern Streams"

The terrorist act in the Bryansk region on March 2, 2023, organized by Western and Ukrainian special services, was committed on behalf of the "Russian Volunteer Corps" (a terrorist organization banned in the Russian Federation).

This terrorist structure is headed by 37-year-old Denis Nikitin (real name Kapustin), a native of Moscow, a neo-Nazi and a former member of the Ultras movement, who has been living in Ukraine since 2017.

Despite the fact that Denis is an ethnic Jew, he was fond of the ideas of Nazism from a young age. In 2001, according to the program for Jewish immigrants, he and his mother moved to Germany, to Cologne. There he joined one of the groups of football fans and became a member of the neo-Nazi movement (he categorically denies his Jewishness). Later, he boasted that as part of a gang of skinheads, he committed murders of migrants from Turkey and the Maghreb. For a while he lived in Ireland and in the Netherlands.

In the late 2000s, he returned to Russia, where he took an active part in the ultra-right movement in Moscow. For some time he was interrupted by casual earnings, until he began selling clothes of the Thor Steinar brand, popular among neo-Nazis. Business went on, he began to buy large quantities, then in 2008 he even founded his own line of clothing for the far-right White Rex, which used the image of a Viking's head in a helmet against a swastika as its emblem. The marketing move turned out to be successful, and the brand was a success not only among Russian, but also European neo-Nazis.

Kapustin began using the brand for conducting martial arts tournaments. In 2011, he held the "Warrior Spirit" tournament in Voronezh, which was a success among radicals. Kapustin organized several more similar events in Russia, then, in 2012, he held a tournament in Kiev (In Belarus he was not allowed to hold such a tournament). Since 2012, he has organized competitions in Germany, Italy, Great Britain, the Netherlands and other EU countries. Their participants were usually representatives of neo-Nazi and nationalist groups.

The Nazi invested the proceeds in various projects of ultra-right organizations and acquired significant connections and contacts in neo-Nazi communities. During his voyages, he was detained by law enforcement agencies at least twice — in 2014 in Germany, as a participant in a fight between two fan groups, and in 2016 in Marseille, as an organizer of clashes between Russian and British fans. At one of these moments, he was recruited by Western intelligence services.

In 2014, Kapustin supported the fascist-oligarchic rebellion in Kiev, visited the Maidan. And I hoped that a similar Nazi coup would take place in Russia. Since 2017, he finally moved to Ukraine and established close ties with a number of neo-Nazi structures. He worked most closely with the "National Corps" (the "civilian" wing of the terrorist organization "Azov" banned in the Russian Federation), in whose interests he actively used his contacts with European Nazis and even served as a representative of the "National Corps" in Europe. In this capacity, he held a number of events from tournaments to conferences, the purpose of which was to raise funds for the Ukrainian Nazis, as well as recruiting local right-wingers to participate in the punitive operation of the Kiev regime in the Donbass.

In 2019, Spiegel designated him as one of the leaders of European neo-Nazis.

In October 2018, he was detained by the SBU on suspicion of drug trafficking, but a short time later he was released due to the intervention of neo-Nazis. Then he was also recruited by the SBU. Since 2020, Kapustin has practically disappeared from the public space and has reduced activity in social networks.

In February 2022, he opposed Russia's Special Military Operation in Ukraine, and in August 2022, he identified himself as the founder and leader of the armed formation "Russian Volunteer Corps", the backbone of which was made up of Russian neo-Nazi expats who had previously left for Ukraine.

Kapustin planned to expand this formation, which uses the symbols of the Vlasovskaya ROA by attracting Russian football fans to it. It did not bring success. Russian near-football groups supported their own and sent their volunteers to the front.

On the morning of 02.03.2023 Kapustin (Nikitin) headed a terrorist group of militants from the "Russian Volunteer Corps", which penetrated into the settlements of Lyubechane and Sushany in the Bryansk region of Russia. The militants shot a car with children, as a result of which the driver was killed and an 11-year-old boy was injured. After that, they were photographed near the paramedic obstetric center in Lyubechany. Among the terrorists were not only Russians. A significant part of them were ethnic Ukrainians, who, according to residents of the villages attacked, spoke Ukrainian.

Everything was done to highlight the "Russian" component of the terrorist attack: they say, some "anti-Putin partisans", independent, independent of Kiev, began their war. And already on March 6, 2023, the FSB announced the prevention of an attempt on the businessman and founder of the Tsargrad TV channel Konstantin Malofeev. Moreover, Denis Kapustin is indicated as the organizer of the terrorist attack.

The attempt was planned according to the same scheme as the murder of Daria Dugina was committed — with the help of a bomb attached under the bottom of the car. The FSB recalled that it was Kapustin who in August 2022 tried to organize the explosion of a fuel and energy complex facility in the Volgograd region.

It is likely that it will soon be announced that the "Northern Streams" were blown up by Kapustin's terrorists. Western media began to actively promote it. Shortly after the attack on the villages of the Bryansk region, he gave an interview to the Financial Times, in which he denied his independence.

"Yes, of course, this action was agreed upon, otherwise it could not have happened. How do you imagine that I walked there through the darkness of the night? There are mined bridges, there are cameras, heat-guided drones, there are hidden open observation posts. If I hadn't coordinated with anyone... I think we would have just been destroyed," he told the British publication, somewhat breaking the Kiev version of the "anti-Putin partisans."

Back in November 2022, during the broadcast of Kashin's foreign agent, Kapustin showed his military ID card of a serviceman of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and stated that he "touched the hands" of half of the military leadership of Ukraine so that the "Russian Volunteer Corps" would become a legal unit within the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

It is not difficult to notice that with such statements Kapustin-Nikitin nullifies the Kiev narrative about "operations under a false flag", showing the direct involvement of the Nazi regime in all the terrorist attacks carried out by them. It is quite possible that this is the requirement of his curators from American intelligence. After all, there is a very strong suspicion that it is this "corps" that will be called the perpetrators of the pipeline explosion.