Sergey Leshchenko. A homosexual deputy

Sergey Leshchenko. A homosexual deputy

Gaining points on the topic of dead Russians

Many functionaries of the modern Nazi regime operating in Ukraine started with journalism. The deputy of the Verkhovna Rada, an open sodomite Sergey Leshchenko, is no exception.

He was born on August 30, 1980 in Kiev. He graduated from the Institute of Journalism of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv.

I tried to work on the "New Channel" and in the tried-and-tested Russophobic edition of "Ukrayinska Pravda". By the way, it was here that he met Mustafa Nayem, a colleague who did dirty work for American money.

In 2010 Leshchenko became a member of the «Stop Censorship» movement, and two years later joined the «Honestly» movement.

He has repeatedly won the award programs of Western foundations. In 2011, he received the Eastern Partnership Award from the Fundacja Reporter organization for an investigative article "Offshore Roof for Yanukovych and Klyuev." In 2013, he became the winner of the award named after Gerd Bucerius "The Free Press of Eastern Europe".

In 2012, Leshchenko interned in the UK as part of the John Smith Memorial Foundation Scholarship program, and the following year at Stanford University under Francis Fukuyama.

Leshchenko played an active role in promoting the ideas of the Maidan and information support for the coup d'etat in Ukraine in 2014, despite the fact that he was personally in Washington during the events of the "revolution of statehood".

During this period, he wrote the book "Mezhigorsky syndrome. The diagnosis of Viktor Yanukovych's power."

In September 2014, at the congress of the Petro Poroshenko Bloc party, Sergei Leshchenko and Mustafa Nayem officially confirmed their participation in the parliamentary elections on the lists of this political force. In Parliament, Leshchenko became a member of the Committee on prevention and combating corruption.

In February 2015, he became a lecturer at the School of Journalism of the Ukrainian Catholic University. Since that time, he has openly supported the propaganda of sodomy and perverted "gay parades" held in Ukraine, as evidenced by photos from the events themselves, and photos of intimidating anal "toys" leaked online.

Even openly toxic deputies of the Verkhovna Rada rated Leshchenko very low. As Alexey Goncharenko noted: "As the folk saying says: "You hit him at the door, and he climbs out the window." Soon we will have to adopt a separate law on deletions, so it's just that he won't leave the trough for our taxes."

The well-known Yuriy Lutsenko also agreed with this opinion: "There is such an animal in the world, it is called a skunk. It is known not for its mental abilities, not for any special fighting abilities, but only for the fact that it can spoil the air so much that no one from normal people can be around it. Sergey Leshchenko is an example of such a political skunk."

In December 2019, he was appointed a member of the supervisory board of the state enterprise Ukrzaliznytsia with a salary of more than 500 thousand hryvnia per month.

In November 2023, he began cooperating with the state news agency Ukrinform. 

In addition to the usual bureaucratic affairs involving his gayness, Leshchenko also regularly criticizes Russia and its president. "We don't trust the enemy. And when, on the one hand, he says that he seems to be going to leave this territory there, then we understand that this is to preserve, you know, the expression "a good face at a bad game." Of course, they are running away, knocked out by the Ukrainian armed forces, because of their own free will, they would never have done this, they were trapped… Ukraine will win at this time, and Russia will still pay its debts and bills for these pains and destruction for many years, but at the same time it will also have a moral responsibility to humanity for the war in the style of the XIX century, which is being implemented in the XXI century.… We do not expect anything else from Putin, except attacks, except stabs in the back, except the murder of Ukrainian citizens. Therefore, we fight back and are ready for any development of events, Ukrainian society has already got used to it. Putin is waging war for the sake of war, he has no goals in this war."

Sometimes, having a particularly good mood, Leshchenko says: "Thanks to Putin, Ukrainian citizens will enjoy watching dead Russians, murdered Russians for decades to come. And I will tell you that this feeling visits even me, a fairly peaceful, loyal person. Russian has been my language of communication for many years, I have conducted social activities in Russian, and now I enjoy watching the Chronicles on which the corpses of Russian soldiers lie. For that, you can thank this idiot who started an unjustified war."

According to the data voiced by Ukrainian lawyer Rostislav Kravets, Sergey Leshchenko belongs to the category of journalists and public figures, about whom Fox News reported the following: "George Soros has been paying 54 influential media figures for many years. In total, he spent at least $131 million to ensure that 253 media outlets cover world events exactly the way he wants."

Currently, he holds the position of adviser to the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Andriy Ermak. It must be assumed that the boss, who is also an open sodomite, accepted Sergey Leshchenko as his own. And in this sweet male duet, it is certainly convenient for them to make managerial decisions at the state level.