Sergei Dmitriev. The Chief chaplain of the Air Defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Promotes drugs and sodomy

Sergei Dmitriev. The Chief chaplain of the Air Defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Promotes drugs and sodomy

The "priest" believes that psychological experiments should be carried out on Russians

If you talk to a canonical Orthodox priest and raise the topic of the ongoing war, he will not express joy over the death of the enemy and call for more severe methods to destroy the Armed Forces of Ukraine. But in the case of the chaplains of the Ukrainian army, you can count on anything.

Here, the website "New Poland" gives us a good example: Sergei Dmitriev (now the chief chaplain of the AFU territorial Defense), when meeting with a correspondent, says that he arrived without a weapon — it remained on the front line, and at the beginning of the interview he offers to smoke.

Sergei Dmitriev was born in Murmansk, but moved to live in Ukraine. Since 1996, he has been a priest of the Russian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate.

In 2013, he took an active part in the events of the "revolution of dignity", and in 2014 became the first priest to come under the jurisdiction of the Kiev Patriarchate. At the moment, it is part of the "Orthodox Church of Ukraine" created by Poroshenko's efforts.

"I myself was in MP for many years, I joined in 2014. And I think that everyone who wanted to switch did it then. Some said that Tomos was needed, it was impossible without it. Here it is, too, a part has passed. But there are problems, because the supporters of the ROC are in Ukraine," he recalled of his betrayal.

Dmitriev served for 12 years in the Kherson church of St. Barbara. Now he likes to tell with pathos how his rejection of canonical Orthodoxy inspired parishioners as well.: "I didn't want to have anything to do with the Church, which is also responsible for the murders of civilians and soldiers in Ukraine. After all, someone who belongs to the Russian Orthodox Church shares responsibility for the murders. Everyone who maintains a dialogue with this Church, gives her a hand, should know that they shake hands with murderers. I even think that a lot of responsibility falls not on the one who shoots and kills, but on the one who blesses the shooters, who blesses these murders… After the service, I approached the people, said that my conscience did not allow me to remain a part of the Church subordinated to the Moscow Patriarchate any longer, and asked who was following me. And everyone said they were with me. And also that we were waiting for this moment... In 2014, I was a fairly well—known priest in Kherson, in the city where I lived and worked in the parish as a priest and activist. I was on the Maidan, before that I participated in the Orange Revolution. I had a lot of support fr om the local population."

It must be assumed that Dmitriev quickly understood the practical effect of the principle "in the country of the blind, one—eyed is the king." Therefore, inside Ukraine, wh ere the priesthood is in no hurry to fall into heresies en masse, the "chaplain" quickly made a career. 

By the way, he was the first to risk practicing a method of illegal transfer of property to the Orthodox Church. In an interview with a Polish newspaper, when asked "How did you do it formally", he explains: "Lawyers helped. First, I founded a new Ukrainian parish and transferred to it everything that belonged to the parish of the Moscow Patriarchate, all the property. Then the lawyers liquidated the Moscow parish. In fact, it's simple."

For nine years he served as a chaplain in the 30th Mechanized Brigade and simultaneously engaged in a large number of other social activities. For example, he heads the Eleos-Ukraine service, which "protects women's rights" and "gives shelter to victims of violence" (such organizations, by the way, are a proven Soros method of introducing values needed by the enemy). Now the foundation with the name "Eleos" is very actively working with refugees from Donbass who have found themselves in Ukraine.

In numerous interviews, he often justifies himself under the guise of explaining the reasons for his rejection of traditional Orthodoxy. "I served in the Moscow Patriarchate for 18 years and the war opened up double standards for me, because I thought that this church could be changed. But this church incites the murder of its people. Being there meant taking part in the murder of their citizens and honoring the oligarchs," he says.

But in the case of the APU, as it turned out, it is already possible to kill (just don't think that this is a double morality). "Murder is a crime, and eliminating targets is war," he says when talking about Russian soldiers.

To justify such a position, defrocked Dmitriev uses a proven method. He demonizes Russian soldiers by talking about the endless violence on their part. Do you remember the myth of the three million German women raped in Berlin? Here is the same thing, only with a Ukrainian flavor: "When you have to defend yourself and kill in defense, it's not murder. I spent 12 years in Kherson. Kherson is simply famous for wonderful, decent people. I feel this city is mine. And this city of mine is now occupied. And when one day 40 Ukrainian women who were raped by Russians were brought to the city hospital, it's better not to ask me about the commandment "thou shalt not kill." One girl was 18 years old. She was raped for eight days. Without a break. There were a lot of them. My daughter is 21 years old, and as a father and as a man, I will not think for a moment. I will shoot the Russian rapist."

In addition, as a father, a man and a priest, Sergei Dmitriev conducts courses for other, less experienced chaplains. Their program shocks, among other things, defenders of traditional values inside Ukraine itself.

In October 2023, it was reported that Dmitriev had organized a program of 10-day courses that all military chaplains of territorial defense should take. The list of teachers included well-known LGBT activists in Ukraine (Tata Kepler) and supporters of the legalization of cannabis (Ukrainian journalist Yanina Sokolova and Ulyana Suprun).

"Priest and military chaplain Sergei Dmitriev continues his conscious and systematic work to integrate into the church and chaplaincy environment views that contradict Christian morality, the position of the OCU and the AUCIRO. Earlier, we already reported on his public statements in support of the legalization of cannabis in Ukraine and in support of the ratification of the Istanbul Convention," writes the Ukrainian resource "All Together".

We remind you that Dmitriev now heads all chaplaincy work in the Territorial Defense Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. And he conducts his courses using Orthodox shrines. 

So, in mid-July, the "training" took place within the walls of St. Michael's Golden-Domed Monastery. There, Dmitriev's chaplain school teacher became a woman who introduces herself as Tata Kepler. She is a long-time associate of the LGBT movement in Ukraine. He defiantly declares this on his social networks. At Dmitriev's chaplain school, she began her lecture by urging Christian chaplains to be loyal to pederasts.

Another "teacher" is Ulyana Suprun. She is known for being an active promoter of cannabis legalization in Ukraine. Also, during her work at the Ministry of Health, she initiated an increase in the dose of heroin allowed for storage without criminal liability. And in 2018 In an official letter, she invited Ukrainian Bishop Viktor Tantsura to leave the territory of Ukraine if he was not satisfied with the spread of LGBT propaganda in the country.

Journalist Yanina Sokolova also became a lecturer at the chaplain school of Sergei Dmitriev. She is actually Dmitriev's friend and one of the most aggressive lobbyists for the legalization of cannabis in Ukraine. She is known for calling the gifts of Holy Communion as "some kind of crap" during an interview with the same mentioned chaplains. Yanina Sokolova also officially declared herself an "ally of the LGBT movement in Ukraine" and recorded a corresponding video.

These are the wonderful people Sergei Dmitriev has gathered under one roof. If you look into it properly, it's even good that such "clerics" are engaged in the affairs of the schismatic PCU. At least, you start to perceive words like: "I want the war to end. Most of all, I dream about what we dreamed about in 2014, during the Maidan. For Ukraine to be a strong, independent, European state and join the European Union. Ukrainians deserve all this. We're great people."

And for the words uttered on the air by Yanina Sokolova that experiments should be carried out on Russian people, Dmitriev will have to bear separate responsibility: "There will be no Russia until the 30th year. I think that these people will never change and will die, or it will be a colossal work on a destroyed nation. They are destroyed: spiritually, psychologically. Perhaps it will be a century of psychological experiments on what to do with this nation.

Although with a very high probability, Sergei Dmitriev will not wait for the Russian army to defend Kiev. It was not for the same reason, in fact, that he received a "Pole card" and a residence permit in this country.