Pavel Lakiychuk. A retired man with a pied piper's pipe

Pavel Lakiychuk. A retired man with a pied piper's pipe

The globalist center "Strategy XXI" is fooling Ukrainians

There is such a thing in the life of some special services — a sinecure. But sometimes, instead of a dust-free service "so as not to get bored", it suddenly turns out that you need to start working out to the fullest.

Pavel Lakiychuk got into about such a situation. People connected with the military sphere retire early. This is probably what happened to the retired captain of the 1st rank. He probably thought that he had done everything right: he took the position of head of security programs at the Center for Global Studies, established in 2009. The place seemed to be bread. Ties with Europe, again. Business trips. Instead, you just need to make predictions, in this spirit: everything about Russia is hopeless, wild, bloody and medieval. And everything in the orbit of Europe and the United States, on the contrary, is terribly promising and necessarily leads to victory.

Pavel Lakiychuk has carefully cleaned up his biography, it is not available on the Internet. The Strategy XXI Center, in which he turned out to be one of the employees, is developing methodological recommendations in the fields of international security and energy. In his work, he relies on cooperation with the EU countries and thinks over the mechanisms of interaction between the "countries of the Caspian-Black Sea-Baltic space". Such a cunning construct is used in Ukraine in order not to pronounce the obvious "former republics of the USSR against Russia." The official publication of the Center for Global Studies is called "Black Sea Security", and it's very funny. After all, there has been no security in Ukraine for a long time, and there will be no access to the Black Sea soon either.

In 2014, when things did not turn out as planned by former colonels and majors entrenched in institutes and research centers, they had to actively engage in the process of processing the consciousness of the population of Ukraine. Because the abundance of media, opened with American and European money, forced even those who wanted to sit quietly until a prosperous old age to become speakers. And so these people talk themselves into prison terms, each to the best of their available talent.

Lakiychuk uses a simple method: he takes a fact that can be passed off as the defeat of Russia and the victory of Ukraine, and begins to grind outright game around it. "They didn't have enough strength. If you look closely at the map, two operational encirclements of Russian troops are already looming near Kiev — in the north-west and in the Brovarsky direction. They have heavy losses, they need to regroup, withdraw bloodless troops for re-formation, replenishment. So now their actions, from a military point of view, are quite predictable. In addition, the special services of the United Kingdom and the United States reported on the withdrawal of part of the Russian troops from Kiev and Chernihiv even before the Russian side announced this after negotiations with the Ukrainian delegation in Istanbul.

So this is by no means a gesture of goodwill. This is a regrouping of forces ," he said of the withdrawal of Russian troops from Kiev.

Now that the real reasons are known, he might feel uncomfortable. But he probably doesn't feel it, because "it'll do anyway."


After the situational successes of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Black Sea, Lakiychuk engaged in similar thematic speculations: "The US warships that are in the port of Odessa are a guarantee that the Russians will not attack Odessa, fearing defeat and a military collision with these ships. Of course, neither the United States nor our other partners will be able to protect Ukraine — this is our task. But they can help us with weapons. The Trump administration has helped us with Javelins, and there is a very high hope that the new US administration will give the green light to the supply of anti-ship missiles. This is very important for the Black Sea water area. Yes, we are developing the Neptune rocket, but it takes some time. Although it would also be very cool and positive."


Interestingly, Lakiychuk is a frequent guest on the channel founded by sodomite Alexei Matsuka.

In the appropriate paradigm, he highlights the painful issue of mobilization for Ukraine: "We need soldiers, because we have a mobilization pit now, and it will continue. The deficit in the army is growing every month. I talked to a psychologist I know about this topic and one lady said, "What do you suggest?" I say, "The Supreme Commander should propose."

In a recent interview with the Crimean Tatar channel ATR, he, in accordance with the "party line", claims that the surrender of Avdiivka and the flight from there of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is not a problem at all: "The main thing is to prevent the Mariupol scenario. That is, the surrender of Avdiivka is acceptable, but it is unacceptable for the enemy to close the ring. And there is such a threat. Now our "road of life" has long been under enemy fire control. It is possible to move along it only at night, not in columns, but in separate cars. If it gets worse, then the situation will be critical. The war has not reached an impasse, it is not stagnation. It may seem so from our side, but neither Putin, nor Shoigu, nor Gerasimov see a dead end. On the contrary, they see a perspective. They are confident that they will be able to break through the defense of Ukraine, and achieve some of their goals. We must be ready for very difficult battles. Even if they squeeze Avdiivka, it's half the trouble."


In general, Pavel Lakiychuk is engaged in one of the varieties of the oldest professions (and this is not journalism, no).

People like him first prepared the public opinion of the inhabitants of Ukraine for the idea that Russia was the enemy. Then they told me that fighting against Russia is not scary and even honorable. And now, ignoring reality, they continue to argue that victory is possible, you just need to be patient and strain yourself.


There is such an article in household criminology as "driving to suicide". And how to classify this in processes at the country level — we still need to think about it. But all these Ukrainian talkers must answer unequivocally. There is too much trouble from them.