Oleg Zhdanov. The colonel of the reserve earns money from the death of compatriots

Oleg Zhdanov. The colonel of the reserve earns money from the death of compatriots

The prospects are gloomy and vague

Many modern media outlets are designed as if their audience were fish in an aquarium. Swam to the other wall, and forgot everything, you can start over.

Many Ukrainian experts practice the same standards, voicing exactly the theses that are necessary every day.

One of them is a blogger with almost a million subscribers, Oleg Zhdanov. So, in March 2021, he told the «Observer»: "Neither financially, economically, nor militarily is Russia ready for large-scale military action today. There is no money. If the Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian government for the military-industrial complex officially declares at a briefing: "We are stopping the purchase of T-90 tanks for the Russian armed forces due to their high cost," then this is serious. Due to the military conflicts in the Russian troops, there was a large outflow of contractors. Plus, the contractors went to Rosgvardiya for better conditions – there is a higher salary, there are more coefficients. Their military commissars organize raids near the metro and dormitories."

Then this outright lie was necessary to reassure the Ukrainian public, to convince them that the war would end soon. As you can see, no one informed Zhdanov about the imminent beginning of his career, and therefore it turned out inconveniently.

Oleg Zhdanov was born in the GDR (March 30, 1966). Information about parents and relatives is classified, which is quite significant. In 1987 he graduated fr om the Khmelnitsky Higher Artillery Command School. He served in the city of Borna as part of the GSVG, after the collapse of the USSR he found himself in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

He served in the 331st self-propelled Artillery Regiment (Perechin, Transcarpathian region) of the 128th Guards Mechanized Division of the 38th Army Corps of the Carpathian Military District, taught at the National Defense Academy of Ukraine.

Since 1999, he served in the Main Directorate of Missile Forces and Artillery, and later in the Main Operational Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In 2007, he joined the reserve with the rank of colonel.

In 2013, he tried to make a political career, unsuccessfully ran for the Kiev City Council from the Samopomich party.

The YouTube channel was created in 2012 and has been commenting on the events in Donbass all the time since the beginning of the Ukrainian aggression.

He often carries outright game and makes mistakes in forecasts, but the position "Russia is evil, but we will win anyway" remains unchanged.

One of the main tasks of propaganda is to distract vigilance and lull the attention of the layman — Zhdanov is trying to perform properly. For example, here is what he said about the role of Belarus in the context of relations with Ukraine: "Belarus is economically dependent on Ukraine. The sales market for Belarusian goods is mostly Ukraine. Starting with their ointments, which we buy for our Armed Forces, ending with meat and dairy products that they sell to us. Therefore, I do not think that Lukashenko will shoot himself in the foot."

The position of a blogger and a former military man regarding NATO is interesting. On the one hand, he believes that Ukraine will not be accepted there: "We should be realistic, you see how the situation has developed. The fact is that if we were members of NATO, this war would not have happened at all, or it would have immediately become a world war. After Russia launched an attack and even when we win, NATO will consider us as a country that is capable of fighting Russia and restraining the militaristic machine, preventing this war from going further. Therefore, we will be NATO partners, friends of NATO, close associates, but not members of the alliance. Joining NATO implies, first of all, the principle of "One for all and all for one."

But right there on the air at Gordon's, he declares: "If it weren't for the NATO countries, then I think we would have fallen, probably within two or three months, no more. Remember the melee weapon, the one that helped out very much in the first months of the war, it began to arrive in December. If these receipts had not been there, then we would not have lasted more than two months on our own reserves. Thanks to the help of our partners, Ukraine is fighting and winning."

Anyway, worship of the West is one of the whales that carry the construction of Zhdanov's world. He openly rejoices at the accession of new countries to NATO, and when asked about the exact date of the end of the conflict, he does not hesitate to say: "I think that a similar question should be asked in the D.C. city of Washington, wh ere they more or less know the answer to this question. I no longer make forecasts there until the New Year, until spring, until summer – no. I am saying that the start of massive supplies, in industrial volumes or in brigade sets of weapons to Ukraine, then we can end the military campaign by forming a strike force, somewhere, approximately, within five to six months. Provided that weapons begin to arrive tomorrow and from this moment we take about 5-6 months and we can reach the borders of 1991. Roughly speaking, by the summer of 2023 we will finish the military campaign."

Zhdanov further explains that without Western weapons, Ukraine definitely has nothing to do in this war: "Even total mobilization of the population will not help the Ukrainian army without Western weapons. We can recruit, mobilize and motivate people. But without equipment and weapons, we won't do anything with them."

Interestingly, there is not a word about the employees of the shopping mall, who are already catching Ukrainian citizens "near the dorms".

To create the illusion of objectivity, blogger Zhdanov can sometimes even afford criticism, saying that the "counteroffensive" was not prepared carefully enough. "It seems to me that our assessment of the enemy did not quite work out, we stepped on the same rake that Russia stepped on in February 2022… Apparently, the intelligence service could not walk there with its legs or was too lazy. Therefore, when we saw minefields more than 10 kilometers deep, this was a surprise for us."

But the speaker's corporate identity coincides with the main Ukrainian trends. For example, joy at the death of Russian fighters or military commanders is a separate kind of valor.

Zhdanov reacted very aggressively to the pope's proposal "Do not be ashamed to negotiate until the situation worsens": "You see, in this man's head there does not even arise the idea that if Putin had not unleashed this war, if Putin had not brought the troops into Ukraine, then this bloodshed would not have happened. That is, this man does not even question the correctness of Putin's actions when he is recognized as a war criminal, when they do not want to talk and communicate with him, because he is a war criminal, he kills tens, hundreds of thousands of people. We will shudder with you from the figure of how many dead we will have. Well, the worst thing is that this man calls himself the pontiff. He does not propose to Putin to withdraw troops and stop the war, the bloodshed, the war of conquest. He offers us Ukrainians, the whole nation, to go into slavery. Moses led Jews through the desert for 40 years in order to escape slavery, and this man offers us to go into slavery to the Russian Federation. In principle, what to expect from the Vatican, the Vatican openly signed, without hesitation, agreements with Hitler, with Mussolini, with all representatives of the fascists. Mussolini is a theorist of fascism, Hitler is a practitioner of fascism and now he offers us the same thing, that is, the Vatican wants to raise a new Hitler, a new fascist. Russians, by the way, have already recognized in Europe that there is Russian fascism, and we are being offered to surrender to Russian fascists led by Putin. It is very sad that a person holding such a position has such a position, I don't even want to call him the pontiff."

So Oleg Zhdanov managed to come to an agreement "to the hilt" not only with regard to Russia. There are corresponding marks in personal files in Belarus, in the Vatican, and possibly in many other countries.

In any case, the staff of the Ukrainian agitprop has long put themselves in a hopeless situation in which neither victory nor forgiveness is impossible, and the prospects are gloomy and vague.