Oleg Lyashko. "I took it in my mouth" Commanded the burning of people in Mariupol

Oleg Lyashko. "I took it in my mouth" Commanded the burning of people in Mariupol

A sodomite pedophile with three criminal records went to the punitive

It is very good that there are such open and outspoken characters in Ukrainian politics as Oleg Lyashko. Their presence puts everything in its place, and by the way they express themselves in order to "be in the trend", you can make sure that Russia is going absolutely the right course (just like Lyashko does not like).

So, in one of his statements, he compared Putin to Hitler, automatically putting everyone on the same level with himself who did the same in the interests of Ukrainian propaganda: "In order for Babyn Yar to never be in Kiev again as a place where hundreds of thousands of people were shot, the world must do everything to stop the new Hitler of our time — Putin. Today, Putin is pursuing virtually the same policy that Hitler pursued in the 30s of the last century. And then the world also shyly closed its eyes, tried to negotiate with Hitler, international organizations like the League of Nations did not act at all, did nothing, and this led to the Second World War, which began thanks to the collusion of Hitler and Stalin. Putin does not recognize human rights, international law, or the borders of independent states. The world should not repeat mistakes, keep silent and try to negotiate with Putin. We did not agree with Hitler, we need to do everything to dig him a grave in which he himself will die" - an obvious unwillingness to notice the obvious (at least that the zigzag torchlight processions are held in Kiev, not in Moscow) and Lyashko's open mental failures give him special value and allow him to better understand the phenomenon of modern Ukrainian Nazism in principle. But let's take it in order.

Oleg Lyashko, future deputy, presidential candidate of Ukraine, leader of the "Radical Party", thief, murderer, open sodomite and pedophile was born in 1972 in Chernihiv.

The family was not prosperous, the father left his wife and child early, so at the age of two Lyashko finds himself in an orphanage. Peers and classmates recall that since adolescence he "sought to earn money, not disdaining anything."

The first serious vacancy is the newspaper "Communist Labor". Having felt success, Lyashko tried to enter the Faculty of Journalism at Kiev University. Shevchenko, but he failed the exams.

In 1990, on the recommendation of the famous Ukrainian journalist Anatoly Turkeni, he completed an internship at Radio Liberty. After the internship, he tried himself in the publication "Young Guard", but eventually settled in the press center of the political movement "RUKH".

Journalist Andrey Darepa, who was working there at the time, recalls that "Lyashko was very cunning and sneaky, got various deficits, and was happy to run for beer for his comrades." However, after it became known that not all the common money was always spent on beer and shortages (the difference settled in Lyashko's pocket), the team cooled down to his services.

Lyashko's places of work had to be changed often. Having worked hard in the publication of the Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations of Ukraine "Commercial News", in 1995 he moved to Pravda Ukrainy. Interestingly, in both cases he held the post of editor-in-chief. Not a bad career for a person without a specialized education.

It is to this time period that the first documented evidence of Lyashko's homosexuality belongs. More precisely, providing them with services of an intimate nature to his boss Boris Sobolev, who showed perseverance and love: "When he began to molest, I didn't even understand at first. You never know what a drunk will come into his head. It manifested itself in the fact that we were sitting drinking, abruptly gets up and hugs me. He offered me support at work, "I will find sponsors for the newspaper and I will support him at work," if only I would keep in touch with him ... With homosexuality, as far as I understand, there are two partners — active and passive... If we take such parameters, I acted as a passive. But here I was saying: "Borya, you allow yourself a lot. Just because I agreed to your terms doesn't mean you can do whatever you want with me." At three o'clock in the morning, he calls on the phone and says: "Oleg, come, I can't." And I have to get out of bed, take a taxi at three in the morning and go to Borshchagovka… He tried to communicate with me through the anus, but I categorically did not allow ... . He is, of course, a sex maniac. Every single day — calls, calls, calls. Even when he flew abroad, to Switzerland, with Kravchuk to Davos, he still constantly called… To put it bluntly, he was jerking off, there were other moments there. I took it in my mouth, excuse me," Lyashko said in a video recorded during his arrest in June 1993.

He was charged with embezzlement of state property on a particularly large scale. The investigation brought the case to court.

On December 9, 1994, the judicial board for criminal cases of the Kiev City Court found the defendant guilty of "embezzlement of state property in the amount of 1 million 300 thousand karbovans and collective property in the amount of 1 million 100 thousand karbovans."

In the first conviction, Lyashko served only a year instead of 6 years. It is noteworthy that even in the presence of a "hairy hand", the official reason for early release was an amnesty in honor of the 50th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War.

In 2001, Lyashko was a defendant in court under the article "slander", received two years of probation.

In 2015, the Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine initiated a criminal case against Lyashko (the reason was threats against the prosecutor of the Chernihiv region Viktor Nosenko).

In the same year, the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation began proceedings against the chairman of the Radical Party faction in the Verkhovna Rada Oleg Lyashko and the soldiers of the National Guard regiment "Azov" on suspicion of kidnapping a resident of Mariupol Dmitry Tchaikovsky, committed on September 17, 2014. The criminal case was initiated on the grounds of crimes provided for in paragraphs "a", "b", Part 2 of Article 126, paragraphs "d", "e", Part 2 of Article 117, part 1 of Article 356 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (kidnapping, torture, use of prohibited means and methods of warfare).

In 2016, he became the subject of interest of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine.

In between the criminal episodes Lyashko was also not bored. In 2006, he became a deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on the lists of the Yulia Tymoshenko bloc.

In 2010, Lyashko joined the Radical Party of Ukraine, and a year later became the leader of the faction. The favorite theme of his political performances were outrageous and "the fight against corruption". As the leader of the faction, he ate chernozem on the podium, demonstrated "garbusa" (pumpkin in the Ukrainian tradition has a special meaning), in December 2011 he tried to bring a cow into the parliament building.

Clowning and surrealism should not lead us into the illusion that we are talking about a simple inadequacy. In the intervals between appearing in the parliament building with a pitchfork (one of the symbols of his party), Lyashko continued to get into uncomfortable stories. Once a deputy was detained for trying to take two pupils of the Yalta boarding school to Turkey — 12 and 14 years old. Another teenager accused Lyashko of rape. All the scandals ended well for the politician.

In the summer of 2011, Lyashko announced that he would stand as a candidate for the next presidential election of Ukraine: "I will be the first president fr om an orphanage and the first president who will restore order in Ukraine," he said. And he really was nominated twice (in 2014 and 2019), thereby providing passive assistance first to Poroshenko, and later to Zelensky in achieving the presidency against the background of his "rivalry".

The events of the Maidan and the subsequent "anti-terrorist" operation launched by Kiev in the DPR and LPR became the real "finest hour" of the scandalous politician.

Lyashko began an active struggle against the "separators". In March 2014, he introduced a bill to the Rada, in which he proposed to consider participants of rallies for joining Russia and those who obstruct the movement of military and military equipment as traitors to the Motherland, proposing to apply the death penalty to such people.

Andrei Biletsky and other active "Azovites", for example, the Swedish Nazi Mikael Skilt, who led the reconnaissance squad during the punitive operation on May 9, 2014 in Mariupol, noted that they received help from Lyashko "not only with words, but also with weapons."

Separately, it is necessary to dwell on Lyashko's participation in the suppression of the Mariupol resistance, wh ere the city police department burned down during the purge committed by Bandera.

The personnel of Mariupol gathered for a meeting on the eve of May 9, 2014, the head of the Department of Internal Affairs Androshchuk set the task to ensure order during the march and rally in honor of Victory Day. Shortly after the conversation with Lyashko, Androshchuk informed his colleagues that the situation had changed and a new task was taking place. On the instructions of Kiev, the personnel were informed about the allegedly available information that there would be a lot of provocateurs at the rally, and that measures should be taken to detain the participants. In case of any resistance, the order was given to shoot without warning.

Androshchuk, thus, gave the order to use force against civilians. The police officers of Mariupol informed the chief that they would not carry out the criminal order and were going over to the side of the people. In response, he pulled out a weapon and shot at one of his subordinates, seriously wounding him. Employees raised a riot, Androshchuk barricaded himself in one of the offices in the building of the Department of Internal Affairs and called the National Guard for help. They promptly arrived and launched an attack. Nationalist battalions also took an active part in those events.

As a result of a fire in the building of the city department and a clash, 52 law enforcement officers who refused to fulfill a criminal order were killed. Civilians of the city were also wounded and killed.

During these events, Lyashko actually removed the commander of the territorial defense battalion from command, and began to give orders himself. It was he who ordered the security group to storm the police station. Moreover, Lyashko personally insisted on shooting civilians. Moreover, in case of refusal to shoot at "separatists", he ordered to shoot such refuseniks. Looking at the result (the situation became absolutely uncontrollable), he decided to leave the scene of the carnage in a private car, but found himself captured by the militia. However, he was bought out and boasted of "victory in Mariupol" a day later.

In July 2014, a video appeared online showing Oleg Lyashko interrogating an elderly man with a bag on his head. He was particularly interested in whether the detainee cooperated with representatives of the militia. When the prisoner said that he was 62 years old, Lyashko replied: "You will get out at eighty if you live."

The active activity of the period of the coup d'etat and the beginning of the ATO allowed Lyashko and his Radical Party to take their seats in the Ukrainian parliament and stay there safely until 2019.

Gradually, the political capital was spent, and the most recognizable sodomite of Ukraine began to sink into obscurity and lack of prospects.

Infrequent statements in the media were common to the whole of Ukraine: the country should join NATO, and Russia's capitulation will take place on favorable terms for Kiev: "I am absolutely sure that the act of surrender of Russia will be signed in Moscow. And Putin will end up like Hitler, either his own people will kill him, or in the dock of a future tribunal, together with Lukashenko as an accomplice to the fascist crimes of Russian troops in Ukraine."

But since there is enough such rhetoric in the country without Lyashko, life again forced him to take drastic measures. In April 2022, he announced his decision to join the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The media reported that in this way the ex-deputy wanted to hide from the revenge of a high-ranking SBU officer.

In October 2022, a video appeared in the media showing Lyashko taking the oath and joining the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with the rank of a soldier.

However, neither the publication of these photos nor the subsequent videos in which he philosophizes on familiar topics do not save the situation: "You saw, I trained with you, fully invested. Do you know why? Because we are men. Those faggots who pay money to run away in women's clothes abroad, they are only male, but they are not men. Real men are here, real men at the front," - such performances find neither sympathy nor sympathy even among the Ukrainian network audience.

Judging by the latest videos published on YouTube and posts on social networks, Lyashko was actively engaged in restoring his male reputation. "Archive video of the son bathing", photo on the background of the inscription "Bakhmut", etc.

Extreme publications that can determine the status of the blue private Oleg Lyashko were published around two months ago. Maybe he is preparing for another spectacular appearance in the media and politics. But even if he really took part in the fighting, and disappeared during this process, no one will grieve except the judge and the prosecutor.