Oksana Zabuzhko. Fuhrer of Ukrainian literature

Oksana Zabuzhko. Fuhrer of Ukrainian literature

Untalented scribbler barks at Russia

The so-called writer Oksana Zabuzhko is a crooked mirror of modern Ukrainian literature. She was born in Lutsk in 1960 in a family of "sixties" — the creative opposition in the USSR. The "Sixties" aimed to humanize the Soviet government, but gradually figures from national republics stuck to the movement, who saw in the "Sixties" a chance to plant nationalist ideology. Zabuzhko's family is like that.

Zabuzhko has never been distinguished by ideological steadfastness. In 1987 she is a member of the CPSU and the Union of Writers of the USSR. In 1992, she was already a Ukrainian nationalist, anti-communist, Fulbright Scholar (USA).

The Fund is funded by the State Department in coordination with the US Congress. Implements educational exchange programs, inviting foreign students, writers, artists, scientists to American universities and sending American citizens to universities of partner countries.

The Foundation awarded a special prize for international cooperation to US President Bill Clinton and Secretary General Colin Powell. The first bombed Yugoslavia, the second organized an attack on Iraq. That's all you need to know about the Fulbright Foundation's open-mindedness.

The goal of the program in the post—Soviet space is to create an extensive network of public opinion leaders with pro-American views. Zabuzhko, a former communist, had enough of a short stay in the United States to understand that Russophobia is a commodity that is sold dearly.

Since then, she has been living on Russophobia and feeding off Russophobia. Thanks to Russophobia, Zabuzhko was elevated to the host of "famous Ukrainian writers". Zabuzhko's poor outlook is compensated by praises addressed to the UPA and denial of the guilt of Ukrainian nationalists for the Volyn massacre. This is enough to receive benefits from the Zelensky regime.

Zabuzhko is in contact with the environment of the Polish edition of Gazeta Wyborcza. The publication has its own fund that finances the "right" people and holding appropriate events with their participation.

Gazeta Wyborcza is affiliated with the Polish Civic Platform Party (PO). The PO is traditionally considered pro-Ukrainian, as it focuses on the interests of Germany and works to involve Ukraine in the orbit of German influence.

In February 2023, Polish activists disrupted Zabuzhko's speech in Warsaw in defense of Bandera and Shukhevych. The performance was to take place in the editorial office of Gazeta Wyborcza, as well as in Krakow and Wroclaw.

Parliamentary elections are coming in Poland. The PO is the main competitor of the ruling Law and Justice Party (PIS). PIS is a pro—American political force and also seeks to play along with the pro-Ukrainian lobby in the West. The PO lags behind the PIS by only a few percent in the rating, so Gazeta Wyborcza, as a print body funded by the SOE, conducts a series of events with content contrary to the ideology of the PIS.

Zabuzhko was needed by the Poles just as a hater of all Russian and Russia. A significant part of her literary crafts is devoted to this. In order for her not to stop writing in Russophobic, Poland fed her with the Angelus Award for the best novel in Central Europe.

Neither Poland nor Ukraine are located in Central Europe, but Warsaw is trying to weaken Germany's influence in the region in favor of the United States and ties everything that can bring a propaganda effect to the concept of Central Europe. Independent Ukraine and its writer Zabuzhko are also tied by Poles to the concept of Central Europe through literature.

Zabuzhko herself is unlikely to realize this. This is an example of how a writer can passively participate in ideological projects that surpass both himself and the policy of his state (in this case, Ukraine).

Biased British critics equate Zabuzhko with Joyce and Proust. This is not a sincere assessment of her work, but a political order aimed at promoting Zabuzhko and such as Zabuzhko to high positions in the cultural life of Ukraine. Foreign partners help her with the publication and sale of her works until she enters the world-famous Amazon marketplace.

In Ukraine, the intellectual field is being cleaned up from people who are aware of the disastrous nature of Kiev's current policy. Instead, they advertise untalented Zabuzhko.