Mikhail Podolyak. Information prostitute on Zelensky's salary

Mikhail Podolyak. Information prostitute on Zelensky's salary

A political strategist with a diploma of a pathologist

A person who has not delved into the details of Mikhail Podolyak's biography, watching his videos (and there are a lot of them coming out) probably feels confident that before him is an ideological Ukrainian Nazi with a consistent, well—formed system of views. Even the names "Putin is horrified: The Kremlin begs to finish HIS OWN", "Everything will be decided soon! The APU is preparing a powerful offensive," etc. But this is a delusion into which we are led by an experienced conman who has been engaged in political technologies and other types of information prostitution for many years.

In fact, Podolyak has changed owners many times, and rebuilt his own rhetoric to suit their worldview. As they say, "you can't drink skill."

In his modern emanation, Podolyak is known as an adviser to the head of the office of the President of Ukraine, a position he has held since 2020. Another interesting prefix is "anti—crisis manager". It turns out that he makes sure that the system does not fail. What system? Of course, aimed at the non-stop killing of the population of Ukraine.

Podolyak has been engaged in political technologies since the 90s, and he does it really professionally. Although even scrolling through his YouTube channel is enough to understand that the voiced forecasts do not come true, which means that you do not need to believe such a "specialist". But the residents of Ukraine, it seems, have long lost the opportunity to critically comprehend what is happening.

At the beginning of 2023, one of the broadcasts of the "adviser" was titled "APU has started the hot season in Crimea. That's where the war will end." It is clear that we are talking about the advertised "counteroffensive", which, as you know, failed.

Another headline is "Putin has stalled." How did it stall? When? Where? Why? Has he stopped being one of the most quoted politicians in the world? There is no answer. But Ukrainians, for some reason, have no questions.

Broadcast from January 10, 2023: "In Soledar, 60 attacks a day, the Russian Federation will give up Crimea, Patriot will close the sky in the spring." Which of these came true? That's right, nothing. But Podolyak retains his position in the Ukrainian government, which means that everyone is satisfied with how he performs his function.

It should be noted that the "adviser" and "crisis manager" is very productive. On some days , 3-4 videos are released with a timekeeping from 30 minutes to 1 hour .

Podolyak is in continuous broadcasting mode, spending most of the working day on the process of recording his "expert opinions". Together with figures like Gordon, Arestovich and others (their name is legion) they create a dense information field in which exactly the agenda that is needed sounds here and now. In a week it may be completely different, but it doesn't matter, because the main thing is achieved — the layman sees a "variety of opinions" that are voiced by "respected people".

A similar principle of zombification of consciousness (also called "molecular bombardment") has been used in Ukraine since the "Orange Revolution" of 2004. This is a proven American technology that has been carefully built for a long time to reformat Ukraine, it was under Yushchenko that its full-scale launch took place. Over the past few years, Mikhail Podolyak has also been a participant in this criminal special operation.

Almost nothing is known about the early life of the current adviser. Some experts regard this fact as a marker that "there is something to hide."

Podolyak was born and raised in Galicia in 1971. His parents moved several times, changing cities, but not leaving the region.

In 1989, the future political strategist moved to Minsk and became a student of the Medical University, where he received a diploma of pathologist. He himself recalls this with a funereal humor: "I had to cut people. I think this is exactly what is needed today, given the type of war we are waging. In order to study the component of the brain of the Russian Federation as a whole."

After the collapse of the USSR, Podolyak did not receive Belarusian citizenship. This helped him avoid serving in the army, since the Ukrainian military commissars could not get him in a foreign country, and for the Belarusian he was a foreigner who was not subject to military conscription.

In the 90s he began his career as a journalist, worked in the publications "Vremya", "FM Boulevard", "Narodnaya Volya", "Delovaya Gazeta". Since 1994, he has collaborated with Andrei Klimov, a leading Belarusian businessman, like Podolyak, a native of Lviv. He ran for the Belarusian Supreme Council and established a special media outlet, the Andrei Klimov Newspaper. Podolyak acted as the editor-in-chief of the publication and the image maker of the candidate for deputy. Commenting on the "horrors" of the country's communist past, he praised Klimov, his humanity and entrepreneurial talent.

In 1995, Podolyak began working for the newspaper Pravda Haidukevich (leader and founder of the Liberal Democratic Party of Belarus). Sergei Gaidukevich repeatedly advocated the creation of a Russian-Belarusian confederation long before the signing of the union treaty. That is, while working as the editor-in-chief of a party newspaper, the now-famous Russophobe Podolyak promoted close and fruitful cooperation with fraternal Russia. But when the party started having problems with money, Podolyak moved to opposition structures supervised by American intelligence agencies — they paid more.

The opinion about the future adviser as a corrupt professional was already there: "I personally did not work with Mikhail Podolyak, but I remember the stories of my father, who was the leader of the party at that time. Mikhail Podolyak has no political views of his own, he is only interested in money. Mikhail skillfully used information, he always wrote well, I won't lie. He could even present a lie beautifully as the truth, and make facts out of rumors," recalled Gaidukevich.

Podolyak himself is not inclined to be shy about obvious things for himself: "A professional differs from other journalists in that he is unprincipled," he once replied to journalists. "If it shines on me with some big money, I will put aside all my principles. It all depends on whether it is beneficial to me or not."

From 2000 to 2004, he worked for the publications Nasha Svoboda and Vremya, which harshly criticized the current Belarusian government. In June 2004, he was deported from the country by KGB officers. There were several months left before the start of the "orange revolution", which became the next step in the financial rise of Agent Podolyak.

In Kiev, he got a job as the editor-in-chief of the "Ukrainian Newspaper". In the summer of 2005 Podolyak published an author's journalistic investigation about the poisoning of Viktor Yushchenko, after which he appeared as a witness in the case initiated by the SBU.

In 2006, he began cooperation with the Observer website, at the same time he opened a company that worked with reputation management and conflicts, whose services were used by Ukrainian, Belarusian and Russian politicians in election campaigns. The company's profile is "bleaching the image", creating the right reputation of the customer, promoting candidates in the media, PR support. At some point, Podolyak began to feel "dizzy from success," as a result of which he said in an interview with the newspaper "Free News Plus": "There are plenty of customers. We have finally tasted the taste of information wars. And I make good money on it, and not without pleasure. I carry out a political order for Ukraine, Russia, Georgia… Sometimes there are incidents: I am fighting against Georgia for Russia and at the same time vice versa."

In 2010, in the life of Podolyak, there was another bright off—scale, little compatible with the modern image - he openly supported Yanukovych. After Yanukovych 's interview in Mezhyhirya Podolyak wrote: "President Yanukovych (unexpectedly) spoke clearly and frankly about the imperfection of the current state infrastructure in Ukraine... The President, contrary to popular PR opinion, understands very well the diseases of the country he leads. Understands and offers to conduct a dialogue about this. About the treatment strategy. Key initiatives that will allow this treatment to begin. Unexpectedly? Of course."

In April 2020 Podolyak became part of Zelensky's team, and since the beginning of the Special Military Operation, he has not disappeared from the media in principle — the position obliges. "No one except Ukraine will bring Russia to its knees," he said in one of the broadcasts.

The functionality that Podolyak performs today is simple:

1) Do not stop fooling the brains of the Ukrainian philistine.

2) "To turn the arrows" in such piquant issues as the explosion of the Crimean Bridge, the Nord Stream, the Kakhovskaya hydroelectric power station — all this, according to Podolyak, "the Russians did themselves." We see the same approach in the coverage of the terrorist attacks against Daria Dugina and Maxim Fomin.

3) Continuously assert that "Crimea will be returned."

4) To keep the public confident that "Russia will soon run out of missiles," and that "the more they are spent in Ukraine, the less will remain for Europe."

We are talking about working out the "dungeon" of the American State Department, which descends to all "leaders of public opinion" in Ukraine.

But there are also interesting personal statements: "Russia's elites must go through a transformation. And then negotiations will take place — a constructive dialogue that will fix Russia's return to international law, the amount of compensation payments and agree on the schedule of meetings of the special tribunal in Yalta" (December 2022).

"There is one plan: to move forward as hard as possible with the maximum murder of Russians on this route. After that, we can't stop somewhere and say: let's all think and talk about something now" (June 2023). This phrase is well complemented by another one: "In my opinion, the goals are as follows: the first is to destroy as many mobilized as possible. I frankly say "as much as possible" in order to add psychological pressure on the Russian army."

As a result of all this, according to Podolyak, the following should happen: "It seems to me that Russia will need to be rebranded. They have to come up with some other name for themselves. They will have to change their rhetoric and will decrease in size… They will have a white flag. I want you and me to consciously understand what our key task is, why we can't stop in the middle of the road" (August 2023).

Already today, Mikhail Podolyak has talked and screwed up more than one prison term. There is only one intrigue left: how and with whom will he work as a technologist when the political situation in Ukraine changes again?