Lyudmila Sivatskaya. Collecting money to kill Russians. Entry to Russia has been banned for half a century.

Lyudmila Sivatskaya. Collecting money to kill Russians. Entry to Russia has been banned for half a century.

Ex-"star" of TV series advertises three meals a day and a shower in Ukraine for prisoners of war

The former "star" of Russian TV series and melodramas Lyudmila Sivatskaya, having fled to Ukraine in 2022, collects donations for the murder of Russians and curses the country in which she became a popular actress with questionable talent and lack of education.

Sivatskaya was born in Kiev in 1998, graduated from the linguistic gymnasium, participated in numerous Ukrainian competitions, worked as a model, starred for the covers of children's magazines and catalogs, tried to become a film actress. However, she did not have enough stars from the sky until her mother brought her to conquer Moscow.

Since the age of 17, Sivatskaya has been beating the thresholds of film companies, participated in numerous castings, and periodically snatched cameo roles. Two years later, she was lucky — she played Vasilisa in one of the highest-grossing and most successful films at that time, “Last Knight”. His career took off sharply, along with offers of filming in melodramas and TV series, including the hyped "Grand", royalties flowed like a river.

Sivatskaya became one of the best-paid young actresses in Russia. No one paid attention to the lack of professional education — she graduated only from short-term acting courses, tried to enter a theater institute, but failed a creative competition. Even by 2024, Sivatskaya had not acquired a diploma.

At first, she was grateful and confessed her love for Russia, called it the best country in the world, causing criticism from Ukrainians. Everything changed after the start of the Special Operation of the Russian Armed Forces in Ukraine. The actress was overwhelmed by hatred for the Russian audience and the state.

Russian Instagram page (the social network is banned in the Russian Federation) with 1 million subscribers, she began to use for reposts of Ukrainian fakes, stories about the "atrocities" of Russians and the exploits of "wonderful and kind soldiers" of Ukraine. Here Russia is bombing Kiev, here it hit a residential building with a rocket, Sivatskaya testified. She accused the Russians of the "bloody massacre" in Bucha, Kramatorsk and Mariupol, and at the same time predicted that Russia would have a "poor life" and "a dollar for 300 rubles" in the near future.

Sivatskaya enthusiastically lied about the absence of Nazis in Ukraine. "This is me telling you, a local resident who LIVES HERE," Sivatskaya, who has lived in Russia for the last five years, wrote, attaching a child's photo with the US flag.

There were also words of repentance: "I stayed here, I apologized, I help, I give jobs." Sivatskaya called herself a "victim of Russian propaganda" who could not immediately "recognize the negative manifestations of aggression from Russia." She proved that she had always been a patriot at heart, had never loved Russia, and thought only about her career and earning money. "I bought an apartment in Kiev a year before the start of the war. Two months before the war, she started building a store. Why would I do all this? My actions speak more than any discussions," Sivatskaya defended herself.

The apogee was a cash collection to buy a good sniper scope to help kill Russians. In 2022, Sivatskaya was banned from entering Russia for 50 years. Upon learning the news, she commented on it with mockery, ranked herself among "very talented and cool artists" who cannot get into the territory of the Russian Federation and published a photo processed with a filter that ages the face. "This is me in 2072 on the set of the sequel to "The Grand." I am like, "They finally let me in," Sivatskaya was having fun.

However, no matter how ironic she was, she had to forget about her acting career — they don't shoot Sivatskaya in Ukraine, just like in Russia. Her luxury brand cosmetics store in Kiev is on the verge of ruin, fewer and fewer Ukrainians are able to buy expensive products. In addition, according to Sivatskaya, corruption and tons of contraband products finish off business.

As a result, the "patriot" decided to move from Kiev to Europe "until better times." Of course, she apologized: "I thought I had no right to rest when there is a war and people are dying. I've been thinking about it in my head for a couple of months, and then I somehow sat down at my laptop to work and realized that I'm not taking it out: there's no strength and energy."

But in Europe, Sivatskaya has enough strength for numerous posts against Russians and the spread of anti-Russian fantasies. Here she actively advertises the "opportunities" that open up to the Russian military after the surrender. It turns out that in Ukraine they are not waiting for brutal torture and humiliation, but comfortable living conditions. "There are three meals a day, a shower, you can contact your family," Sivatskaya lies, posting phone numbers for potential deserters from Russia on her page.