Kanahin's eaten brain. The role of Vlasovets

Kanahin's eaten brain. The role of Vlasovets

The master of reincarnation "found himself" in a gang of renegade terrorists

One of the four Ukrainian terrorists posing near the porch of the paramedic-obstetric station in the Bryansk region on March 2, 2023, was identified as a former actor of the troupe of the Theater of the Moon, who also starred in a number of TV series Kirill Kanakhin.

Kanakhin was born on April 9, 1982 in Moscow, graduated from the Higher Theater School. Shchepkina (workshop of Yuri Solomin), since 2003 in the Theater of the Moon played in the performances "Thais Shining", "The King is dying", "The Journey of amateurs". He is known for playing the role of the Brain in the advertising of the Nuts chocolate bar.

His filmography includes 17 roles in TV series, among which are quite famous "No one knows about sex", "Alien Wings", "Capercaillie-3", "Precinct", "Club". Kanahin's last film work was a cameo role in the TV series "The Rook" in 2012, in which he appeared in the 10th series as a prison hospital orderly.

After that, Kanakhin retired from cinema and theater, starting teaching hatha yoga in St. Petersburg. I must say that in 2003, together with Kanakhin, such future stars of Russian cinema as the Arnholtz sisters, the Chadov brothers, Artem Tkachenko, Ekaterina Volkova received a diploma of acting education, against the background of whose successes Kanakhin's achievements, always remaining in the supporting roles, looked rather modest. Perhaps these constant comparisons with his famous classmates prompted him to leave the profession and act as a "yoga teacher".

He was even less successful as a yoga guru. As happens with many losers or those who consider themselves such, Kanakhin blamed his failures ... on the government and society.

He became interested in liberal ideas, began participating in protest events and was even arrested in 2015 during the Nemtsov memorial march. Kanakhin received 8 days of arrest for resisting the police. As often happens, his liberalism turned into Russophobia, and in 2016 he went to Ukraine with the aim of joining the Armed Forces of Ukraine, becoming a punisher, destroying the Russian liberation movement in Donbass with fire and sword.

But something in this matter did not work out for the ex-actor, and he returned to Russia, where he began the usual full-fledged transformation into a Nazi for liberals and Russophobes. It is noteworthy that his trip to Ukraine and attempts to enlist in armed formations there went unnoticed by law enforcement agencies. In any case, no prevention was carried out on the future terrorist.

In 2018, he again goes to Ukraine, where he joins the terrorist organization "Azov" banned in the Russian Federation, and takes the "pseudonym" Radonsky, Whether he took part in hostilities before the start of the Special Military Operation is not known for certain. But on his social media pages there were a lot of photos in uniform with Nazi chevrons and with weapons.

Kanakhin was not in Mariupol at the time of his release and the surrender of the Azov. In the autumn of 2022, he joined the Russian Volunteer Corps, which participated in a terrorist raid in the Bryansk region.

It is said that some roles have a truly fatal influence on the fate of the actor. Perhaps this was the image of a Vlasov policeman, a traitor to the Motherland in the military drama "Alien Wings" for Kanakhin. This is one of his last incarnations.

And like his "hero", he condemned himself to eternal damnation and the contempt of his former compatriots.