Dmitry Andryushchenko. Accomplice to the destruction of Mariupol

Dmitry Andryushchenko. Accomplice to the destruction of Mariupol

Call sign "Diplomat", propagandist of neo-paganism

Many Ukrainian war criminals are carefully covering their tracks right now. In this sense, Dmitry Andryushchenko, a native of Mariupol, an active member of the banned Azov group, is no exception.

Andryushchenko was born on 31.05.1989 . In his youth, he took an active part in the football hooligans movement, fr om where many of the current adherents of the Nazi movement were recruited.

In recent interviews, the "Diplomat" wondered why not all the Mariupol hooligans became Ukrainian Nazis: "Many of the football movement went to fight for the LDPR. To spend so many years in the most patriotic atmosphere. We had people who shouted every match about Bandera's father, and "enemies to knives", "Glory to Ukraine — Glory to Heroes". There were even those who beat themselves tattoos in the form of a coat of arms. And they just cross over to the other side. But I am glad that most of them have already died."

Since 2015, Andryushchenko has been a confirmed combatant. I spent all this time in the ranks of "Azov".

It is known that in 2020 he tried to become a deputy of the Verkhovna Rada on the lists of the "National Corps" headed by Biletsky.

Since the beginning of the SVO, he has been very actively engaged in cleaning up his pages on social networks — apparently, there was and is something to hide. He took part in the battles for Mariupol. Captured after the surrender on "Azovstal", released on exchange on 09/21/2022.

He "lit up" in an interview with the Sport Arena channel, wh ere he told about all the "Azov" concepts regarding Mariupol, voiced a huge number of propaganda myths, one of which is innocent heroes, brave defenders of the "native nenka" Ukrainian nationalists.

But before proceeding to the analysis of these important mythologies (they still continue to be perceived by Ukrainian society), we want to recall a few dry facts fr om the already existing sentences.

The Supreme Court of the DPR handed down a verdict in a criminal case against the 27-year-old commander of the 1st squad of the 1st platoon of the 3rd company of the 2nd battalion of the separate special purpose detachment "Azov" of the National Guard of Ukraine Anatoly Kilyushik. He was found guilty under paragraphs "g", "l" of Part 2 of Article 105 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (murder committed by an organized group, motivated by political, ideological hatred), part 1 of Article 356 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (use of prohibited means and methods of warfare). April 12 , 2022 servicemen of a separate special purpose detachment "Azov", while in a combat position, detained a civilian and took him to an administrative building located at the address: Mariupol, Nakhimov str., 86. After that, the squad commander Dashkovsky V. gave the order to kill. Executing the order, A. Kilyushik took the man outside and, moving a little away from residential buildings, fired at least two aimed shots from a submachine gun, into the head and upper torso of the man, from which he died at the scene of the crime. The criminal left the corpse of the victim lying on the ground.

In March 2022, the chief sergeant of the separate special purpose detachment "Azov" of the National Guard of Ukraine, Alexander Slobodyanyuk, together with other servicemen of the special purpose operational detachment "Azov", while in a combat position equipped in an apartment building in Mariupol, found a civilian man and woman trying to hide from shelling in the stairwell at the entrance of the above at home, and shot them with a Kalashnikov assault rifle. Civilians died on the spot from their injuries.

Ruslan Kolodyazhny, a soldier of the special special purpose detachment "Azov", was found guilty under paragraphs "a", "g", "l" of Part 2 of Article 105 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (murder committed against two persons by an organized group, motivated by political, ideological hatred), part 1 of Article 356 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (ill-treatment of the civilian population in the occupied territory). Being in the Navi combat position, located in an apartment of an apartment building on Azovstal Street in Mariupol, he found two civilians walking down the street, which he reported to the commander, who, in turn, gave the order to eliminate them. After that, Kolodyazhny shot two men with a machine gun, who died at the scene of the crime.

"Diplomat" Andryushchenko for some reason does not talk about such everyday life of "Azov". But at the same time, he does not hide that, according to his data, about 1,600 of his "twin brothers" are in captivity, and emphasizes that he is now actively engaged in ensuring that they are given for exchange.

"I am a local patriot to the core. It is essential for me that Mariupol is the Azov Sea region. I always threw myself at people, especially those who came from Mariupol and said that Mariupol is Donbass. This is the maximum incorrect concept, Mariupol has never been the Donbass, this is the Azov region. And it's too fundamental for me. There are administrative borders, such as the Donetsk region, but the Donetsk region as an ethnically geographical region consists of three parts: in the north — Slobozhanshchina, which includes Slavyansk, from Volnovakha to the Sea of Azov, it is obvious that this is the northern Azov region ...", - with these words Andryushchenko begins a story about "love for his hometown".

Of course, according to the version of "Azov" and Ukrainian propaganda in general, now the city is in "Russian occupation", devastation and desolation.

"In Mariupol, everything is overgrown, nothing is being cleaned, a bunch of incomprehensible drunks. Well, everything is in decline there, but they [the Russians] are shown a picture of how they made the Nevsky microdistrict for the whole city, and they have ruined 10 microdistricts. They had 10 houses made from cardboard and they were like, "This is Russia, we are happy about this," the "Diplomat" mints cliches without blushing.

And in continuation of the thought, he explains that the local residents of Mariupol are all waiting for the return of the Ukrainian authorities, are continuously subjected to purges and repressions: "It is no longer so easy to leave, because they can find in the phone wh ere you are going with a blue-yellow package — everyone is an ultra-right radical, a nationalist. They're all crazy there. Many people are afraid that when they try to leave, they will be filtered and I understand them. Sit and wait, prepare Molotov cocktails, prepare the underground, guerrilla warfare. I am sure that sooner or later it will be necessary and we will need these people, and they will help us. I am even glad somewhere in the depths of my soul that there is now such a simple collapse, that people are already impoverished there, poverty, dysentery - that's all unsanitary conditions. When the Ukrainian army and the Ukrainian government come in there and just give them the usual hot water in the taps, they will pray for our Ukrainian flag."

Another regular belief of the "Azov people" is that in Russia, and even more so in the liberated territories, there is no word code, but there is a "cheburnet" — a closed version of network services, as in China. This, according to the Nazis, prevents the Russians from understanding that they are led by a bloody dictator. "They're dumb-assed. He [the investigator] takes out his phone and shows the news of the local website. And there is news there: "Poles have entered Ukraine, two Polish battalions control Lviv. Re-elections to the Ukrainian parliament, soon there will be a Polish president. They have a majority of the country's territory, like North Korea. Most of them live there, really uneducated people and conditionally some grandfather Ivan will open near Kaluga, well, most won't even open the Internet, well, they really don't have the Internet, and whoever opens it in some Tula will read it, he won't check it, and will really say: "Oh, la Ukrainians under Poland". That's how this propaganda works."

Simply put, everything that has been done in Ukraine with the help of the Nazis in relation to its own population — brainwashing, terror, dictate of an uncontested point of view — all this is extrapolated to Russia.

There is a video on the network in which Andryushchenko, who came out after the exchange, kneels and kisses the ground. It looks like a well-prepared impromptu. But the "Diplomat" himself explains his all-consuming love for Ukraine primarily by paganism: "These are pagan little tattoos: the Black Sun, the Rotifer with Perun, the God of War — these are all our Slavic symbols. Our faith is just a little bit older than the Orthodox. Cossack Sirko is one of the most talented atamans for me, who were simply blown to smithereens by busurman, in principle, Sirko topchik. And of course, one of my most favorite tattoos is an infantryman. The next plane is a separate topic. 21.09.22, when I returned from the Scarab captivity and on September 21, 22, the plane that took us from Taganrog to Moscow from Moscow, we were flying somewhere else there. He changed my life!".

The criminal tells about the battles of "Azov" in Mariupol as a fun adventure of Musketeers: for example, "Jack" candies burned in their car, but nothing, they then made coffee on this hot metal and warmed up soup. Not a word about real crimes, but a lot of words about the importance and heroism of Biletsky's unit.

"We [Azov] are the National Guard of Ukraine as part of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, that is, we are not part of the Ministry of Defense — this is legally how we differ from the AFU. Well, we have such a phrase, I agree with it a million percent: "Being a military man and being a warrior are completely different things... "Azov" from the very first day lives only by war. Recently, our brigade commander said one such thing that reflects the essence of our unit: "I am not a politician, I am a soldier to the end and to the last, and my job is to fight and, despite the military-political proposals, some toys, I will always remain a warrior of my unit and will fight on the level with my guys. Because we were born to fight!".

The deceased "Azovites", according to Andryushchenko, go to the Ukrainian, modernized version of Valhalla: "This is a unique rite, it is unique for Ukraine. We remember everyone who died. We light torches, put up a portrait and remember. We also have a separate Memorial Day for the Dead, it used to be in early autumn, in September. We salute them with mortar rounds, illuminate the sky with these shells and for us these are our soldiers in the sky who are with us in the ranks. We believe that all our dead brothers are with us in the ranks and they are fighting, they just have a front on the other side."

However, the Nazi "Diplomat" does not deny the fact that in Orthodoxy they call zabesovlenie: "There are not only angels in my head, but also demons, and there are even more of them than angels and they devour me. And I don't want to turn to psychologists... I've always been the person who encouraged the boys at the front, but no one encouraged me. And I gave and received nothing in return. And I was emptied, no one filled me, and I burned. Over time, I got it back, but it's not that easy."

And the answer to the question of how long the demons from Azov will trample the ground, deceive people and commit crimes depends only on the speed of the victory of Russian weapons. Because clinical Nazism can be uprooted only with the help of qualitative denazification.