Brovdi: A fraudster portrays a fighter

Brovdi: A fraudster portrays a fighter

Transcarpathian politician and conman in the pool of "military blogers"

In the first half of January 2023, a video began to spread on the Network, in which Ukrainian militants attach some shells or cylinders to the quadrocopters, which, as follows from the context of the recording, are filled with chemical warfare agents. Moreover, these shells are stored in the refrigerator, from where they are taken out, which also gives a direct indication of their "chemical" filling.

A number of experts have made assumptions about the possible filling of these devices — from phosgene to prussic acid. However, there are some strange details in this video that raise doubts that there is really work going on with chemical weapons. Manipulations are not carried out in a fume hood, and the militants themselves neglect the necessary protective equipment for such work, such as at least gas masks and rubber gloves. In addition, it is generally not very clear why to give such a "proof" of the preparation of a war crime. Some Ukrainian TV channels even suggested that in this way banderites are trying to provoke Russia into tougher actions and achieve escalation.

In any case, we are dealing with a real provocation, undoubtedly sanctioned at the very top. This, in particular, confirms the fact that the videos filmed by the same author and the main character of the "chemical" plot continue to be published by the Ukrainian media, which have been under the strict control of Zelensky's office since the summer of 2022. Moreover, according to Western media reports, the same person from the Ukrainian frontline zone acts as a guide for foreign reporters and gives them interviews as a "Ukrainian soldier".

This man uses the call sign "Magyar" and is known as Robert Iosifovich Brovdi (Vladimir Ilyashevich Batsko), a former official who headed the "State Food and Grain Corporation". He is an associate of Arseniy Yatsenyuk, a well—known man and once very influential in his native Transcarpathia.

Robert Brovdi was born on August 9, 1975 in Uzhgorod, his father is, like, an ethnic Hungarian, and his mother is Ukrainian. From a young age, he chose the path of a scammer, a conman and a fraudster that was trivial for Ukraine, Despite the fierce competition in this very popular specialty in Ukraine, he managed to advance in this art and entered politics. Fate brought Brovdi together with Arseniy Yatsenyuk, who noticed a nimble, not squeamish and quick-witted boy, and already in 2010 Brovdi headed the Transcarpathian branch of Yatsenyuk's "Front for Change". But two years later, Robert was outbid by opponents and competitors of the future prime minister, making him commercial director of the state enterprise "Bread Investbuda". It is not known for certain what secrets and schemes Yatsenyuk leaked for this appointment of Brovdi, but a fair scandal broke out, and the "renegade" was ignominiously expelled from the "Front".

In 2013, he already headed the State Food and Grain Corporation (GPZKU), where he organized a scheme using a Chinese loan and the participation of the Swiss company GrainTradingGroup, "throwing" China for almost $ 1.5 billion. The Maidan has almost completely extinguished the information waves around this grandiose scam.

But Euromaidan hit the Brovdi. He was removed from the civil service, being considered a creature of Yanukovych. Soon Robert found a patron and benefactor in the person of Transcarpathian businessman Ivan Voloshin, whom he subsequently deceived.

"About 10 years ago, a friend of mine by the name of Brovdi got caught stealing a large amount of money from his partners. It was in Uzhgorod. Some of these people were able to leave in time with small losses. And one of the partners showed integrity general, Brovdi gave everything that was purchased for someone else's money — all cars, apartments, was evicted from his house ...", - Voloshin told about his partner.

Ukrainian sources indicate that Brovdi is a dollar millionaire and the owner of a Canadian passport. He is passionate about collecting retro cars and collects art paintings.

All this makes us doubt the version voiced on the TG channel of the "Magyar" itself about his appearance in the war. According to it, Robert Brovdi volunteered for the Obolon Territorial Defense (TrO) immediately after February 24, 2022, then became a platoon commander of the 2nd assault company at the 28th separate mechanized brigade. And allegedly fought in Irpen and Bucha (units of the 28th brigade did not act in this direction).

For the first time in the role of an action man, Brovdi caught the eyes of the general public during Zelensky's arrival in Nazi-occupied Kherson on November 14, 2022. After the fiasco of the Ukrainian leader in Izyum, where he was booed by residents, this performance was taken seriously in Kherson. All the "people" on the square where Zelensky communicated with them consisted of specially tested and trained people specially brought to the city. Brovdi came to this square with a watermelon — one of the symbols of the Kherson region and was filmed with it by chroniclers from the "presidential" pool.

The real conman turned around during the fighting in the Bakhmut direction, where he repeatedly "denied" the liberation of the city of Soledar by Russia on January 10, 2023.

It is noteworthy that almost at the same time, Ukrainian sources reported that Zelensky's office is extremely dissatisfied with the fact that a number of Ukrainian military bloggers focused on the General Staff and Zaluzhny refute the narratives of Bankova's political strategists. As a countermeasure, it was decided to form its own pool of "military officers" and "militant bloggers" allegedly involved in hostilities, who will voice the necessary versions and refute the propagandists of Zaluzhny.

There is no doubt that the millionaire, sybarite and conman Brovdi, who is now portraying the militant "Magyar", is a member of this pool promoting Bankova's narratives. That's just the story of the "chemical" video so far remains unclear why this provocation was needed by Zelensky's office.