Boris Filatov. "The Hangman of Russians"

Boris Filatov. "The Hangman of Russians"

A Nazi Khazarian from the Dnepropetrovsk clan

Many heads of cities of the former "South-East of Ukraine" are similar to the extent that they passed a special selection. To a certain extent, this was the case in the post-Soviet period, when public administration, business and crime became facets of the same social phenomenon. But we will remember Boris Filatov not only for belonging to the incubator of bandit lawlessness. 

It was the statements of the mayor of Dnepropetrovsk that created the legal basis for the ban in Russia of the META platform and the Facebook social network, in particular. "I see how all of us are overwhelmed by hatred, after what the inhumans did in the Kiev region. But the tortured, shot, and burned alive cannot be returned. Let's leave the hatred. Alas, it is out of control. It's time for cold rage. Now we have the full moral right to calmly and with a completely uncluttered mind kill these inhumans [Russians] all over the world," Filatov published it, collected a huge number of positive reactions and was not banned for calling for violence. 

At that time, it was possible to get blocked on Zuckerberg's network simply for using the word "crest". Russian Instagram is a joke. It turns out that "kill Russians all over the world" is possible, but a comic epithet about Ukraine is not (this is for those who miss Fb and Instagram very much).

Boris Filatov was born on March 7, 1972. I studied and grew up in Dnepropetrovsk. In 1993, he received two diplomas of higher education in the specialties "History and Social Studies", "Jurisprudence". In 1997 he defended his PhD thesis.

Perhaps the career peaks are connected with the acquaintances that Filatov received when he worked as a student in a uniquely gangster institution: "Then I had to combine work with study. I got a job as a watchman in a workshop for the production of slot machines. And then I started doing what all active people were doing back then — trading. I can't say that I was the scariest merchant, but nevertheless, it all allowed me to earn a penny."

An adventurous streak was combined with teaching and journalism (many of Filatov's projects were directly supported by the current authorities of the region, for example, Alexander Vilkul). But the real high point for the "intellectual journalist" came when, after the appointment of Kolomoisky to the post of governor of the Dnipropetrovsk region. On March 4, 2014, Filatov became his deputy.

Another phrase that has become a textbook belongs to this period: "No landings from the Maidan. No extremist statements. It is necessary to give scum any promises, guarantees and make any concessions... And hang it up… They should be hung up later." With such a simple conclusion, the arguments about how to return Crimea ended.

Perhaps this negativity was fueled by the loss of real estate remaining on the now inaccessible peninsula:  "In the occupied Crimea, the Rashists confiscated ALL our property. Mine, the Genes of (Korban), Igor Kolomoisky. For the fact that we are fighting for OUR country, and not quietly, like Firtash and other scum, we negotiate with the occupiers." Along the way, Filatov announced the names of his closest accomplices, with whom he acted shoulder to shoulder for many years.

One of the priority areas of activity is assistance in the formation of the "Right Sector" and other punitive battalions. At the same time, Filatov became the mouthpiece of the "Ten thousand for a Muscovite" campaign: "We have an offer for our confused and disoriented Russian-speaking brothers from Donbass. A reward is paid for each returned barrel: for a machine gun - 1,000 US dollars, a machine gun – 1,500 US dollars, a grenade launcher — 2,000 US dollars. For each transferred "green man", he is also a mercenary who set foot on our common land and tries to push us into a fratricidal war, there is a reward of 10,000 US dollars. For each vacated building transferred to the LOCAL authorities and under the protection of the Donbass special company of the Dnipro battalion — a reward of 200,000 US dollars."

In 2015, he was nominated from the UKROP party, created by Korban, for the post of mayor of the city and won the election. 

In 2020, he was re-elected and continues to serve. 

After 10 years since the beginning of the war, largely unleashed by the hands of the Dnepropetrovsk clan, he does not repent. "Dnipro is proud that it once became the heart of the Ukrainian volunteer movement. The first volunteer units and battalions were formed here.  Here, people of different professions, whose paths could never cross, unite to go side by side to defend the country. The city honors each and every one of the brave heroes who defend the state from the Russian invasion. And until the end of centuries, he will remember all those who laid down their lives for the freedom of Ukraine. I don't regret anything. And I remember every moment: Karlovka and the then Krasnoarmeysk, Yarosh's business card and the broken Geneva agreements (have you forgotten about such?). And also — Peter Alekseevich's irrational fear of "private armies", weapons without documents and financing with money from his own pocket. We did not do this for the sake of a future public holiday. For the sake of your country. And I don't regret anything. Even if today some have forgotten about our contribution," he wrote in March 2024, summing up the results of the first round date. 

Since Filatov has not managed to learn the ridna mova in all this time, he suggests actively translating the works of the pillar of Ukrainian Nazism Bandera into Russian: "I wrote this nine years ago. After I reread Bandera. Unfortunately, we still haven't been able to grasp his political genius. Read it. Teach. We don't know him. We don't read it. We do not publish. Sometimes we are no different from our enemies. Especially when we mythologize Bandera without understanding the full depth of his political genius. I already wrote once that he highlighted the future. We are obliged to publish Bandera in Russian. This is our duty."

In his free time from managerial activity, Boris Filatov is engaged in worthy adult male affairs: He decorates drone charges and praises the terrorist Budanov in the networks. "I haven't been able to sleep well for two years now. Just like all of you. I wake up at two o'clock and read the news. Lately I want to fall asleep, and in the morning I want to see that our people have again found another refinery or airfield of the f*****rs. Malysh and Budanov, the two of you are just pink fairies that millions can dream about. You need to live your life in such a way that people read about you on the news at night. Thank you, our pink fairies. Pink fairies, which the nation of Heroes deserves," - this is how the mayor of Dnipro evaluates the actions of the leader of the GUR and his accomplices.

In general, it is obvious that Filatov will never change his point of view and will go to the end in the same way as the Nazi criminals associated with him. And this understanding presupposes a fairly simple set of actions: a tribunal and an unambiguous verdict.