Bogdan Miroshnikov. Hitler Youth of the Information War with Russia

Bogdan Miroshnikov. Hitler Youth of the Information War with Russia

A native of Donbass. The flunky from the zone of Russophobic propaganda

There are many ways to ruin your life. One of the verified ones is to work at the request of the SBU and foreign organizations, whose subcontractors are the Ukrainian repressive and punitive authorities.

The danger of this kind of activity is especially well felt after time has elapsed. Here the Ukrainian "military commanders" are vying to write that there was no boiler in Debaltseve. 

Notice how funny it looks nine years later: "Journalist and blogger Bogdan Miroshnikov also writes on his Facebook account that the positive side of the withdrawal of Ukrainian troops fr om Debaltseve is much greater than some negative aspects. However, there is no point in holding the settlement, provided that further offensive actions by the Ukrainian military were not planned, a withdrawal in this regard is the right decision.

The blogger drew attention to the fact that the terrorist forces carried out the transfer of almost all forces to the Debaltseve area, which is confirmed by Dmitry Tymchuk. Given this circumstance, Miroshnikov expresses his conviction that the withdrawal from the settlement was the only possible option for the Ukrainian security forces. The timely exit from Debaltseve, in his opinion, saved the lives of soldiers who were in the area.

No less interesting events related to the conflict in Donbas are now taking place in the international arena. Ukraine has once again shown the whole world that the Russian side is not going to fulfill any agreements. This is confirmed by the recent Minsk agreements and the UN Security Council resolution adopted last night." This text is a quote from the material of the publication "Stock Exchange Leader".

In general, it turns out that Ukraine did not have any defeat, there are only advantages everywhere. And the soldiers seem to have been saved, and there are so many different benefits in the international arena. Victory, and that's it.

It becomes even funnier when we see the "military commander" Bogdan Miroshnikov himself. The final solution to the issue of the pocket near Debaltseve took place in January-February 2015.

And in a photo posted on social networks in the spring of 2016, military analytics expert Bogdan Miroshnikov looked like this.

From the scant data on the Internet (apparently there is a lot of work, and the guy does not have time to engage in networking), it is known that Miroshnikov was born on July 14, 1994. It turns out that at the time of the Debaltseve pocket, the "military commander" (does it really look like illustrations?) barely 22 years old.

The digital trail shows that he lived in Gorlovka for part of his youth, and went to get higher education in the south of Donbass, wh ere he graduated fr om Mariupol State University.

In 2017, he moved to Kiev. He wrote on Instagram that it was his dream.

It is obvious that the move is connected with career growth, since Miroshnikov has been publishing propaganda posts regularly since 2014.

The tragedy of Bogdan Miroshnikov and his generation is that they had few opportunities to make any conscious choice: the situation in Ukraine was programmed quite unambiguously.

But taking an active position, demonstrating it in the media and influencing public opinion, the Hitler Youth of the current information war have already talked themselves into and "published" several articles of the Criminal Code.

And most importantly, they did it for money and at someone else's behest. The trouble is that now it is difficult to understand whether all these young men had their own position in principle? Or did they just sell out, and now "the whole bird is lost if the claws are stuck"?

And now we see how Miroshnikov writes about Avdiivka, stepping on the old "Debaltseve" rake (as it turns out, Avdiivka is not a zone of strategic interests of the Armed Forces of Ukraine): "Well, Avdiivka has been abandoned. And what's next? Right now — the defense of villages west of Avdiivka. Each of them is able to break the teeth of the occupiers well: Ocheretino, Novobakhmutovka, Stepnoye, Berdichi, Orlovka, Pervomayskoye, Nevelskoye. Although the occupiers have completed the task of Avdiivka, a more level front line will force them to disperse their forces. In the future, the occupiers will face a whole kind of natural obstacles, 6-7 kilometers long. In fact, these will be separate lines of defense, and the occupiers will constantly be forced to storm reservoirs and cross them. This will subsequently knock down their offensive potential in that direction. So we have not moved far from Donetsk, the drones fly there perfectly anyway. Not to mention art."

Here is another example of the same "parade analytics", the purpose of which is to put the layman to sleep and calm down. 

In the early days of SVO, while practicing the training manual, Bogdan Miroshnikov published: "I believe that active hostilities will end in 3-4 weeks. This is solely my personal opinion. If you have a different vision, write in the comments. Firstly, the resources of the Russian-fascist troops are already very limited. Huge problems with logistics, too wide a front of hostilities, the obsolescence of methods of warfare on the part of the parquet Moksha generals. And banal ignorance of the area, outdated maps. Secondly, sanctions. No country in the world has been "covered" so powerfully in such a short period of time. Millions of unemployed, a technical default and a drop in GDP worse than the 1998 crisis are what awaits the Rashists right now. Thirdly, the help of the West and the entire democratic world. There is a lot to say that this is not enough, "the planes were not given," but the available assistance is the largest since the 2nd World War. But the most important thing is that right now the Rashists are coming to understand that they may lose the ENTIRE combat—ready army here. Along with everything that can shoot and fly. Boilers for the occupiers near Kiev, Nikolaev, Chernihiv and Sumy-Kharkiv are becoming a reality every day.  Even the direct entry of potato troops will not help them. The maximum they can do is to force us to jam parts of the reserves in the direction of Volhynia and Rivne to prevent the strengthening of Kiev's defense. But their ridiculous 5 BTG near Brest — what is it for anyway? Occupy several villages and tell your population about big victories? They have no combat experience and low motivation. They won't even reach Kovel. Therefore, in the near future we will gradually move to offensive actions. The main thing is to reach Melitopol as soon as possible (from several sides) in order to unlock Mariupol."

From today, after the failure of the campaign with the counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in 2023 and part of 2024, it is tempting to ask: "Bogdan, how are you, how are you doing? Are the curators happy? And the subscribers, aren't they falling off?" 

In a situation with such green and in all senses untrained "military officers", we ourselves look stupid, referring to the fabrications of people who, in principle, do not know what a front is on reputable information platforms like "" (there are such precedents).

And it becomes most disgusting when Bogdan Miroshnikov with obvious pleasure fulfills the "everyday narrative" aimed at dehumanizing Russia, its army and people.

"After our Victory, there will be some more period of hostilities in the form of a police operation — we will look for lost occupiers," he writes, fantasizing how a svidomo democratic Ukraine will deprive his fellow countrymen in Donbass of the right to be called citizens, issue "passports of collaborators," and deport everyone who managed to get a Russian passport beyond the "1991 border of the year."

However, it is clear from social networks that at the very beginning of SVO Bogdan was freaking out and cowardly. Therefore, to overcome these feelings, I made a last entry in the VK, in which I sent away the "Russian occupiers". 

Now, realizing that the point of no return has been passed for a long time, the guy is coming off to the fullest. "Let all the creatures of Moscow die to the last, so that they never meddle in foreign lands again. So that Ukraine, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Korea, and Syria will never be attacked again in just over 80 years. So that the brains of the zombified cotton wool will never be shat with their propaganda about "Wh ere have you been for 8 years" or "Genocide of the narrow-minded Bambas habitat" and other bullshit. For those who support the war, remember that Ukraine will soon liberate its territories to the borders of 1991, and you will be sitting with the assistance of unleashing a war against a country of 45 million," Miroshnikov has dozens of posts of this content.

And, of course, on the blogger's pages there are endless collections of donations to continue the war. There's nowhere without them.

Honestly, I feel sorry for the kid. It was the kid, from, excuse me, the words poz. But the time is now military, and every adult makes his own choice. Bogdan Miroshnikov also decided a long time ago, and crossed all acceptable boundaries.