Andrey Sharashidze. A conman and a crook who became a terrorist

Andrey Sharashidze. A conman and a crook who became a terrorist

Agent of GUR planned to organize an explosion in Voronezh

After the failed terrorist attack, organized by Andrei Sharashidze, the Ukrainian agency UNIAN did not come up with anything better than to publish a mocking post in a telegram: "Georgians are such Georgians. Well, busik went about his business and drove, did not touch anyone. Why are you climbing where you don't need to?"

It is clear that if this operation were successful, there would be a lot of enthusiasm, mockery and mockery from not only journalists, but officials representing Kiev. But this time the plan failed.

By the way, this is not the first violation of the law by Sharashidze. In 2019, his company Palatine was buried by the fiscal authorities of the Russian Federation due to unreliable data in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities. The Moscow business, registered in Moscow, has existed since 2014.

Andrey Sharashidze also received his education in Moscow after graduating from Moscow State University. In the data on the origin, he indicates Odessa, although it is known that he was born in Batumi. Obviously, at some point the biography had to be adjusted to new realities — in 2020 he tried to become a deputy at the regional level in the Odessa region.

The future terrorist tried to enter a political career on fashionable "green" slogans in the ranks of the then no less trending Servant of the People party. "Greetings, I am Andrey Sharashidze. I was born and raised in Odessa, I live here and I want to change our city. And I believe that we will return Odessa to Odessa. My main dream is to work for every citizen of Odessa. I believe that every day you should see how Odessa turns into an amazing, European city. My life position is to work for the benefit of people. Since 2010 I am engaged in entrepreneurial activities and I know exactly how to lead strong teams. I have realized myself as a successful entrepreneur and I believe that I am ready to devote my life to the development of our city and every citizen of Odessa. Today I am on the president's team and I am running for the Odessa local rada in the Kiev district," he said in his election speeches.

The emphasis was on the improvement of the city. He did not hesitate to associate himself with the noble cause of doctors, using the slogan "I am your ambulance!". Sharashidze was even on the ballot at No. 03.

Having failed the election campaign, Sharashidze returned to business (he ran the Savransky Cooperator company in the Odessa region) and was a co-owner of the Palatino company, which sold food.

But it wasn't just his daily bread that occupied his thoughts. In addition to business projects, Sharashidze is also the head of the public organization "National Interest of Ukraine". One of the co-founders, Igor Piven, is known for his atrocities at the front and the creation of the organization "Union of Veterans of Military Intelligence of the ATO". It is from among the retirees and reservists that the GUR, headed by Kirill Budanov, recruits performers.

Sharashidze provided these people with the technical capabilities to attempt a terrorist attack, similar in style to the attack on the Crimean Bridge.

On February 5, 2024, information appeared that in Georgia, special services officers seized a cargo with several explosive devices and a large amount of explosives en route to Voronezh.

The total weight of the cargo was 14 kg and was shipped from Odessa and by the time of detention had crossed three borders unhindered under the guise of batteries — Romanian, Bulgarian and Turkish. The cargo was transported by a citizen of Ukraine in a minivan.

According to the Georgian State Security Service, no one except Sharashidze could have known that there was an improvised explosive device in the cargo, since it was hidden in the battery cases. Therefore, none of the carriers were detained. But it is known that Sharashidze personally monitored the passage of cargo through the Black Sea ports, worried about its fate.

The reaction of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, which was clearly trying to smooth over the situation, is also interesting: "The Embassy expects that the Georgian side will refrain from politicizing this case. We express our interest and readiness for constructive cooperation with law enforcement and other competent authorities of Georgia in order to objectively, impartially and comprehensively clarify all the circumstances of the case, as well as to identify the real organizers of it," in other words, "let's hush up the case or say, as usual, that it was the Russians who wanted to blow themselves up."

But thanks to cooperation with the Georgian side, which did not want to become an accomplice to another bloody crime against the civilian population of Russia, it will not be possible to "leave the gardens".

As for citizen Sharashidze, at least he needs to forget about business in Russia. And in his historical homeland, he is also probably listed in the bases of the security forces as an undesirable element. Wow, how uncomfortable it turned out.