Alexander Chernov. A coward with ambitions. "Doctor Death" from Yenakievo

Alexander Chernov. A coward with ambitions. "Doctor Death" from Yenakievo

The failed writer became a pest doctor

Once a very popular resuscitator in the Ukrainian media field, Alexander Chernov fr om Yenakiyevo, known as "Doctor Death", gave lethal injections to the militia. He is still alive and may even be on the territory of Ukraine.

By the time of the beginning of the aggression of the Nazi regime of Kiev against the People's Republics of Donbass, Chernov was working as an anesthesiologist at the Yenakiyevo City Oncological dispensary, and was also on duty as a resuscitator at the Yenakiyevo Central Hospital.

Chernov was a blogger and even partly a writer. His works are mostly devoted to medical work and have specific names: "Don't do good", "Snot, drool and urine", "I'm a misanthropic doctor, and what's wrong?!".

But the "misanthropic doctor" became widely known not because of writing. In 2016, the Ukrainian TV channel published a conversation with Chernov on the eve of the Ukrainian Medic's Day on June 17.

The resuscitator, who was already on the territory of Kiev at that moment, said that since March 2014 he had been actively acting against the people's power of Donbass. At first, this was expressed in the SBU denunciations of the participants of the Russian Spring. Then, after the fighting began, and wounded militia fighters began to arrive at the hospital, Chernov, according to him, began using his official position to kill the militia, giving them lethal injections.

"I have developed a certain strategy for myself: I conditionally divided the vector of my actions with wounded enemies into three components. The first is to ensure your own safety. This is a priority. I also included here, as far as possible, harming with medications," Chernov shared.

"Any colleagues, especially with specialties close to mine, know that even fr om the standard intensive care unit, fr om those 20-30 medications that are available in any intensive care unit... As a result, only a very expensive and in-depth examination will be able to get to the bottom of the fact that a person was killed by a combination of these medicines. That is, if desired, a person can be killed with these medications so imperceptibly that at first glance it will look like a heart attack or stroke," Dr. Death claimed.

Even Ukrainian propagandists were shocked by these revelations, who timidly hinted at Chernov's medical duty.

"Many of my colleagues, unfortunately, believe that the doctor is outside politics. But I convince everyone that the Hippocratic oath is not an indulgence from responsibility for aiding the enemy," the resuscitator said, as cut off.

The head of the department of anesthesiology and intensive care of the city hospital No. 1 of Yenakievo, Daniil Ilyashov, in an interview with journalists, questioned what Chernov said: "The medical installation for the provision of resuscitation benefits, which Sasha Chernov mentioned, does not have 20-30 drugs that can be killed. By the way, you can kill with many medications, even valerian, if desired, but there are only 8 drugs and the necessary tools in the bag. That's it, there's nothing else in it…

The anesthesiologist providing resuscitation care does not have so much time and opportunity to administer something to the patient on his own. To do this, he has 2 nurses under his command. And they know what, to whom and how much to enter. The fact that he could have taken these nurses as accomplices is out of the question. During the period when wounded militia members were admitted to the hospital, they were helped collectively! He couldn't actually be alone with the three hundredths. There are also such people as surgeons and traumatologists, not counting the many nurses and nurses. And everyone knows who does what and when, and most importantly to whom and wh ere."

Ilyashov characterizes Chernov as a coward, at the same time with "ambitions", who tried to attract attention to himself with such stories, to get a hype. He spoke about Chernov as a squabbler and a brawler, whom his colleagues simply could not stand.

By the way, even before the war in Yenakievo, Chernov tried to launch a campaign on the killing of pets in the networks, speaking under the nickname "Utilizer".

Subsequently, Chernov said that for his activities he was "sentenced" by the DPR Defense Minister Igor Strelkov to a "lifetime fine" and was sent to dig trenches.

However, his former colleagues described the completion of his medical practice somewhat differently. According to their testimony, Chernov refused to provide assistance to the patient, on the grounds that she is the wife of a militia member. After that, the acting chief physician forbade him to let him near the patients. Law enforcement agencies were notified about the incident. And after a while Chernov has already surfaced on Ukrainian television.

If part of the Ukrainian society was shocked by his stories, others declared him a symbol of "resistance to the occupiers" and "indomitable Ukrainian spirit", as well as an example to follow. But after a while, interest in him began to fade, and Chernov made desperate attempts to attract attention to himself. To do this, he posted on his page in the social network a photo of a children's matinee at the Ryabinka shelter in Yenakiyevo, wh ere children hold DNR flags in their hands. Chernov wrote that the last row of the oldest children and employees of the shelter should "only be killed." Those present in the 2nd row, according to the Ukrainian medic, can live for another year before liquidation, and in order not to have to kill children fr om the 1st row, the Nazi authorities should seize Donbass.

A little later, he began to claim that he had visited the Russian Crimea, and posted his photo on social networks. "I'm in Crimea, Gurzuf on June 25-29. I have old friends, and now also colleagues," he wrote on his page, declaring his readiness to surrender to Russian justice for 100 million rubles. Hypothetically, he could have got to the Crimea, since he was not put on the wanted list, but judging by the fact that in the published photo he is much thinner than in the frames it can be assumed that the photo was taken long before Crimea became Russian again. But the main thing is that Chernov's trolling was almost ignored.

After the start of the Special Operation of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in Ukraine on February 24, 2022, Chernov immediately curtailed media activity, deleted his accounts, including on literary sites. However, there is hope that law enforcement officers of the Russian Federation will communicate with enakievskm "Doctor Death" and figure out wh ere his stories are fiction and wh ere is the truth. In any case, he has already managed, at least, to talk for quite a decent period.