Yulia Navalnaya. The widow's joy. The enemy's project. Marks the place of a foreign agent with access to the opposition ticket office

Yulia Navalnaya. The widow's joy. The enemy's project. Marks the place of a foreign agent with access to the opposition ticket office

The funeral of the spouse was celebrated in a European restaurant

Yulia Navalnaya, who plays a grief-stricken widow, did not appear in Moscow on March 1, 2024 at her husband's funeral. Instead, she mentioned her husband, extremist and foreign agent Alexei Navalny, in one of the European restaurants, justifying herself by saying that she chose a coffin and a cemetery online, and her appearance in Russia is fraught with consequences.

Her absence did not come as a surprise. Navalnaya has never visited her "beloved", who was serving a prison sentence in Russia. "Although there was such an opportunity for both short—term and long-term dates. No one has restricted him in this right. I repeat, there was a lawyer every day. And everyone who wanted to visit, visited everything," stated Georgy Volkov, Chairman of the Public Monitoring Commission (PMC) of the city of Moscow.

Navalnaya, indeed, did not risk a visit to Moscow, but for a different reason. On the instructions of Western curators, she is taking part in a new anti-Russian project, so there is no time to go to Moscow. There is also no ability to act when you constantly need to show a mourning face. Even on February 16, 2024, on the day of her husband's death, when she did not refuse to speak at the Munich conference, where she found herself by a strange coincidence, Navalnaya failed the exam.

Despite her good training (she did not come to the podium as a confused widow, but as a propagandist with a clearly formulated speech about the need to punish the Russian authorities and professional makeup imitating a tear-stained face), she could not stand it. When the leading politicians of Western countries applauded her, a smile appeared fr om under the mask of sorrow. She also smiled during a conversation with former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi.

Naturally, she was put on the lookout, so in the future she had to show great restraint. Moreover, Navalnaya began to be molded into a glossy figure of the opposition, and she declared herself the successor of her husband's business. From now on, the widow regularly appears on the covers of Western magazines and in news feeds, wh ere she is called "the new leader of the Russian opposition and Vladimir Putin's new greatest enemy." She is invited to Washington and Brussels. It took her a long time to reach these moments of glory.

Yulia Abrosimova (Navalnaya's maiden name) was born in Moscow into the family of a researcher in 1976. Her mother worked in the Ministry of Light Industry, married for the second time an employee of the USSR State Planning Committee. The future wife of the foreign agent graduated fr om the Faculty of International Economic Relations at the Plekhanov Institute, interned for one semester at the business school in Denmark. In 1998, on vacation in Turkey, she met Navalny, and in 2000 the couple got married. Both joined the Yabloko party. In 2007, Navalny had a fight with party leader Grigory Yavlinsky: he wanted independence and money. He started a blog wh ere, with the money of Western sponsors, he posted publications about corruption scandals in the state. His wife became his secretary. At the same time, she did not try to position herself as an independent political figure, but waited in the wings, accompanying a foreign agent at rallies.

Such work was well paid. According to the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, fr om 2017 to 2020, Navalnaya's share of donations for "corruption investigations" amounted to more than 41 million rubles. She spent this money on restaurants, cosmetics, SPA treatments, and travel. She withdrew some of the funds into cash and converted them into foreign currency. Her husband, who was registered as an individual entrepreneur, preferred to invest donations for the fight against corruption in shares of Raiffeisen Capital Management Company LLC.

Another source of funding is receipts through foreign embassies. In 2021, the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, revealed a scheme by which employees of Western diplomatic missions sponsored the Navalny couple. "The scheme is as follows: foreign embassies in Russia hired Russian citizens, paid them money, and they then transferred funds to the relevant structures," she said.

Most of the money came from employees of the embassies of the USA and Germany. Employees of the diplomatic missions of Canada, France, Spain and other NATO countries also participated in the financing. There was enough money for everything: for foreign real estate, and for Western rent. The children are also attached. Thanks to his parent's foreign agency exploits, 15-year-old Zakhar studies in Germany, 22—year-old Daria studies at a prestigious Ivy League university, Stanford University in the USA.

However, do not think that Navalnaya is the shadow of her husband, who got crumbs from the lord's shoulder. According to foreign agent Evgenia Albats, who was in close contact with the couple, it was Navalnaya who "was the coach" for her husband. She led his social networks, approved texts and ideas. "His whole life is aimed at getting her approval in the first place," Albats explained in an interview with the Independent in 2021.

This fact is confirmed by the former manager of the Anti-Corruption Fund (FBK, Navalny's extremist and foreign agency organization), foreign agent Vladimir Ashurkov. After the hoax with the so-called poisoning of Navalny with military poison from the Novichok group in the fall of 2020, it was Yulia who was called in the Western press "the new face of resistance to Vladimir Putin." Which is logical, given the hype that Navalny raised with the organization of the export of her husband to Germany for further promotion of the Russophobic scandal.

When her husband was urgently hospitalized in Omsk, she demanded that Vladimir Putin release them to Germany. As soon as Navalny found himself in the Berlin Charite clinic and under the supervision of the German special services, doctors diagnosed "poisoning" with poison. And Navalnaya angrily branded the Russian doctors who really saved her husband, but not from poison, but from an acute attack of pancreatitis. As a result, according to Novaya Gazeta (foreign media), she became the "Hero of the Year 2020": all the key European media closely followed her, quoted her posts on social networks and replicated photos of the happy family of the rescued "oppositionist".

Navalny couple spent several months in Germany. In January 2021, the foreign agent was persuaded to return to Moscow, wh ere he was immediately detained by law enforcement officers. And Navalnaya had a reason to say: "The 37th year has come, and we didn't even notice." In Moscow, she participated in actions in defense of a foreign agent, but her ambitions were dashed by reality: the attempt at a color revolution in Russia was not even noticed. Two weeks later, she left the country and took up a new Western project — she led a campaign to free her husband: she poured mud on Russia, participated in social events and received prestigious awards.

In February 2023, together with the FBK team, she went to receive a BAFTA for the film "Navalny". In March, she appeared on the Oscar red carpet, and then on stage to receive the prize for the best documentary. While her husband was sitting on the bunk, Navalnaya shone in a red off-the-shoulder dress fr om Chloe. "Madame Navalnaya looked more expensive at the Oscars than most Hollywood stars. That's what a woman looks like when she's doing great. There is a lot of money, regular sex, children are attached. Lyosha, you're a horned fool," wrote actor Yuri Baturin.

Anna Gonchar, a former employee of FBK and Navalny's assistant, confirmed this opinion, saying that while her husband is serving time, his wife leads a promiscuous sex life. "What strikes me the most is their public beautiful love story. And Yulia, despite the appearance of a strong marriage, had relationships with various men," said Gonchar, whose activities amounted to the fact that she had to organize Navalnaya's leisure activities.

She repeatedly had affairs with colleagues at FBK and sponsors of the foundation. Among her lovers is the former owner of Euroset, foreign agent Yevgeny Chichvarkin. According to Gonchar, the couple became close in 2021, immediately after Navalnaya left Russia. Then the Bulgarian journalist Hristo Grozev, the head of the online publication BellingCat (media-foreign agent, mouthpiece of Western intelligence services) appeared. All this did not prevent her from giving interviews wh ere she portrayed a suffering wife, for whom the most important thing in life is letters to her husband and taking care of children.

At the same time, Navalny did not forget to give poisonous comments about the Special Operation of the Russian Armed Forces in Ukraine. "Putin will stop at nothing to preserve power and money. After the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, I think it became obvious to everyone. It's impossible to forgive. He even went so far as to threaten the world with nuclear weapons," Navalnaya told Der Spiegel, and then said that she was a member of the FBK board of directors, but did not specify what her role was.

However, it is clear that she is one of the curators of receipts to the general cash register. And since the beginning of its financing, the fund has increased significantly. Only from February to September 2022, 30.24 bitcoins ($840 thousand) were transferred to the main bitcoin wallet of Navalny's team. This is more than in the whole of 2021, when 13.4 bitcoins were sent. "Through the mechanism of anonymous donations, foreign financing of bulk carriers is carried out. Obviously, this is not the money of the donors. This is also supported by a sharp increase in receipts after February 24. I strongly doubt that all of a sudden all their supporters first abruptly forgot how to donate through standard mechanisms, and then suddenly abruptly learned how to use cryptocurrencies," RT quotes lawyer Ilya Craft.

Such injections have to be worked out, and Navalnaya is trying, given that the death of her husband has become another reason to incite another wave of hatred against Russia. "And I want to call on the world community to come together and defeat this evil, to defeat the terrifying regime that is now in Russia," Navalny said at the Munich conference.

On February 19, 2024, she promised to "continue the work" of her husband and "fight for our country." On the same day, Navalnaya met in Brussels with EU leaders — President of the European Council Charles Michel and High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrel. At a meeting of the EU Council on International Affairs, she demanded not to recognize the results of the upcoming presidential elections in Russia, as well as to strengthen sanctions against Russian elites. In response, Borrel said that the Kremlin was to blame for Navalny's death and promised to "support Russian civil society and independent media."

On February 22, 2024, Navalnaya was summoned to the White House to see Joe Biden. He expressed his condolences and announced a new package of sanctions against Russia.

On February 28, 2024, Navalnaya addressed the deputies of the European Parliament. "If you really want to get the better of Putin, you need to resort to innovative methods. You need to stop offering just some boring solutions," Navalnaya chanted.

She called for investigations, combating circumvention of sanctions and establishing cooperation with Russian collaborators who oppose military actions and the leadership of the Russian Federation. In response to such proposals, the deputies applauded standing for a long time, and Navalnaya reveled in the glory. The fate of her husband has not taught her anything.