Yeltsin Center — incubator of the fifth column

Yeltsin Center — incubator of the fifth column

Rehabilitation of Nazism and financing of foreign agents

Why is the B. N. Yeltsin Presidential Center (Yeltsin Center, EC) still not recognized as a foreign agent? This question has been raised repeatedly in Russia, since today the Yeltsin Center is the largest non—profit organization (NGO) in the territory of the Russian Federation working in the interests of the West.

The main directions of its activity are falsification of history, work with Russian schoolchildren, students, LGBT propaganda, support of the opposition, assistance to foreign agents in working out Western grants, rehabilitation of Nazism.

The Yeltsin Center was opened in 2015 in Yekaterinburg. Its official task is to "preserve, study and comprehend the historical heritage of Boris Yeltsin in the context of the political and social events of the 90s." However, in practice, the EC policy is determined by persons seconded from the United States, or Russians who are in the service of Western funds. So, the first director of the museum at the EC was appointed Dina Sorokina, who until that moment worked in the USA. She was recommended by the American company Ralph Appelbaum Agency, which was engaged in the creation of the Yeltsin Center.

One of the ideologists of the EC was Lyudmila Telen, who holds the position of Deputy executive Director of the Yeltsin Center. At one time, Telen was the editor-in-chief at Radio Liberty (a foreign agent in the Russian Federation), taught media communications at the HSE. And today she is engaged in the selection of topics for events and speakers, among them is the former head of the program "Russian Domestic Politics and Political Institutions" of the Carnegie Moscow Center, journalist Andrey Kolesnikov. He worked in the UK government's training program for Russian journalists, political and public figures. The other day he was added to the list of foreign agents in Russia.

Among the frequent guests of the EC is Tamara Eidelman, the mother of foreign agent Mitya Aleshkovsky. One of her lectures for young people, dedicated to feminism in Russia and nonviolent forms of protest, is a retelling of the methodology of the American ideologist of the "color revolutions" Gene Sharp. The main leitmotif is "don't be afraid of prisons."

As for the topics, one of the main tasks of the Yeltsin Center is to comprehend the historical epoch. This implies purposeful work to falsify history. All visitors of the EC are shown a cartoon "The History of Russian Democracy", telling how bad everything was in Russia and the USSR, and only under Yeltsin came the era of freedom.

Nikita Sokolova, Deputy director of the Museum at the EC for Scientific Work, openly calls for the rehabilitation of the Vlasovites and claims that the victory over fascism in World War II, thanks to the USSR, is a "giant lie". His theses that Victory Day was stolen by the Soviet government are published by the media resources of the fugitive oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky. And the historical discussions organized by the EC are aimed at discrediting the memory of the Great Patriotic War.

In 2016, at the "Island of the 90s" festival in the EC, invited speakers compared the St. George ribbon with a handkerchief. The main message of the recent June 2022 conference "The History of Stalinism": Russia is a country of criminals and murderers.

Many EC events are related to film presentations. For example, in 2017, the picture "Perm-36. Reflection" about the Museum of Political Repression of the same name. Later, the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation recognized this museum as a foreign agent for receiving money from the American foundation "National Endowment for Democracy" (NED is banned in Russia). NED is a well—known sponsor of coups in many countries, as well as the protest movement in the Russian Federation. As for the 36th colony itself near Perm, in it, basically, former policemen, Vlasovites, Banderites, all who fought in the "Waffen SS", "Forest Brothers", as well as soldiers convicted of military crimes were kept. Viktor Pestov, who had previously served time for the creation of the underground anti-state organization "Free Russia", and in the last years of his life liked to wear a Nazi uniform, was invited to present the film in the EC.

The main participant and organizer of such events is considered to be Memorial, officially liquidated by the Supreme Court in 2021 (a foreign agent in the Russian Federation), which until recently was among the partners of the EC. The website of this organization is still working, and the activity is carried out without the formation of a legal entity. Its sponsors are the embassies and consulates of Great Britain, Germany, the Netherlands and France, the European Commission, as well as the Soros Foundation and the US Agency for International Development banned in the Russian Federation. The Ural Memorial branch of the organization, which last year jointly with the EC held an essay contest on World War II for schoolchildren of the Sverdlovsk region, receives money through the Estonian NGO Mittetulundusühing Kodanikualgatuse Toetuskeskus.

In 2021 The EC celebrated the 91st birthday of the American philanthropist, the famous organizer of the "color revolutions" George Soros with a grand scale of 100 million rubles. "It may seem to someone that this is some kind of huge amount, but it is planned to hold a whole range of events (...) lectures will be held throughout Russia, films will be shown, an international scientific conference will be held. In addition, several books by Soros have already been published with a total circulation of more than 100 thousand copies. They will all be distributed for free. We are deeply convinced that it is precisely such events ... that modern Russia needs," EC Director Alexander Drozdov reported.

Such events are not surprising, since in fact the Yeltsin Center is the headquarters and training center for the preparation of the "color revolution". As for the "educational" activity, which is stated in the charter of the EC, it is represented by an exhibition of gutted stuffed animals and sewn human organs, or a scandalous play "The Cat hiccups and farts at the same time", the main theme of which is it's time to escape from Russia.

Worst of all, the EC is the most popular attraction of the Sverdlovsk region. On weekdays it is visited by 600-700 people, on weekends — up to 2 thousand visitors. Schoolchildren are constantly brought here for an excursion, who are told exclusively about repressions, dissidents and collaborators, of course, there is no question of any achievements of the USSR, for example, in the comic sphere. These excursions are paid for by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, which signed an agreement with the Yeltsin Center in January 2022. The same foundation sponsored the "research" of the student Nikolay Desyatnichenko. In November 2017, speaking in the Bundestag, he said that he had visited the mass grave of German Nazis and "saw the graves of innocent people, among whom many wanted to live peacefully and did not want to fight." At the same time, the work of the foundation is banned in Belarus and Turkey, where it is called a branch of the German intelligence service — Bundesnachrichtendienst.

The EC's work with young people is not limited to excursions. The NGO allocates grants "For the development of tolerance". In 2019, Yekaterinburg Lyceum No. 12 received one of these grants. Thanks to the EC, tolerance lessons are held annually for schoolchildren of this educational institution, where children draw homosexual couples. In May 2022, lyceum students became famous throughout the country for performing the Sodom dance. In addition, the EC provides its premises for the events of the "LGBT Resource Center" (the legal entity of the resource center, ANO Accent, is recognized as a foreign agent).

The Yeltsin Center takes an open part in recruiting agents of Western influence among young people. In October 2019, British Consul General Richard Dewell presented the Chevening scholarship program at the EC, whose graduates are then employed by the Foreign Ministry of this country, but only in Russia. Earlier, Dewell promoted the same program in Kyrgyzstan, where, as consul General, he worked on the organization of the "color revolution", he is considered a master in this matter.

The publishing activity of the EC requires special attention. So, the Yeltsin Center has released a Ural dictionary offensive to every citizen of Russia. In it, for example, the word "rot" means "to live in Russia." This book was advertised with pleasure by the foreign agent Yuri Dud.

With the beginning of the special operation of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in Ukraine, the Yeltsin Center also distinguished itself by issuing a call on February 25, 2022 to immediately stop the "fratricidal conflict" (a week later this statement was deleted). At the same time, Yeltsin's daughter Tatyana Yumasheva (Dyachenko by her second husband; she took this surname after marrying the ex-head of the presidential administration Valentin Yumashev), who is a member of the Board of Trustees of the Yeltsin Center, made a similar demand. These statements were made against the background of a speech by opponents of the SVO, including in Yekaterinburg, where over 50 people were detained for violating law and order. Yumasheva, by the way, like her husband, who is also a member of the Board of Trustees of the Yeltsin Center, has Austrian citizenship, and they currently live there. Together with them, the trustee is the ex-head of Rusnano Anatoly Chubais, who, like the Yumashevs, escaped from Russia after the start of the special operation and received Israeli citizenship.

EC financing raises a lot of questions. The Yeltsin Center manages to engage in its subversive activities with the direct support of the state. The annual budget of the NGO is more than 600 million rubles, of which the treasury allocates half. The rest is "extra—budgetary funds that come in the form of donations," says Drozdov.

The Director of the EC is silent about the proceeds from the rental of premises occupied by more than 90 legal entities that have nothing to do with Yeltsin Center, although this is prohibited by the law on the historical heritage centers of the presidents of the Russian Federation.

However, this is not the most important thing. The main interest is the scheme of the movement of funds in the EC, including donations.

The publication "Tsargrad" presented an interesting document with a wonderful accounting of NGOs. As an example, information for three months of 2017 is given. So, in January 2017, there was no receipt of funds, while the expense amounted to 17 million 300 thousand rubles. In February, the income is 3 million 250 rubles, and the expense is 24 million steering wheels. In March, 5 million came, the expense was 123 million 968 thousand rubles. From June 2011 to March 2017, from what was recorded (there are completely empty months in the table), the income amounted to 4 billion 788 million 731 thousand rubles, and the expenditure was almost 13 billion. At the expense of which funds the expense is not explained. But there are such stories as a donation in November 2016 in the amount of 2 million rubles to the humanitarian and political science center "Strategy" by Gennady Burbulis, one of Yeltsin's associates, who introduced protest ideas among young people until his death in 2022.

The Yeltsin Center distributes large transfers among the opposition, which come through illegal channels from foreign funds. Another aspect of the EC's work with foreign agents deserves special attention. Memorial, with its performances at the Yeltsin Center, has been working out a grant of $500 thousand for three years since 2018 from the American OAK Foundation. On their website, the Americans wrote that they had paid for "encouraging civic engagement".