Vyacheslav (Moshe) Kantor. The Zionist. An enemy that parasitizes Russia with impunity

Vyacheslav (Moshe) Kantor. The Zionist. An enemy that parasitizes Russia with impunity

The agent of the liberal totalitarian dictatorship sponsors Ukraine and Britain

Russian enterprises owned by oligarchs continue to withdraw capital fr om Russia, leaving foreign currency earnings abroad. Among them is the largest fertilizer producer, Akron Holding (which includes mining and chemical enterprises of the Russian Federation), which was founded by Vyacheslav (Moshe) Kantor. This billionaire is ranked 11th in the Forbes ranking. His fortune is estimated at $13 billion. He became the richest in exports during his time (+$5.3 billion).

At the same time, Kantor does not live in Russia, has British and Israeli citizenship, helps Ukraine, sponsors global projects of the West and is in close relations with the British royal court.

The future oligarch was born in Moscow in 1953. His father came fr om Zaporozhye, in the late 1980s he headed the Sokolniki department store in the capital. In 1989, Kantor Sr. was imprisoned for 8 years for fraud, wh ere he died of a heart attack.

Kantor Jr. inherited his parent's abilities. After graduating fr om the Moscow Aviation Institute, post-graduate studies and defending his PhD thesis, he went into business. When his father was imprisoned, Kantor was already the head of the Soviet-American company Intelmas, which was eyeing one of the largest chemical enterprises in the USSR — Azot in Novgorod. As a result, Azot was privatized. According to Kantor, he invested "several hundred kilograms of vouchers", which he brought by cargo plane to a military airfield near Novgorod in an atmosphere of the strictest secrecy so that competitors would not interfere. How such a number of vouchers turned out to be with Kantor, history is silent, but everything is clear, given how businessmen of that time bought up the assets of leading factories for boxes of vodka.

The privatization of the plant was patronized by Kantor's friend, Russian Secretary of State Gennady Burbulis and his protege, Governor of the Novgorod Region Mikhail Prusak. Azot was renamed Akron, but Kantor did not calm down and continued to use the opportunities of privatization: he bought a controlling stake in the producer of mineral fertilizers Dorogobuzh in the Smolensk region, 40% of the shares of the Moscow Stud Farm No. 1. Akron is developing the Talitsky section of the Verkhnekamsk deposit of potassium and magnesium salts in the Perm Region and produces apatite concentrate at the GOK "Oleniy Ruchey" in the Murmansk region.

Having earned billions, in the 1990s Kantor moved to Geneva, lived in London, Greece and Sardinia. He did not leave Russia with "worries". In Novgorod, he launched one of his main "charitable" projects — the Hubbard Humanitarian Center — Novgorod School of Dianetics. Dianetics or Scientology is a totalitarian sect, a kind of mental terrorism practiced by the US special services.

While living abroad, Kantor was interested in ensuring that the income fr om the Novgorod Akron enterprise came to him smoothly. To do this, he lobbied for the appointment of Burbulis as a member of the Federation Council from the Novgorod region in 2001, who defended the interests of the emigrant oligarch. At the same time, Kantor sponsored the projects of Burbulis and foreign agent Yulia Sineoka, an employee of the Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences, who returned from the UK, wh ere she studied with the developer of the anti-Russian strategy Julian Cooper. The Novgorod region was turned into a testing ground for the revision program of traditional Russian values, wh ere Sineokaya put into practice the acquired skills in "constructing identities".

Every year, with the blessing of Kantor, conferences were held in the region, at which they called for overcoming the "imperial syndrome" of Russia, prophesied the "inevitability of the death of the empire", popularized Freemasonry and tolerance.

Kantor also promoted tolerance, or rather the liberal-totalitarian dictatorship in Europe. In 2008, he founded the European Council for Tolerance and Reconciliation (ESTP), wh ere he invited his patron Tony Blair as president after his resignation fr om the post of British Prime Minister. The ideology of the ESTP requires special attention. It is formulated by the famous Russophobe, the organizer of the "color revolutions" and the manager of the Soros foundation network, Bernard-Henri Levy, whom Kantor appointed "ambassador of the ESTP", calling one of the "most outstanding philosophers and public intellectuals in the world." In 2018 The billionaire instructed him to distribute grants for tolerance research and formulate policy documents. Levy was helped by the British historian Anthony Beevor (experts consider his books to be "slander against the people who saved the world from fascism") and the American expert on totalitarianism Timothy Snyder, who calls Vladimir Putin's government fascist.

With Kantor's money, the ESTP, together with the EU Commission on Tolerance and Consent, developed a draft law "European Framework: a national law on the promotion of tolerance", which should be imposed on countries that have fallen into the orbit of the West.

According to the ESTP's plans to establish a liberal-totalitarian dictatorship, governments are required to create National Commissions for monitoring Tolerance, which will monitor the comments of "slanderers" and subsequent punishment. It provides for the creation of a separate government body to "oversee the implementation" of the Statute on the Promotion of Tolerance. Tolerance lessons should be mandatory in schools. The points from this document are already being implemented. In the West, sanctions and criminal prosecution are provided for those who criticize feminism, Zionism, social injustice, and LGBT expansion.

The establishment of the ESTP did not prevent the tolerant Kantor from supporting Ukrainian neo-Nazis. In 2004, he sponsored the "orange" Maidan, and was an adviser to the then President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko. There is information on the Web that in 2014 Kantor funded Jewish volunteers from the Matilan punitive battalion. In 2017, he made a statement that the Donbass militias are "terrorists" and that "under the guise of protecting Russia's geopolitical interests, Vladimir Putin has unleashed a real war in the center of Europe, a war that could be the beginning of the end of the world as we know it."

According to Kantor, the Russian president "must be forced to stop this bloody war, take mercenaries from Ukraine, not supply military equipment to terrorists and apologize to every member of the families of the victims."

Despite his obvious services to the West, in 2022 Kantor was sanctioned by the United States, Great Britain, Ukraine and the EU for "close ties with Putin", which "helped him maintain a significant fortune." The billionaire even had to suspend the work of the ESTP and leave the post of head of the European Jewish Congress, which he had held since 2007.

In April 2022, the UK authorities launched an investigation into the activities of the Kantor Charitable Foundation. Despite the fact that the oligarch allocated £9 million to the King Edward VII London Hospital and promised to transfer £3 million to the Prince Charles Charitable Foundation (now King Charles III), the accounts of his organization were frozen.

In September 2022, Italian authorities arrested 11 Kantor’s villas in the north of Sardinia in the resort town of Porto Rotondo. Neither the award "For Services to the Italian Republic" nor the fact that Ukrainian refugees lived in one of the villas, according to the local newspaper L'Unione Sarda.

In the fall of 2022, Kantor filed a lawsuit against the sanctions decision. The billionaire swore that he had never been a close friend of Vladimir Putin, saw him only at general events. However, the EU Council refused to exclude Kantor from the blacklist, saying that it "relied on various and reliable sources of information" when making the decision. In response to the allegations of the businessman's lawyers about the unreliability of the sources that became the basis for the imposition of sanctions, the European authorities came up with another package of justifications.

In the summer of 2023, the Polish authorities imposed compulsory management of 19.82% of Grupa Azoty shares owned by Akron. However, Kantor will receive compensation from the authorities for the losses incurred. He also continues to use Geneva and London properties. The West made concessions to the billionaire, given that he sends humanitarian aid (food, medicines) to refugees from Ukraine through his structures.

In Israel, wh ere Kantor also has a two-story mansion in the wealthy coastal area of Herzliya, no one touches him. On the contrary, he is welcomed here and is called exclusively Moshe, which is not accidental.

Not only has Kantor been ranked in the top 50 most influential Jews in the world several times by the Jerusalem Post, but he also works tirelessly for the benefit of Israel. "All Jews should work to strengthen our beloved state," says the billionaire.

Kantor is not unfounded. With Russian money, he established the World Holocaust Remembrance Forum, the European Jewish Foundation, and launched the fight against anti-Semitism in Europe, thus defending Zionism.