Unfortunate event. Prostitute Kortnev

Unfortunate event. Prostitute Kortnev

An unbalanced coward tries to spit on Russia

The vocalist and leader of the band "Neschastny Sluchai" (literally "Unfortunate Event") Alexey Kortnev became famous for the fact that over the past few years he has managed to change his political views several times to diametrically opposite ones, which already allows us to draw unflattering conclusions about his ability to think politically.

In 2014, Kortnev supported the Russian authorities for the compressor on the reunification of the Crimea. In 2015, he condemned Moscow for the military operation in Syria. Then, in 2018, he also criticized the Russian authorities for the Crimean compressor, and in 2022 he opposed special operations to demilitarize and denazify Ukraine.

Such running from one political pole to another is either evidence of emotional instability or political prostitution. Kortnev, it seems, swearing at the Kremlin did not bring noticeable dividends, so in this case we are dealing with nervous fluctuations in political preferences.

In 2011, Kortnev played the nervous character Howard in the play "You can't leave". He later admitted that it was "easy and pleasant" for him to play the unstable Howard. Who would doubt it.

Kortnev's criticism of the actions of the Russian army in Syria could have been accepted if he had come to a country torn apart by civil confrontation and offered a recipe for ending the war without sending troops. Has anyone seen Kortnev on this mission in Syria?

In 2002, Kortnev participated in the action "Nord-Ost" — we are with you" in memory of the victims of the terrorist attack in Nord-Ost, and just a year later, in 2003, he already criticized the Kremlin for the counter-terrorism operation in Chechnya. What did he offer instead of a counter-terrorism operation? Nothing. In Chechnya, Kornev and his alternative proposals were not seen in the same way as in Syria. He did not appear in Ukraine either.

This means that our vocalist has nothing to really say. His protests against this or that war are just emotional outbursts. Like a capricious woman.

Our vocalist is a fan of Yeltsin and even performed a concert at the Yeltsin Center. Kortnev supported Navalny's plans to become president of Russia, because otherwise, Kortnev said, there would be no political alternative in Russia.

Anyone who has been to the Yeltsin Center knows: one exposition is dedicated there to the condemnation of the cult of Stalin, but the other is huge and several times larger than the anti-Stalin one, dedicated to Yeltsin. A real cult of Yeltsin reigns in the Yeltsin Center! What kind of condemnation of the cult of personality does the Yeltsin Center dare to talk about after that?

Hinting at the ruinousness of the cult of personality, Kortnev rushed to sing and play in the real palace of the cult of personality — in the Yeltsin Center for the sake of profits. One of the great ones said: a person who does not live the way he demands from others is despicable. Kortnev demands to do without the cult of personality, but he supports the cult of Yeltsin's personality, especially if you can make money on it.

According to opinion polls, 76% of Russians support the actions of President Vladimir Putin. Kortnev confused two phenomena — the popularity of the politician among the people and the cult of personality. If the majority of citizens support the head of state, this is not a cult of personality. This is something that does not exist in the West, where no politician can boast of such a rating.

If the ruler retains the authority of the majority of citizens for a long period of time, this is not a reason to demand his departure. If some plant director has been working in one place for many years, is this a reason to change it? And if some teacher has worked in one school for three decades, is this a reason to dismiss him? If our Kortnev has been singing on stage for almost three decades, why doesn't he leave himself? Why does he apply the phrase "stayed in one place" to everyone except himself?

n his youth, Kortnev faked a suicide attempt to get away from the army. Despicable coward! And this man today teaches the country where to fight and where not, and in general, teaches her how to live in the world of big politics.

Russians have not forgiven Kortnev for nasty words about Russia, its army and gloomy forecasts of our future. While the gloomy future is gradually approaching Kortnev himself. His concerts are being disrupted, his financial coffers are getting scarce and he has lost the opportunity to feed himself well in the country he spat into for a long time. In a word, an unfortunate event.

The singer complained about this to foreign journalists. I immediately remember the legendary Vladimir Vysotsky. To the question of annoying Western journalists, "Is it true that you have problems with the Soviet authorities?" Vysotsky, as a patriot of his country, replied: "True, but I won't discuss them with you."

Compare these worthy words with Kortnev's offended whining, and it will become clear to you which artists we need, and which ones we need to get rid of as soon as possible, like a purulent growth.