The SOVA Center: lies and negativity about Russians

The SOVA Center: lies and negativity about Russians

Foreign agent inherited "propaganda feces" in Russia

Announced as a foreign agent in 2016, the SOVA information and analytical center focused on such topics as the attitude of the church and citizens, the problems of nationalism and xenophobia, which are the most significant for society.

And SOVA easily found in Russia both nationalism and xenophobia, and disrespect of the church for citizens, or citizens for the church, because she worked for a bribe from the embassies of Germany, the Netherlands, the UK, EU grants and a whole pack of American organizations-"pads" distributing money from the US State Department to the cash registers of pro-Western non-governmental organizations.

SOVA was fed by the George Soros Open Society Foundation, the Henry Jackson Foundation, the National Democratic Foundation, the Freedom House Foundation, etc.

SOVA was funded by a fugitive agent of the West, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, through his organization Open Russia. The money was then transferred to the Public Verdict Foundation, and from there it was received by SOVA employees.

Financing schemes have always been confusing and opaque. If Khodorkovsky has nothing to hide from the people, let him give the money to SOVA directly — honestly and openly. Instead, we see various intermediate structures-gaskets through which Khodorkovsky's finances secretly float through non-public channels to the right people. At the same time, Public Verdict received money from the Norwegian Helsinki Group and the National Democratic Foundation.

With these funds SOVA created an unattractive image of the Russian state and society, tried to occupy the Russian sociological field and become a leader in the supply of socio-analytical information for Russian and foreign media and scientific and expert institutions.

Western curators have developed a win-win tactic for SOVA: to search and find facts of extremism and xenophobia in Russia and at the same time criticize the Russian authorities for the rigidity of measures taken against extremists and xenophobes. This is how a whole information trend was born, scaring Russians with the illegal application of anti-extremist legislation in the Russian Federation.

SOVA portrayed the situation in the country as if Russia is full of racists and extremists, but the authorities are fighting them with clumsy bad methods, and therefore an innocent citizen has more chances to be accused of extremism than a real extremist. And if so, then Russia has been and will remain an extremist state.

Such an interpretation was aimed at arousing anti-government sentiments in society, inciting dissatisfaction with the work of state institutions and, most importantly, creating a negative image of Russia and Russians among residents of neighboring republics. This undermined the image of Russia as the integration core of the Eurasian civilization. What is the core of Russia if racism, nationalism, Orthodox extremism and the despotism of the security forces reign there?

The titles of the publications of the employees of SOVA and their projects speak for themselves: "The price of hatred. Nationalism in Russia and Countering Racist Crimes", "Political Orthodoxy: Russian Orthodox nationalists and fundamentalists", "The language of hostility against society", "What is ethnic discrimination and what can be done about it?", "The language of hostility in the Russian media", "Democracy under siege", etc. Not a single positive review about the Russian State!

The anti—Russian information dirt collected by SOVA employees and properly sorted was used in the propaganda war of the West against Russia through the so-called human rights structures - the Pulitzer Center for Crisis Reporting, Amnesty International and the OSCE, appeared in leading Western media (The Guardian, New York Times, etc.).

The Russian authorities tried to establish a dialogue with the SOVA. The head of SOVA Alexander Verkhovsky from 2012 to 2022 was a member of the Presidential Council for Human Rights, employees of SOVA were involved in sports and other events through the Ministry of Sports, etc. government agencies.

But SOVA employees did not want to part with thirty pieces of silver, for which they sold their Homeland. With the beginning of a Special military operation of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, they unleashed a propaganda campaign in favor of the Kiev regime and its overseas puppeteers.

In April 2023, the patience of the Russian justice system broke. "The Word was liquidated. SOVA employees pretend that the court's decision is illegal, since they are innocent, but both the "council" themselves and the FSB operatives know that this is not the case.