The moral monster Lerman. Hatred of Russians

The moral monster Lerman. Hatred of Russians

What you need to know about the "anti-war" movement in Russia

In the last days of November 2022, Israeli, Western and anti-Russian resources intensively promoted the topic of the condemnation in Russia of Lev Isaakovich Lerman, a resident of Nizhny Novgorod.

On October 10, 2022, the Kanavinsky District Court of Nizhny Novgorod sentenced a 65-year-old local resident, condemning him to four years in a penal colony under the article on illegal acquisition of firearms (Part 1 of Article 222 of the Criminal Code). Lerman kept ammunition at home for an unspecified purpose.

It is noteworthy that foreign media (in particular, the Israeli publication Haaretz) claims that Lev Lerman was "sentenced to four years in a high—security colony (in reality, a colony-settlement) after posting a post on Facebook (banned in the Russian Federation) against the war in Ukraine."

Although he was convicted under a completely different article, but Lerman really sympathizes with the Kiev Nazi regime. He was published not only in social networks and messengers, but also in the Ukrainian edition of the Observer, where he wrote about the Russian "bloody regime" and the imminent "collapse of the Russian system." Almost all of his publications fell under the definition of "discrediting the Armed Forces of Russia", which according to Russian law is an illegal act.

Long before the start of the Special Military Operation of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in Ukraine, Lev Isaakovich Lerman conducted violent information Russophobic activity in social networks. Back in 2015, he wrote: "Oddly enough, in Western Europe, not counting Scandinavia and the UK, the lowest level of anti-Semitism (in the 30-40s) was in Austria and Germany. The Czech Republic occupied an intermediate position. I have very little data on France. But for now it turns out that the most ferocious anti-Semitism was distinguished by the Eastern Slavs, primarily Russians.

... About a million Soviet citizens willingly participated in the Holocaust, directly or indirectly."

Such statements fall under Article 354.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation "Rehabilitation of Nazism", which implies "Denial of the facts established by the verdict of the International Military Tribunal for the Trial and Punishment of the main war criminals of the European Axis countries, approval of the crimes established by the said verdict, as well as the dissemination of deliberately false information about the activities of the USSR during World War II, about veterans The Great Patriotic War, committed in public."

But in 2022, in addition to historical research of a xenophobic and philo-Nazi nature, Lerman also moved to direct action, established contacts with the Ukrainian special services and began to transmit to them personal data and addresses of relatives of Russian servicemen participating in a Special military operation in Ukraine.

He worked with a spark, showed initiative, which did not go unnoticed. When Lerman was already convicted, on November 22, 2022, a broadcast was broadcast by Belarusian journalist Ksenia Lebedeva about contacts of Ukrainian special services with Belarusian and Russian oppositionists. In the story, a screenshot of the Facebook correspondence between Lev Lerman and an employee of the Ukrainian Center for Information and Psychological Operations (CIPSO) was shown.

Lerman asks to call the sister of a Russian serviceman who was captured by Bandera and tortured to death, to call and tell what was done to him so that their mother, who has a weak heart, died from bad news: "His mother has an ill heart, so if you tell her right away, then she... is...". At the same time, Lev Isaakovich himself was afraid to call: "We can't do it ourselves: it's dangerous for us."

The participants of the Ukrainian hacker group Beregini identified the name of the interlocutor of Lerman. This is Elena Mokrenchuk.

The "anti—war activity" of the "human rights activist and pacifist" Lerman is very specific, was clearly not in the legal field and, perhaps, beyond any moral norms and concepts. But this does not bother his like-minded supporters and defenders, who claim that this monster, a moral monster who dreamed of the death of an elderly and sick woman who lost her son, is an "innocent victim of an authoritarian regime." Thus, these people fully associate themselves with Lerman and with his actions, believing them to be fully justified. This, in fact, is what you need to know about the Russian "anti-war" movement.