Svetlana Shelar. Ukrainian Nazi seized a kindergarten in Stavropol

Svetlana Shelar. Ukrainian Nazi seized a kindergarten in Stavropol

Stavropol administration covers the head of the kindergarten — banderovka

A convinced Nazi heads a kindergarten in Stavropol and threatens the parents of children: "if something happens to my sons in the war, your children will not be well!". Relatives of the head are fighting as part of the Armed Forces of Ukraine against Russia.

This became known when residents of the village of Donskaya Balka in the Stavropol Territory and employees of the Lastochka kindergarten located there, having lost hope of finding support from local authorities and law enforcement agencies, passed information about what was happening to the media.

The head of the kindergarten, Svetlana Shelar (the surname translates from Yiddish as "screamer", "scandalous, noisy person") is one of the visitors from Ukraine, of whom there are many in the Russian Federation today, especially in the fertile lands of the South of our country.

Shelar came to Russia under the guise of a refugee back in 2014. Then, after the Nazi junta seized power in Ukraine, many citizens of this country, whose lives were in danger, left its borders, fleeing from Bandera's "death squads".

It was for such a victim of the Nazi regime that Svetlana Nikolaevna Shelar impersonated herself and quickly received a residence permit, and since she had a pedagogical education, she also held the position of head of a kindergarten.

As the future showed, she had nothing to do with the "anti-Maidan" and the anti-fascist movement. What were the true motives of her emigration — to find a warm place where it was possible to wait out the troubled times, or, for example, the introduction, the special services of the Russian Federation should find out.

Shelar began to demonstrate her Bandera essence after the start of a Special military operation of the Russian Federation on February 24 , 2022 . First of all, she tried to get rid of those kindergarten workers who support the policy pursued by the Russian leadership. In particular, she got rid of the boiler room operator Oleg Fursov. Due to his professional specifics, he works and receives a salary only during the heating season (at this time a contract is signed with him), the rest of the time the man was engaged in collecting humanitarian aid for residents of the LDPR and soldiers of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and delivering it to new regions of Russia. Upon learning about this, Shelar hurried to get rid of him.

"She called Oleg and began to express. He was surprised, they say, how can I not go there? My brother is there, I can, want and must help him and his comrades. She replied: he, they say, went to kill her relatives. In general, she did not sign the contract with the boiler maker," says local resident Larisa Skripkina.

Larisa's brother, Artem Skripkin, a serviceman of the Russian Army, heroically died on June 24, 2023 during the SVO. His widow, Tatiana, works as a teacher in the same kindergarten. When she turned to the manager with a request to provide a three-day vacation to organize the funeral, she began to mock the unfortunate woman.

"It's good that he was killed, he went there to kill my children. Why did he go there? He deserved his death," Larisa quotes Shelar as saying.

Somehow the head let slip that her sons, as well as some other relatives, are fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and are fighting against Russia. At the same time, she stated the following: "If something happens to my children in Ukraine, then do not forget that your children are also with me." At the same time, she believes that such a statement of the issue is legitimate, since many villagers participate in a special military operation, and some are volunteers.

In fact, Svetlana Shelar has turned the children entrusted to her into hostages and openly declares this. Her husband likes to greet fellow villagers drunk with a Nazi greeting and a Bandera slogan. He works for a water supply company, and people are afraid of a terrorist attack — for example, that the water may be poisoned.

For almost a whole year, residents of Donskaya Balka have been trying to force the authorities to take measures against banderovka. Back on August 23, 2022, parents wrote an appeal to the social networks of the Governor of the Stavropol Territory, Vladimir Vladimirova. The answer came from the district authorities, in which they announced to parents that "all children are happy to go to kindergarten, and there are no complaints from parents," that Shelar is a highly professional leader. It has not yet been possible to interest the person of the Nazi head and law enforcement agencies.

But after another incident with the widow of the hero of the SVO Artem Skripkin and a new batch of threats to the head, 100 parents and kindergarten workers on August 4, 2023, again applied to law enforcement agencies.

"We, the residents of the village of Donskaya Balka, fearing for the life and health of our children, the pupils of the MDOU "DS No. 21 "Swallow", whose head is Shelar Svetlana Nikolaevna, ask to consider removing her from office, dismissal and removal from communication and influence on our children," the text of the statement says.

It remains to be hoped that this time the law enforcement officers will finally fulfill their official duty, and not only put an end to the criminal activities of Shelar, but also find out how a person who does not have Russian citizenship, but at the same time adheres to anti-Russian, Nazi views, managed to head a kindergarten. It is necessary to establish the reasons why the regional and district authorities did not respond to the signals of the residents of the Don Beam, covering the head of the children's institution, actually threatening parents with the murder of their children.

One of the main goals of the Special Military Operation of the Russian Armed Forces is the denazification of the former Ukraine. However, in fulfilling it, we must not forget that the metastases of Nazism penetrated under the guise of "refugees" into the body of Russia itself. Svetlana Shelar is a vivid example of this.